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Legend of the Maiden


Author Unknown


In Ages long past, the lovely Lady Brighid came to Hibernia to dwell in that land among her people. She brought to them many special treasures from the Outer Realms to enrich their lives.

She gave them the art of Smithcraft, Poetry, and Inspiration. Brighid also shared a sacred Cauldron that overflowed with inspiration and love.

She was adept at the healing arts, and in the Magic of Medicine. Her people loved her deeply, and kindled a fire in her honour which was constantly attended by nineteen maidens, and was never allowed to go out.


The Lady Brighid eventually became a mother, and her people rejoiced, knowing their lands would be fruitful just as their Goddess was fertile. However, Brighid also knew the misery of loss.

When one of her beloved sons was killed, the whole land wept. She lamented so deeply that she invented "keening," the mournful song of the bereaved women of Erin.

Her Flame burned so brightly, however, that happiness soon returned to the land. She bestowed upon her people, yet, another gift: The Art of Whistling.


However, in the fullness of time, the beloved Lady could no longer dwell openly with her people, and she made her home in the Sidhe.

There, she would dwell close to her people and her land, and they could call upon her name at the appointed times, and keep her Flame burning within their hearts.

The Eternal Flame continues to burn.

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