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Right Now

Right now is the time
To move or to stay
Decisions and circumstance
All pave the way.

The past is no more
It's lesson is clear
The future is based
On what we hold dear.

Feelings of regret
Put those aside
They hinder the process
Of wings that will glide.

The guilt that we carry
Eats away at the heart
Releasing brings healing
A new life to start.

Now comes the anger
Controlling and red
A waste of our time
But we make our own bed.

One day we awaken
And open our eyes
Regret, guilt and anger
Are all based on lies.

The lies of the many
The lies of the few
The lies of the heart
If only we knew.

Right now is the time
To bring about change
Forgiveness and healing
Are all within range.

So stay in the now
Make decisions that heal
The past cannot hurt us
It's the future that's real.

Copyright 2004 Angel Shadow

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