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  Moving Forward

My life has been full
But not without pain
I've faced my own shadows
It's not been in vain.

The world as I know it
Now ending in light
Shines through those I've touched
Now ready for flight.

Remember my love
Remember my words
Flying on the wings
On new Springtime birds.

Feel no sadness
Feel no shame
Life is what you make it
So there's no one to blame.

Forever in light
My peace remains strong
My journey only beginning
Through time ever-long.

I leave behind happiness
Laughter and joy
These things are within you
A mere child's toy.

Remember me
When snow falls lightly
When Spring's in full bloom
Flowers shining brightly.

The Summer will bring
My light on your face
Autumn will bring colours
All falling in place.

Remember me
When these things are among you
I'm forever beside you
To comfort and hold you.

I leave you in love
And a bright future hope
These things will remind you
When you're needing to cope.

I'm laying on wings
The angels on high
Are calling to me
It's my turn to fly.

This ending is never
All that it seems
Look over your shoulder
For a smile that beams.

Remember my life
One act in the play
And my standing ovation
Remember me....
This way.

Copyright 2002 Angel Shadow

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