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Colouring Outside The Lines

I used to think
That life would be
What others need
And expect from me.

But now I've learned
And lifted the veil
I will lead myself
Down this long, winding trail.

My life is mine
To create or destroy
I will be brave and strong
Not wound like a toy.

My page is blank
I create my own lines
To colour outside of
To see how they shine.

I will no longer colour
Within these four walls
I've knocked them all down
And created new halls.

These halls have no end
And my eyes they will see
The many new hallways
That are open to me.

I explore these new halls
A new life to start
I notice their blankness
I remember my part.

For these new walls are lifeless
I create their design
Standing forever
Through the passage of time.

Copyright 2004 Angel Shadow

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