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Spiritual Development Course #2

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A Second 12 part Spiritual development Class.

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Pagan Wicca Rituals


Blessed be to all who have written and shared their words.

  You will see some Rituals formatted for covens, small groups and for the solitary witch.

These Rituals need not be 'verbatim'. It is your pure intention which is important more so than the repeating words verbatim. Feel free to adapt them to your particular situation, these serving as a format for your individual use. Whilst these rituals are focused upon Wiccan beliefs they may be easily adapted to any belief system by making a few minor alterations to the items used and the deity the ritual is directed towards.

We have tried diligently to give noted authorship and copyrights where credit is due. If by chance we have overlooked something, please contact us and we will amend the situation in a timely fashion.


Awaken Earth Spirits


Items needed

Drum & harp (or other instrument),
Cauldron with water and herbs (as told through meditation),
Gifts (seeds, tobacco, sweet herbs, fertilizer, etc.).


Perform this ritual in the daytime.
Do not cast circle or call directions, invoke the Lord and Lady.
Call upon Lord/Ruler of Earth element.
Walk the area with a slow beat on the drum.


Use Gaea chant, music included, this ritual also works well as a four part canon:

Gaea, Earth Mother
Make your children strong,
Gaea, Earth Mother
Heed my loving song.
Gaea, Earth Mother
Let your children thrive,
Gaea, Earth Mother
Through you we are alive.
So mote it be.


Stand in centre of area, hold aloft wand and say:

I call upon the devas the fairies and the sprites,
Spirits all awaken to set this place a-right.
Grow and tend by day and guard it well at night,
As above, then so below fulfil with love and light.

Offer gifts and pour out water.
Play upon the harp (key of F or D).
Visualize the spirits waking and tending the area.
Feel them strengthen and respond to the call.

Give thanks and close.


contributed by RФMҧKޤtw



  Self Blessing
  This ritual should be performed during the New Moon but is not limited to this phase. Need, not season should determine the time of performance There is Real Power in this Blessing.

It should not be used other than the time of need nor should it ever be used promiscuously. The purpose is to bring one in closer contact to the Godhead.

It can also serve as a minor dedication for the solitary witch. It can also be used as a minor exorcism to banish an negative forces that may have gathered around the person.

It may be performed by any person upon her/himself. The ritual needs to be performed in a quiet place, free from distractions and in the nude.


Items needed.


Salt, about a quarter teaspoon.

Wine, about an ounce.

Water, about a half ounce.

Candle, votive or other.

  Meditate and centre yourself in your way.

When you are ready to begin you sprinkle the salt on the floor and stand on it lighting the candle at this time.

Mix the water with the wine and continue meditating on your purpose for the Self Blessing absorbing the energy and warmth of the lit candle.


You then read the following aloud and do as instructed:

Bless me Mother, for I am thy child.

Dip your finger of your right hand into the wine/water and anoint your eyes..

Blessed be my eyes, that I may always see they path.

Dip your finger of your right hand into the wine/water and anoint your nose

Blessed be my nose that I may breathe thy essence.

Dip your finger of your right hand into the wine/water and anoint your mouth

Blessed be my mouth that I may speak of thee.

Dip your finger of your right hand into the wine/water and anoint your breast

Blessed be my breast that I may be faithful in they works.

Dip your finger of your right hand into the wine/water and anoint your loins

Blessed be my loins, which bring forth the life of man as thou has brought forth all creation.

Dip your finger of your right hand into the wine/water and anoint your feet

Blessed be my feet that I may walk in thy ways.

Remain there and meditate on your purpose of the blessing.

End by giving thanks.

  contributed by Klm㤧rr餧tw
  Ostara Ritual (Solitary)

Items needed.


Eggs dyed in your selected colours.

Pink and green streamers.

A small pillow.

God and Goddess candles.

A soil filled cauldron.

A terra cotta pot.

A small shovel.

A few seeds of your favourite flower or herb.

A corn doll dressed in white.

A grapevine doll dressed in green.


Place the cauldron in front of your alter.

Begin by casting your circle.


'I am here on this day, (Ostara, Lady Day , Rite of Eostre, the Vernal Equinox) and the first day of planting season. My presence is to understand life, death and the rebirth and to give reverence to those who have and continue to endure these.'

Take the time now to meditate how Ostara belongs to each of these groups and how it fits in the Wheel of the Year.


'I stand at the gate between the living and the dead on this night that light and dark are in balance. To witness the union of My Goddess and my God a necessary transition to the Wheel of the Year.'

Lay the dolls next to each other on the pillow.

'The time is now for the great Rite between the maiden, one of the three faces of my Goddess, and her consort, the beloved Sun King, one of the three faces of my God. I watch as the seeds of conception are sown'.

