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Spiritual Development Course #2

  Lesson -Twenty Four:The Tarot

A Second 12 part Spiritual development Class.

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  The Cards

There are basically 78 cards in a Tarot (rhymes with narrow) set, divided into two groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

Note: Even though I will be giving basic interpretations for every card here it is important that you do not just memorize the cards, because your readings will be false as you will only be reciting from memory like a parrot. The wise will design there own meanings through practice and personal experience.

For a general introduction to the Tarot, you may like to use this link…

Introduction To the Tarot
  The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana (sometimes called the ‘Greater Trumps’) contains: 22 cards representing stages in a person’s life.

These 22 cards are all named, usually beginning with 0 The Fool, and ending with 21 The World.

The first 11 cards represent the first half of life, positive acting and outward development. The second 11 reflect later in life, a more inward-looking stage and being more meditative.

Note: Many times the cards 11 Strength and 8 Justice are reversed.

# Name Description

The Fool (Green Man)

Card from Sharnan-Caselli Tarot

Originally this card symbolized the sacred dance of fertility, now it has more to do with fresh challenges and potentiality.

Also known as ‘The Holy Innocent’, a wise man and trickster, humanities contradictions. Relates the God to Ostara by his awakening of Mother Earth at spring.


Magician (The Witch)

Card from Golden Tarot of The Renaissance
A master of the arts, it symbolizes progress in worldly understanding and success. Raised and directed power.

High Priestess

High Priestess
Card from Golden Tarot
Light being shed on a problem, female influence, creativity, intuition. Relates to Embolic and purification.

Empress (Mother Earth)

Card from Ananda Tarot

Solid stability and natural growth, the Earth Mother, birth, loving, embracing, bountiful. The Goddess at Ostara’s equinox.

Emperor (Horned God)

Card from Tarot of The Old Path

For woman; achievement through controlled aggression.

For men; energy, strength of will, authority. Lithas summer solstice.


High Priest

High Priest
Card from Fradella Adventure Tarot

Spiritual power, rational knowledge, teacher, advisor.
6 Lovers (Lord and Lady Greenwood)

Card from Tarot of The Druids

Relates to love relationships, good marriage, positive decisions. Renewal of Beltane.


Card from Zukunfts Tarot

Progress, achievement, obstacles overcome.
8 Justice (Scales)

Card from Tarot du Roy Nissanka

Suggests the person is to be judged, usually positive, used to refer to blind justice.
9 Hermit (Father Time)

Card from Pagan Tarot

A need for inner growth, re-evaluation. Relates to the winter solstice.
10 Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune
Card from Golden Tarot of The Renaissance

Destiny will work itself out positively, new stages beginnings, luck will play a part it used to symbolize the old and wise bearing the burdens of the youth and foolish. Fate.
12 Hanged Man
(The Shaman)

Hanged Man
Card from Triple Goddess Tarot

Sacrifice, risk, originally it symbolized Odin on the Yggdrasil Tree, enlightenment through self-sacrifice.
13 Death (Lord of Shadows)

Card from Ansata Tarot

Major change, setbacks that bring new understandings, endings. relates to the mystical Samhain closeness to the Otherworld.
14 Temperance (Balance)

Card from Tarocchi Omaggio a Federico II

Balance of the complex, the need for moderation, used to symbolize the goddess Diana pouring wine to let it breath.
15 The Devil (Destroyer)

Card from Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

Impotent energy, willing bondage, unnecessary worries over the trite.
16 Tower (The Wild Hunt)

Card from Tarot of Mermaids

Sudden change, world turned upside-down, old beliefs toppled by enlightenment. The freeing of the spirit by the Ride of the Wild Hunt
17 Star

Card from Tarot Of Stars Eternal

Hope, creativity. Faery blessings.
18 Moon

Card from Spirit of Flowers Tarot

Walking between the worlds, exposing deception inner truths, reflection. Lunar esbats.
19 Sun

Card from Tarot Of The Gnomes

Success, contentment, relates to the height of power of the Oak King and the energy of Lughnassadh that produces a bountiful harvest.
20 Judgement (Harvest)

Card from Via Tarot

Good changes are made, renewed energy, awakening. Relates to the Mabon harvest of the wine of life.
21 The World (Universe)

The Universe
Card from Roots of Asia Tarot

Totality, wholeness, union with the All, perfection, conclusion.
  The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana contains 56 cards and is divided into four suits: Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands. Each suit contains 14 cards, numbered sequentially.



