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The Egyptian High God

In The Age Of The Coffin Texts


Coffin Texts; 714


The so-called 'Coffin Texts', inscribed on the interior of coffins, belong to the middle kingdom (2250-1580 B.C.)

  I was (the spirit in ?) The Primeval Waters,
he who had no companion when my name came into existence.
The most ancient form in which I came into existence was as a drowned one.
  I was (also) he who came into existence as a circle,
he who was the dweller in his egg.
I was the one who began (everything), the dweller in the Primeval Waters.
  First Hahu(1) emerged from me
and then I began to move.
I created my limbs in my ‘glory’.
  I was the maker of myself,
in that I formed myself according to my desire and in accord with my heart.
  1. Hahu, the wind which began the separation of the waters and raised the sky.
  Translated by R.T. Rundle Clark,
Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt (London 1959) p.74
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