Unite your sword into the depth of the soil filled cauldron, symbolizing the Great Rite, leaving the sword standing. Hold the God candle and intermingle the flame with the Goddess candle, replace them on the alter closer than they were before and say...

'The Elder Gods wish to bestow their knowledge; Now they will speak.'

Hold the dolls up, one in each hand, up high and say...

'The wise words of the Elders are their gifts. Now is the time to sow all that will be reaped come the fall and winter. There is a time for every purpose under the heavens. Now is the time for the conception of the Divine Child which keeps the Wheel of the Year turning. As I plant I shall harvest, each dependent of the other as the Wheel of the Year turns so is the earth ready to take it's seeds. It now to begin sowing your seeds, material, spiritual and symbolic to ready yourself to the coming seasons.'

So Mote It Be.

Place the dolls closer to each other on the pillow and say...

'The Gods have shown me the way. Now on this day of Ostara I sow my seeds for the coming seasons.'

Use the shovel, transfer the soil from the cauldron to the small pot and while you plant your seeds think of your goals as though they are the seeds. Then affirm...

'May my new planted seeds, be they material, spiritual and symbolic, bring to me plentiful fruits and bounties.'

Close your circle. Serve yourself the hard boiled eggs, honey cakes and egg nog or beverage of your choice.

Plant your seeds securely. Tend your plant wisely....

Contributed by Klm㤧rr餧tw

  Meet A Fairie
  Do not take this lightly. The Fey Folk are wild, and their integrity so strong and unusual that you must be careful with them. However, if you approach one correctly, he/she can be an honourable, powerful and delightful friend and ally.

If you find you cannot handle the power of this rite, courteously end the visit. If an evil entity arrives by accident, end the visit, either with courtesy or rudeness, whichever is safest and most effective.


Do each numbered step before going onto the next.

1.Focus on the darkness of the mind's eye, the darkness that's automatically there when your eyes are closed.

2. See that darkness filled with a glowing green, a Faerie green, a magic glow.

3. Feel that magic, green, Fey glow start swirling around you, bathing you in its beauty, bathing you in its magic.

4. Enjoy drinking in that magic for a minute.

5. Let that Fey power feed you, cleanse you, and give you things you need. Let it work its magic on you.

6. Into that green mist, call out for a Faerie friend. Don't demand a visit, for we do not control the Fey Folk. Invite with warmth, courtesy, good will and good cheer.

7. Greet and welcome your visitor with dignity and courtesy. Ask his/her name and his/her need of you. If no name is given you, usually you should end the visit. When you meet someone on the physical plane who will not tell you their name, there is usually something awry, right?

8. Never lightly make an agreement with a Faerie. They take commitments seriously. And are tricksters, who often have an unusual view as to what life should be like. You may not want the same goals as they.

9. Visit. Then do the following steps. If you fall asleep, your visit might be happening on an unconscious level so you will still need the following steps upon awakening.

10. If you would like, ask your visitor for something you need.

11. Make thanks for the visit, and for any help you were given. At this point it may be appropriate to give or promise a gift, eg; a bit of food and drink left out at night.

12. Perhaps this spirit will become your friend for a while or even a lifetime. You can use this ritual to visit with him/her again. But for now say 'Farewell.'

  After doing something like this ritual, one might be in an altered state without realizing it. If you then do something like drive, walk at night along a city street, or cook, you could possibly go through a red light, get mugged, or burn yourself, all because you were off in another world.

You may feel very sharp and alert, and think there is no need for the additional steps. Please do them anyway. For one thing, alert as you are, you might be alert only to the Spirit plane.

So after you finish step twelve, do the following two steps:


A. Spend some time consciously focusing on the embodied, mundane plane by making your mind concentrate on physical things.

B. Then continue this focusing by looking both ways carefully when crossing streets or paying special, conscientious attention to kitchen safety or whatever focus is appropriate to the activity in which you become involved. Use these two steps until you are well focused onto the embodied plane.

  Take the time to become alert to the physical realm. If you're feeling really spacey or 'out there' add body stretches or do some other very physical, but safe activity that will focus you onto your own body.
  Contributed by Francesca De Grandis, 1994
  Self Dedication

Items needed.

  A chalice of wine.

A piece of bread or cake on a dish.

A censer.

Two altar candles.

Some anointing oil.

Your athame or wand.

A small dish with sea salt in it.

A small dish with water from a spring or sacred well if possible.

Your ritual jewellery.

Statues or images of the Goddess and God.

Essential oils of your choice.



I. Preparation.

  You must first make your plans at least one month ahead, starting on the day of the New Moon. Choosing a suitable time in accordance of astrological tables or by the phase of the moon.

Waxing moon or full moon is the best. Be sure you have the day off work if it is necessary. You must have already chosen your Witch Name. If you have not done chosen your Witch Name, take this month for this, through meditation and path working in daily ritual leading up to the Dedication.

