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Gatha Of The Choice


'Gatha: Yasna' 30.


1. Now will I speak to those who will hear
Of the things which the initiate should remember,
The praises and prayer of the Good Mind to the Lord
And the joy which he shall see in the light who has remembered them -well.

2. Hear with your ears that which is the sovereign good;
With a clear mind look upon the two sides
Between which each man must choose for himself,
Watchful beforehand that the great test may be accomplished in our favour,

3. Now at the beginning the twin spirits have declared their nature,
The better and the evil,
In thought and word and deed. And between the two
The wise ones choose well, not so the foolish.

  Translation and introductory note by Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin,
in his The Hymns of Zarathustra (London 1952), pp. 102-7
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