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Debate Between Osiris And The High God

‘Book of the Dead’, Chapter 175


After his death Osiris finds himself in a cheerless underworld and laments his lot.

Osiris: O Atum. What is this desert place into which I have come? It has no water, it has no air, it is depth unfathomable, it is black as the blackest night. I wander helplessly herein. One cannot live here in peace of heart, not may the longings of love be satisfied herein.

Osiris: But shall I behold your face?

  Osiris: But every other god has his place in the Boat of Millions of Years.

Osiris: But, will he be allowed to dispatch the Great Ones?

Osiris: How good would it be if one god could see another.


Osiris: But how long shall I live?

Then I will be what will remain, just I and Osiris, when I will have changed myself back into the Old Serpent who knew -no man and saw no god.

How fair is that which I have done for Osiris, a fate different from that of all the other gods.

I have given him the region of the dead while I have put his son Horus as heir upon his throne in the Isle of Fire, I have thus made his place for him in the Boat of Millions of Years, in that Horus remains on his throne to carry on his work.


Osiris: But will not also the soul of Seth be sent to the West-a fate different from that of all other gods?

Translation and introductory note by R. T. Rundle Clark,
Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt (London, 1959), pp 130-40

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