Start preparation with daily rituals, creating a sacred space. Start creating a sacred space with the sprinkling of salt water and burning incense.

Visualize a circle around you by calling upon the powers of the four quarters visualizing the elemental landscapes. (.i.e. cast a circle.)


II.The Ritual Day.


Spend the day in serious meditation, fasting and drinking only purified water. (If you really cannot do just water allow yourself Natural grape juice, or apple juice in small quantities.) no smoking, no drinking of alcohol, no drugs.

If on short term medication it is best to plan Ritual after the medicine is finished. If on continual medication, please consult your Doctor before not doing your medication for that day, if it is imperative to your health the answer should be obvious, you can't risk your heath.

Prepare your altar in your sacred space that you have been working in. Cover the altar with a cloth, a chalice of wine, a piece of bread or cake on a dish, a censer, two altar candles, some anointing oil, your athame or wand, two small dishes, one with sea salt in it, the other with water from a spring or sacred well if possible, your ritual jewellery, which will be put on at the end of Ritual.

You may also want statues or images of the Goddess and God.Spend a great part of the rest of the day in the wild if at all possible. Attune yourself with nature. Speak with the nature spirits and ask them for their blessings.

Think of your vows you are to make in your Initiation. You will make one to yourself, one to the God and Goddess, and one to the earth.Before the Ritual you are to take a purifying bath. Use essential oils of your choice, sea salts or herbs. While in the bath meditate on your aura. Start by seeing it a dull and grey, keep meditating until you see it become glowing and pure and white.

When you emerge from the bath do not dry yourself. Use no towels, blow driers etc. Rub yourself with oil. Grape seed, olive oil or vegetable scented, with an aroma of your choice.


III.The Ritual.


Performing the Ritual sky clad is the best. Light the candles and incense and purify your ritual space.

Hold your hands over the dish of water and say:

"I purify you Oh Water, in the Blessed and Mighty names of the Goddess and God."

Visualize the water glowing with a pure, white light.

Hold your hands over the dish of salt and say:

"I purify you Oh Salt, in the Blessed and Mighty names of the Goddess and God."

Then tip some of the salt into the water and mix it with your forefinger.

Then sprinkle the salt water around your ritual space, visualizing a circle around you. (Or just cast your circle in your usual way).

Call then upon the elements and then on the Goddess and God.You now declare your intent. Fashion this in your own way, but the things you need to declare are something like this:

"I (ordinary name) am now prepared for Dedication. I have followed the path and have fulfilled my vows. I now call upon the Goddess and God to confer on me wisdom and integrity. I ask the blessings of air, fire, water and earth."

At this point spend time gathering energy from around you and achieving a higher state of consciousness by meditation and controlled breathing. You may even have a mantra or a chant that is perfectly alright to utilize for this.

Do not rush, take all the time you need to find the stillness inside yourself. When you are there, stand in front of the altar and anoint yourself on your chakras (using a circle, pentagram or a personal motion) with the oil, then the salt, then the water, and lastly the wine. At this time you say:

"I am reborn into my true magickal self, I now take on the name of (witch name). I now ask for the Blessings of the Goddess and God on my endeavours and unto to them I make these vows (make your vows that you have prepared.)"

Now present yourself to the quarters, stating something to the effect of:

"I am now dedicated to the solitary path."

Now you are to consecrate your jewellery with the four elements; incense, water, salt, the candle flame and anoint it with the oil before putting it on.

You then consecrate your athame or any other tools in the same manner, holding each article to your heart, filling it with your energy, linking it to your very being. Say now:

"I am a child of the earth and of the heavens."

Hold it then up to the moon and stars and ask for the blessings of the universe on it, then touch it to the ground and ask for the blessings of our Great Mother Earth.

Lastly, consecrate the wine and cake by touching your athame to them. Channelling your energies through it. Then you drink and eat, earthing yourself.

Once you are centered thank the Goddess, God and the elements and close your circle properly.




It is a good idea to write your vows in a magickal diary and sign them with your Magickal name.

I also recommend that you write your experiences of your Dedication in this diary too.

It is important to refrain from any ritual for at least seven days, giving your energies and blessings time to integrate.

contributed by Klm㤧rr餧tw

  Samhain Ritual
  Dorothy Morrison: This ritual was written at a time when I did not have a qualified Priest in my group. However, it may easily be adapted for those groups in which the Priestess and Priest work together. It may be just as easily adapted to solitary work.

Items needed.

  An apple.
A pomegranate.
A 'planted' pot of earth for each participant.
An athame.
Some wine.
Rue or Lavender seeds.
  Place an apple and pomegranate upon the altar. There should also be a 'planted' pot of earth for each participant, these may be arranged on the altar as well, if there is ample space.

