Zalmoxis; The God Of The Gatae

Herodotus, 'History'


IV 93-6.


Our only important information concerning this rather enigmatic deity is the text of Herodotus quoted below. The scholars have interpreted Zalmoxis as a Sky-god, a god of the dead, a Mystery-god, etc.


The Thracians of Salmydessus and of the country above the towns of Appolonia and Mesambria, who are called Cyrmaianae and Nipsaei, surrendered themselves unresisting to Darius; but the Gatae, who are the bravest and most law abiding of all Thracians, resisted with obstinacy, and were enslaved forthwith.

  Translation by A.D. Godley,
in the Loeb Classical Library, vol II (New York, 1938)
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