Card from Sarman-Caselli Tarot

Money or education.


Card from Via Tarot

Ideas, honour, obligation, dedication.


Card from Tarocchi Omaggio a Federico II

Family, friends, emotions.


Card from The Secret Tarot

Work, day-to-day activities, production, productivity, accomplishments, day-to-day life.

For meanings of the Tarot cards of the Minor Arcana, you may like to visit this page…

Tarot Card Meanings
  The Meanings Of Colours

Colour symbolism was widely used in the older decks such as the Rider Waite, and it seems the Witches Tarot continues this tradition.

Its not likely to be used in many of the more modern decks, and those modern ones that do employ colour are more likely to go off of aural or astrological colour meanings instead of those expressed here.

Black Fertility, unknown, can also represent disease and intrigue or wisdom.
White Idealism, purity, also ‘starvation’, barrenness.
Grey Things that are indestructible.
Brown Represents the practical. A down to earth approach. Animal magic, Symbol of home, friendship, grounding. Opens energy channels. Eliminates indecisiveness; improves powers of concentration.
Red Family, lineages, posterity.
Green Growth, development, also can mean money.
Orange Thoughtless selfishness/self-centeredness. Being forceful and grabby and not realizing one is stepping on others’ toes.
Maroon Crafty, clever selfishness. Knowing one is stepping on others’ toes and doing it anyway.
Yellow Physical objects. Can also represent thoughts made solid/true or ideas given form.
Blue Piety, guidance from the Divine or with thought to the Divine.
Purple Logic, rational thought.
Indigo Deep meditation.
Silver Imagination, thoughts, ideas.
Gold Fundamental, indisputable facts.
Peach Humanity, people.
Mixed Colours In older decks (such as the Rider-Waite), the mixture happens as lines or a profusion of outlines. The most common colour mixed is black, which represents the meaning of the other colour put to practical purpose.

Red + Black = practical use of family. Green + Extensive black outlining = growth put to practical use as in investments or vegetable gardening (versus flower gardening).

In the Witches Tarot, the mixing is done by ways of shading and subtle hues.


For additional Colour meanings, not specifically related to the Tarot, you may like to view our colour chart.

