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  About Bernadette




Bernadette attended the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A., from 11th grade, after being accepted into the Accelerated Student program, Bernadette majored in Biology.

Bernadette returned to the University of Mobile in 1984 when she majored in nursing, and achieved an Associate R.N. degree. Bernadette minored in psychology.

Bernadette is a Reiki Master and a member of the International Reiki association.


Bernadette combines her twenty years of nursing experience, and her knowledge of Biology and Psychology with her Reiki training and attunement to speed the healing process and decrease pain and stress in her patients.


  About Reiki

Reiki (ray-key) is a healing system and an enlightenment system that draws upon the flow of universal energy. When Reiki healing is used, universal energy flows into and through the practitioner, and then into the patient.

Reiki is a powerful system of laying on of hands and remote healing that can transform lives through the body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki is an amazing energy that comes from the highest spiritual source, and has an innate intelligence which does not need to be directed by the practitioner. Reiki goes wherever needed in the body, helping to release blocked energy, cleanse the body of toxins, reduce stress, and become relaxed.


Distant Healing


Reiki energy can be directed for the purpose of healing someone who not physically present, using the Distant Symbol (or Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and any of a number of techniques as a point of focus.

If you are in need of healing, you may send a request using this button.

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For more information about distant healing.

Spiritual Healing
  Reiki Level One

Reiki Level I (or Sho Den) will teach you how to use the Reiki Energy. I will complete three attunements to confer the Reiki energy.

Your Reiki Level I attunement includes the hand positions used when doing Reiki on yourself and others, the Reiki principles, and the history of reiki. You also receive the four attunements.


  Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level II (or Oku Den) will teach you the three Reiki Symbols and I will use another attunement to confer the Reiki energy.

Reiki Level II is a deepening of the Reiki experience and a greater commitment to Reiki. Reiki Level II teaches the meanings and application of the Power Symbols, the Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol, and the Distant Symbol.

Your Reiki Level II includes the three Reiki Power Symbols (Focus, Harmony, and Connection), Mental/Emotional Healing, Distant Healing, and another attunement.

  Reiki Level Three (Master).

Reiki Level III (or Shinpi Den) is the Master Level of Reiki. Reiki Level III will teach you to heal on the spiritual level, and I will use another attunement to confer the Reiki energy, and complete a detoxification process.

Reiki Level III teaches the Usui Master Symbol. The Usui Master Symbol completes the three symbols taught at Reiki Level II. You will be taught how to initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process.

Reiki Level III includes the Usui Master Symbol (empowerment symbol) and its meaning and application. The attunement process and practice in its application, and how to teach others.

As a part of the attunement process there is a bond forged between student and master.

  Distant Attunements

Distant attunements are a non-traditional technique that is a logical extension of Distant healing and the distant symbol. A distant attunement uses the Reiki Distant Symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) to perform an attunement on someone who is not physically present. Most Reiki practitioners accept that touch is not required to give a very good Reiki treatment.

Distant Attunements are appropriate and as perfect as their hands-on counterparts. Distant Attunements are done by using the distant symbol and visualization and intent. I visualize the symbols entering your Crown Chakra and move through your aura.

I perform level I, II, and III attunements using the distant symbol and procedures.

  Pricing Structure

Payment may be made by Pay Pal, after first contacting me via email. Each level includes documentation, instruction, and ongoing support.

The Level I attunement includes a Level I Reiki manual, and a Level I Reiki Attunement Certificate.

The Level II attunement includes a Level II Reiki manual, and a Level II Reiki Attunement Certificate.

The master (level III) attunement includes a Reiki manual, and a Reiki Master Attunement Certificate.


Reiki Level I


Reiki Level II


Reiki Level III (Master)



If you would like to request an attunement please contact me using this button.

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