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These stone carvings have yet to be fully deciphered, but the thought-capabilities and craftwork that created them has lasted to our own twenty-first century. This form of 'storytelling' was early mans' assurance to himself that he, and his time on earth, would not be forgotten.

Wanting to be remembered is a strong emotion to this day, be it the autobiography of the rich and famous, or the personal trinket dropped into the hand of a loved one, with the words; 'Remember me'.

While early mans' pictographs remain preserved in stone, think about the coming time when all our data will be stored in computers. Is this not the machine susceptible to something called a 'virus' that can eliminate entire systems? This generation calls their computerizing 'progress', a no-no word in any Native American language.

On the flip side, the ever traditional Indians are convinced they have a much better way of preserving their stories and history. Since the onset of the first spoken word, the safeguarding of these treasures has been kept in the hands of their tribal elders they call 'storytellers'. Who better to assume such an awesome responsibility?

With true Indian sagacity, the problem of idleness among the elderly was also solved. It could have been described as, 'Not one tribal member left behind'. Unable to do the hard chores of tribal life they once did, elders fearfully faced the burden of idleness. Now that was changed. All-wise with years of living, they were the perfect ones to have the honour of 'storyteller' bestowed upon them.

Remarkably, they were able recite hundreds of stories given to them in dreams by the Great Spirit, as well as tribal history, as they remembered it. In a sense, they became 'human computers'.

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Computers may have established a permanent place in our society, up to a point, but do not our little children, fresh from heaven, still seek comfort in a warm, soft lap, listening to a grandmother telling them a story?

Grandmother Two Bears.

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