Colour Chart
  The Meanings Of Images
Image Meaning
Butterfly Rebirth, drastic change in personality or situation.
Rabbit Growth, reproduction.
Deer Grace, gentleness.
Serpent Snares of vice, also wisdom or traps.
Lion Strength, courage, also represents summer.
Eagle Strength. Also represents fall.
Angel Piety, the Divine. Also represents winter.
Ox Industriousness, ambition, steadfastness. Also represents spring.
Birds Unknown birds can represent thoughts, ideas, or, in the Rider-Waite deck, add black to the sky to indicate practicality.
Sun Represents consistency, energy, regularity, masculinity.
Full Moon Fullness of intuition, strength of instinct (which might wax or wane). Represents feminine powers at its peak.
Crescent Moon Chaos, changeability, mystery. If it is at the top of the card, it is governing and controlling the meaning of the card. If it is at the bottom and especially at the foot of one of the characters, it is controlled or understood. Represents feminine powers especially their tendency to wane and grow and be rather unpredictable. Represents the same about intuitive powers as they're seen as similar.
North Star The Divine. Something especially consistent, stable, and trustworthy.
Morning Star Linked to Diana, represents the proud but chaste aspects of femininity.
Evening Star Linked to Aphrodite, represents the sensual and sexual aspects of femininity.
Stars In General Minds, thoughts, people, influences. Something that seems minor yet catalyses a major reaction or pulls much influence.
Rainbow Promises, spiritual bridges.
Grapes Luxury, wealth, affluence.
Apples Sin, vice.
Pears Sin, vice
Wild, Twisted Trees The supporting factors of the situation are troublesome and possibly weak. The past was rocky and unstable. The situation is wrought with fighting and instability. Things are not or have not been taken care of properly. They are in new territory.
Tame, Cultivated Trees Care, stability, lack of fighting, lack of instability. Any problems are against the backdrop of successfully resolved conflicts. Can add the influence of domestically or diplomacy.
Vines/Creepers Wildness, untamedness, newness.
Flowers Unexpected beauty or goodness that may not be physically practical but lifts the spirits nonetheless.
Mountains Obstacles, difficulties.
Cliffs Sudden removal of support or drastic differences cut through the situation.
Rivers/Flowing Streams Mild obstacles, maybe disapproving energy.
Rapids Chaos, danger
Wild Ocean Chaos, complete lack of stable points, complete lack of control. Confusion.
Stagnant/Still Sea Helplessness (without wind, a sailboat cannot do anything). Being stranded and forgotten.
Stone Hardness, unforgivenness, but also stability and solidarity.
Large Stones Immovable obstacles, things that cannot be fought head-on.
Small Stones Individualities within a group of people making themselves known, trying to exert influence.
Clouds Thoughts, ideas, what’s on the mind.
Bridges A way over or around an obstacle.
Castles A place of protection and refuge.
Cities Represents city, also commerce, banking, hustle and bustle, culture.
Towers Controlling aspects, or positions of power and control, usually held by someone other than the querent.
Ships Commerce, trade.
Yachts Entrepreneurs, risk-takers
Small Boats Dabblers, the curious.
Mills Local production, also the change from an emotional (watermill) or an intellectual (windmill) situation to a real, physical situation. Emotions are thoughts given real, physical form. Can also represent independence.
Flags Egotism, individuality.
  The Meaning Of The Position Of Images
Top of Card The factors dominating the mind, dominating people’s thoughts or concerns.
Bottom of Card The factors that caused the situation, or cannot be changed.
Left Part of Card The past.
Right Part of Card The future.
Centre of Card How those four different things join. Usually the centre is the character.
  The Celtic Cross
  Celtric Cross
Card # Position Explanation.
Card 1 The Significator This card shows the person asking the question.
Card 2 The Question This card symbolizes the question the Seeker is asking.
Card 3 The cross This is the card shows the negative influences.
Card 4 Above You This card shows what the Seeker is becoming, or how the situation is likely to evolve.
Card 5 Below You This card shows the strengths and/or weaknesses that the Seeker has, and which are effecting this situation, or the thing in the past that gave rise to this situation.
Card 6 Behind You This card shows a person, situation, or attitude in the immediate past that has a bearing on the current situation.
Card 7 Before You This card shows what will happen in the immediate future, if things continue as they are now. Once again, it may be a person, situation or attitude that will appear. It will be about as far in the future as card 6 was in the past
Card 8 Who You Are This card shows the part that the Seeker is currently playing, the attitudes the Seeker is exhibiting or the situation as he sees it.
Card 9 Where You Are This card shows the environment as it relates to the Seeker in this situation. It can show the attitudes of his friends or associates, the physical problems or resources the Seeker has to deal with, etc.
Card 10 Hopes and Fears This card shows what the Seeker most wants to happen in this situation, and also what the Seeker fears will happen.
Card 11 Final Outcome This card shows how the current situation is likely to turn out, if the Seeker does nothing to change it. Remember, that it is not a fixed outcome. More people than the Seeker are exercising their free will in this and all situations.
  For more information about the Celtic Cross see..

The Celtic Block
  Twenty One Card Spread
  21 cards are dealt face down top to bottom, right to left, interpret in columns of three, the significator is placed face up and dealt last.
  Twenty One Card Spread
Row Explanation
Cards A Present circumstances.
Cards B Domestic situations.
Cards C Hopes and ambitions.
Cards D Expectations.
Cards E Unexpected events.
Cards F Immediate future.
Cards G Long-term future.
  Circular Year Spread
  Circular Year Spread
  The first card refers to the coming month, the second to the month after that and so on. The thirteenth card provides the main emphasis of the reading.
  Horseshoe Spread
  Horseshoe Spread
Card Explanation
1 Past influences.
2 Present circumstances.
3 General future prospects.
4 Best course of action.
5 Attitudes of others.
6 Possible obstacles.
7 Final outcome.
  Star Spread
  Star Spread
Card Explanation
S Significator.
1 Monday.
2 Tuesday.
3 Wednesday.
4 Thursday.
5 Friday.
6 Saturday
7 Sunday.
  Other spreads are also used such as The Elemental Spread.
The Elemental Spread
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