Living Stream Little Sisters
  Spiritual Retreat

Our Prayers to Our lord hang in the garden of heaven, Waiting for Him to Pluck them, while we wait, we hear Him sing on the strings of His heart in perfect harmony for us.

  The angels gather Our Prayers for him, while we rest in Him our song is sung for us on the harp of His heart.
  The Sisters of Faith, Spiritual Retreat is a wonderful place, which allows our guests to draw upon their spirituality.
  The Sisters of Faith, Spiritual Retreat is quiet, but for the wild life, creating an environment of peace and well being.
  The cottages and cabins sit under the trees and Wisteria. Inside the cottages and cabins are very simple, with a sleeping Loft, above a sitting area, and a prayer alcove.
  Our a small Chapel is always available for those who wish to spend time alone with the Lord.
  We also offer time share, which many use as a way to have their own spiritual retreat when they need some time for quiet reflection.
  For those who keep coming back, Thank You.

For information regarding bookings and time-share.


  Abbotsford B.C. V3G 2H6 Canada
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