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I began as a spark
From the creator so fine
Moving forward so slowly
Creating what's mine.

The world that I seek
Seems so far away
And I view in the distance
The place I will stay.

I encounter experiences
And lessons to learn
All of my making
Avoiding the turn.

I can't look ahead
To see where I'm going
But life has a plan
So I move with what's flowing.

I flow past the mirrors
My reflection to see
All bringing me closer
The place I call Me.

Some reflections of light
Some reflections of dark
All engraved in my soul
All leaving their mark.

Then dark becomes light
With a twist of my hand
I control my own destiny
Unlike words in the sand.

My spark becomes brighter
Expanding with Thee
A part of the Oneness
A part of the We.

Recalling the past
Brings lessons so fine
It shapes and it molds me
Bringing to me what's mine.

Becoming aware
I open my eyes
Releasing the pain
My soul how it flies.

Copyright 2003 Angel Shadow

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