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The Third World

Bruel Sioux


The Creator Person had seen two worlds destroyed by man. He listened to the cries of the animals to give them one more chance. He looked around at the waters and finally relented.

For a third time the Creator Person reached into his bag, this time pulling out a beaver. Surely this would be the right one, but the beaver too, failed to bring mud to the surface.



"You have one more chance" the Creator Person told the animals, and reaching into his bag one last time, pulled out the turtle and placed him in the water. The turtle sank out of sight. A long time passed, and it looked as if he was not going to come back up.

The Creator Person shook his head, and was about to leave, when suddenly the turtle rose from the water covered with mud. The turtle grew and grew and the mud on his back became land.

Trees began to grow. Soon there were people. Everyone would be safe this time for the land on which they lived rested safely on the back of the giant turtle.


From Grandmother Two Bears

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