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Spiritual Development Course #2


Lesson Eighteen-Dice


A Second 12 part Spiritual development Class.

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2002 Indigo Bridge Cooperative

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Face Relationship
Dice 1
Ones relate to the person him/herself, and also travel or loneliness.
Dice 2
Twos relate to partnerships, friends or matters of the heart.
Dice 3
Threes relate to love, family and communication.
Dice 4 Fours relate to work, co-workers and structure.
Dice 5 Fives relate to finance.
Dice 6 Sixes are very lucky, and show favourable outcomes.

These relationships also work for dominoes with the addition of the blank dominoes which foretell the negative aspect i.e.: blank/four would foretell financial trouble and the doubles have extra significance, blank/blank; worst luck, be careful in everything.

One/One; A journey.

Two/Two; You will meet a new best friend.

Three/Three; You will fall in love.

Four/Four; A new job opportunity.

Five/Five; You will acquire unexpected money.

Six/Six; The best of all.

  Red dice


To divine using the dice (known as astragalomancy) a circle is drawn about 12 inches wide and the dice are thrown within circle, any that fall outside the circle are not counted, if all the dice fall outside this foretells quarrels and the dice are not read that day.

I will now give the methods for using 1,2 or 3 dice.

  Using A Single Die
  Using the following chart, toss a die onto the circle and interpret as follows:
Face Relationship
Dice 1
Generally favourable, Bear the overall prediction in mind.
Dice 2
Success depends on friends.
Dice 3
Excellent omen for success.
Dice 4 Disappointment and trouble.
Dice 5 Good intentions.
Dice 6 Uncertainty.
Letter Relationship


Next year.












Love and marriage.


Legal matters.


Your present state of mind.


Work and career.


Friends and social.


Enemies and limitations.
  Using Two Dice

Using the same chart toss two dice in the circle, any that fall out are disregarded, total the pips on each die and use this key.

Face* Interpretation
Dice 1
Dice 2
Dice 3
Take care.
Dice 4 Be wise.
Dice 5 Good luck.
Dice 6 Of course.
Dice 6Dice 1 Have faith.
Dice 6Dice 2 Be patient.
Dice 6Dice 3 Certainly.
Dice 6Dice 4 Doubtful.
Dice 6Dice 5 Nonsense.
Dice 6Dice 6 A chance.
  * Representative only, any combination of die face may be used to reach the numbers in the above chart.
  Using Three Dice

If one die falls from the circle, your plans may go wrong. If two dice fall from the circle, trouble is foretold.

Face* Interpretation
Dice 1
Dice 2
A friend will become dear.
Dice 3
A surprise or unexpected news.
Dice 4 Unpleasantness.
Dice 5 Your wish will come true in an unexpected way.
Dice 6 Loss in finances.
Dice 6Dice 1 Scandal, gossip.
Dice 6Dice 2 Victim of injustice.
Dice 6Dice 3 Lucky for love.
Dice 6Dice 4 Prediction of birth, Domestic happiness, Business success.
Dice 6Dice 5 A parting, Illness.
Dice 6Dice 6 Good news from a letter.
Dice 6Dice 6Dice 1 Grief and sorrow.
Dice 6Dice 6Dice 2 A friend will help you, You will meet a new admirer.
Dice 6Dice 6Dice 3 Temptation.
Dice 6Dice 6Dice 4 Travel with good omens.
Dice 6Dice 6Dice 5 A change of plan.
Dice 6Dice 6Dice 6 Great luck, The best omens.
  * Representative only, any combination of die face may be used to reach the numbers in the above chart.
  Using Three Colour Dice

You may use three different colour dice separately instead of collectively.

Colour Interpretation.
White Focuses on the theme of your reading.
Green The positive influence.
Red The negative influence.
  Read each die separately, using the basic meanings at the start of this page, keeping in mind the colour and where it falls on the chart above, then tally the pips to get an overview and possible outcome.
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