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There are times when people require our assistance. Mostly, people seek only an opportunity to help themselves with dignity.

When we provide guidance or assistance to someone we are owed nothing in return. Fate will reward us, by providing guidance and assistance when we are in need.

The sense of fulfilment which we receive knowing that we have helped someone on their journey, is a reward in itself. It does not matter if they acknowledge our assistance or not.


Perhaps you are able to provide assistance to….

Mosjos Healthcare Research Foundation has been started with the objective to help the poor needy downtrodden people who need health care and shelter. We request you to take active participation in all our projects for the uplift of the poor and downtrodden people of the society especially in free healthcare and building shelters.

Spreading the Gospel in Romania

We are working in many ways to meet the people's spiritual needs in Romania. Here is a list of some of the things we are doing and hope to do. If you feel the Lord calling you to work with us in any of these areas, please contact us

Coming up this summer, we would like to be able to have a summer camp. We are also hoping to have youth and family conferences.

We are hoping to develop a short-term missions effort. Teams that come to work with us might help with evangelistic tent meetings or street meetings in the summer or meetings in the village culture houses in the winter. We'll also work to encourage the small churches here and to start new ministries in towns that have not yet been reached.

We plan to establish a mission home for the teams or missionaries that come to do short-term work with us, so they don't need to stay as guests in a families home, or in a hotel. We also would welcome long-term missions to work with us here.

We need workers to help us train the people we have set up as our contacts in the villages. They need training specifically in establishing churches.

We are looking for American and English churches to partner with us in our many different ministries. Each church could maybe be partnered with the efforts in two or three villages.

We would like to start the AWANA program in the villages. Reaching children through the AWANA program would be a wonderful way to spread the Gospel in the villages.

We hope to start a Christian kindergarten in Draganesti. We would like to reach the children of very poor families through this effort.

For mission-specific matters, email Raul;
You can write to Raul at:
str. Nicolae Titulescu
Bl.D14, etj. 4, ap.11, Jud Olt



Danielle's home was broken into on 22 April. The thieves stole money, keys, and Danielle's family car.

Danielle's insurance won't help with the money she lost.
Danielle still does not have a car and is not sure when
she will be able to replace her car, because her
insurance company requires her to wait
30 days before processing her claim.

Danielle's family are all very ill and
need regular treatment at the doctors.

Danielle is in Western Australia.

If you can help please contact.



Janet and her husband have five children. Their only vehicle broke down, and they now have no transportation. Janet's husband is at risk of losing his job, and they may lose their rented home as well.

Because of this setback Janet and her husband cannot give their children Easter, or their oldest child a birthday.

If you can help please contact.

Janet Lane

Friendship Industries, is a non-profit business that provides work for the mentally and physically challenged.

We are having a terrible financial crisis due to lack of work. If this company fails a lot of good, hardworking people will be without work and unable to work elsewhere.

If you would like to know more about Friendship Industries…


Laurie is a 35 year old disabled mother with 3 ADHD, wonderful, children. Laurie lives in the Comox Valley in BC, Canada. Laurie has a tracheotomy, which is a tube in her throat that helps her breathe at night, and ataxia which effects her balance.

Laurie and her children have been harassed by the Ministry for Children and Family Development for years.

If you would like to kow more about Laurie's situation, you may like to read this interview.

You can support Laurie by visting her wonderful Memorable Charms website.

And you can contact Laurie via e-mail.



In February 2002, Karen was laid off from a position which she
held for three years. Through the State of Oregon, Karen has
been developing a business, Silver Rain Research Services.

Karen has multiple physical disabilities, and is without outside support from any family, mentors, resources, etc.

If you are able to offer Karen assistance you may like to visit
Karen's website or e-mail Karen. or

If you need some assistance or are in a position to offer assistance please contact us using the buttons below…
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