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Legend of the Flute

Legend has it that a long time ago the first flute maker was the woodpecker. But that was long ago.

A long time ago there was this young warrior who's eyes had taken a liking to a young beautiful maiden. This young warrior had his first taste of love and was very confused, many questions were running through his head , the biggest being how can I win this young maidens love?

One day while pondering this question the young warrior found himself circling the Great Cedar Tree. The tree that stays green year round, that holds much beauty and lives forever, the tree most sacred.


Little did the warrior know but a Woodpecker had taken to a branch on the Great Cedar Tree and watched as the warrior circled the tree.

The Woodpecker asked the Great Cedar Tree "What is wrong with this warrior, he keeps circling you and he looks troubled?"

The Great Cedar Tree replied "He is in love and does not know how to win the maidens attention."

The Woodpecker thought and said "Maybe we can help this warrior."

The Great Cedar Tree replied "We better do something or he going to make himself sick, what you got in mind?"


"If you allow me to have a branch I can make a Flute that will make beautiful music and the warrior who plays this music will win the love of his heart" said the Woodpecker.

"Excellent idea" replied The Great Cedar Tree, "but I have one request, only the branch that you sit on may you take." And it was agreed.

The Woodpecker went to work and made a beautiful Flute and when finished the Winds Of The Four Directions blew air into the Flute.

Hearing the sound the warrior reached up and embraced the Flute. The Spirit of The Great Cedar Tree said "Take this Flute that was made from me and the Woodpecker and when you play, you sing your love song to your maiden and you will win her heart."


"Remember that love is a sacred gift and when you play your Flute, to play sacred songs. Always remember that the branch came with a bird that sat on it and sang a song, so to honour the first Flute Maker you will teach to always use the bird as a totem."

The warrior did as he was instructed, he played his Flute to his maiden that night, a song that filled her heart with love. Soon the wedding of this couple took place and every night the warrior would play his Flute, singing his love song to his wife.This is the legend of how the Flute came to us, If you listen close can you hear the warrior playing?

  Love exists within all things.
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