Instruments of divination may be placed within the Circle perimeter for use during the ritual if you wish. Arrange the altar as usual, and decorate with Autumn leaves, pumpkins, etc.

The Circle is cast and purified the Circle in the usual manner.

Dancing around the Circle in a shuffle step (deosil), all chant three times:

The Moon is bright, the Crone is old
The body lifeless - the bones so cold
We all live and pay our dues
To die in ones and threes and twos.

Death, dance and play the harp
Piercing silence in the dark
The Woman's old with withered limbs
Death beckons Her to dance with Him
As She accepts the Dance of Death
The Earth is cooled by ghostly breath
To lie in dormancy once more
To have Her strength and life restored

Go to the Western Quarter and draw an invoking pentagram with the athame to open the gate.

Then evoke the dead by saying:

All ye spirits who walk this night,
Hearken, Hearken to my call!

I bid you in our Circle join.
Enter, Enter ; one and all!

Come ye, spirits of the dead:
Be ye spirit of plant or pet
Or human being who still roams,
Into this Circle you are let,
Speak to us of things unknown,
Lend your energies to this rite,
To speed your journey, we have joined
On this sacred Samhain night,
All ye spirits who walk this night
Hearken, Hearken to my call,
I bid you in our Circle join,
Enter, Enter; one and all.

Bestow blessings upon the dead, saying:

Oh Mighty Pan of the Summerlands:
Guardian of the beloved dead
We pour forth love on those you keep
Safely, in your peaceful stead
We bless those who have walked the path
That someday, we as well, shall rove
We offer peace unto their souls
While resting in your arms, below

Now is the time for divination (Ouija Board, pendulum, cards, etc.) and communication with those who have gone on before us. Allow plenty of time for this.

Note: I have found that it is helpful to have a tape recorder handy within the Circle for recording any communications that may be 'channelled' during this time. Some people disagree with this suggestion, saying that the metal of this electronic device causes scattered energies in the Circle. However, if the recorder has been cleansed and purified as the rest of the ritual tools, the problem seems to be resolved.

When the divinatory processes are completed, the Priestess goes to the Western Quarter and draw the banishing pentagram, saying:

Blessings be upon thee, oh wondrous Spirits of the
Summerlands. We humbly thank thee for your presence in our
Circle and honour you in celebration this sacred night. We
beseech thee, oh Pan, keeper of the sacred dead, embrace
once again those souls within your keep and hold tightly
to your breast those which have been lost and wandering.
Grant them safe passage to the Summerland, where they may
rest peacefully in your strength until they are refreshed
and reborn again in perfect love. We bid thee all a fond

So mote it be.

The gate is now closed.

The Priestess goes to the altar and hold up the pomegranate, saying:

Behold the pomegranate, fruit of Life...

The athame is plunged into the pomegranate, splitting it open to display the seeds. She says:

Whose seeds lie in the dormancy of Death.

The Priestess eats one of the seeds, saying:

I Taste the seeds of Death.

The pomegranate is then passed hand to hand through the participants of the ritual, each eating a seed and saying to the next person:

Taste the seeds of Death.

The Priestess then holds up the apple, saying:

Behold the apple: fruit of wisdom, fruit of Death...

She then cuts the apple crosswise, saying:

Whose symbolism rewards us with life eternal.

She holds up the apple, displaying the inner pentagram, and says:

Behold the five fold star; the promise of rebirth.

Consecrate the fruit and wine.

Each person then tastes of the apple and sips the wine, saying to the next person:

Taste the fruit of rebirth, and sip from the cup of wine of Life.

After libation, the Priestess presents each member of the group with a small pot of earth, planted with three seeds (preferably rue or lavender). She briefly explains to the group that this is the season of the seed, it is a time of dormancy, but also a time of re-generation for growth.

Further, as the seed rests in the earth, they should also take time to rest and re-evaluate their lives, metaphorically planting only those values which will enrich and enhance the growth within the Divine Self.

She then instructs them to name the seeds within their pots with three values they wish to incorporate into their lives, knowing that as the seeds sprout with new life, their lives will be new, as well. After the presentation, all join hands and hold them skyward.


Thus is the Circle of Rebirth.
All pass from this life through the great god, Pan
But through My love you are all reborn
In the cycles of nature; through the Cosmic Plan.
In living we die; in dying we live
The fruit is first seed, yet seed comes from the fruit
In the mystery of life and death and rebirth
The Circle turns ever, and I am its root.

All Respond:

The Sun conceived in Darkness, cold
In the Shadow of Death, a Life unfolds
A shred of Light begins to burn
From Death comes Life; the Circle turns.
Dismiss Quarters and Dissolve Circle.


The rite is ended.


Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.
Outdoor libation to the Lord and Lady,
and the spirits of the dead.

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