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Know Your Totems

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Apache Rain

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  Your Life Animal Totem

Your life animal totem/totems are with you for the span of your life.

You may have only one life animal totem or you may have several life animal totems. The life animal totem is always with us.

My life animal totems are the lion and the black panther.

Our life animal totems bring us lessons, give us advise, warnings and generally communicate with us.

Listen and you will hear........

  Visiting or Temporary Totems

Throughout your life, you will have animal totems come in and out of your life to guide you on a special path.

He may stay with you for a short period of time or he may be there for an indefinite period of time, however long he is needed to help guide you.

  Message Totem

The message totem usually appears to bring you a special message, something out of the ordinary.

I personally believe it is an omen or warning or just sometimes to draw our attention to something we are overlooking or not facing up to.......

  Shadow Totems

A shadow totem is one that you have a fear of.

A shadow totem represents your innermost fears.

A shadow totem will work against you, until you have faced that fear and overcome it.

For some it will be something that you would not go within a mile of, for others it will be something that you are deathly afraid of but are drawn to.

Think about it...what are you most afraid of?