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  Calling All Customers Oil

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Earth Childe

  You Will Need

2 spoons Bergamot.

1 spoons Patchouli.

1 spoon Basil

1 Citrine Gemstone.

1 Pyrite Gemstone.

1/2 cup Almond Oil


Almost every recipe I have come across for Business Success Oil uses essential or fragrance oils. In my not so humble opinion fragrance oils are worthless magickally, they are synthetic chemical concoctions created in a lab with no connection to nature at all.

Essential oils are brilliant, and I use them daily. They are pure distillations of the plant essences, however they can be extremely expensive, and unless you are doing magickal aromatherapy, the scent is secondary to the properties of the plants. You can achieve the same results by steeping the herbs directly in a base oil and using as required.


Combine your ingredients in a glass jar.

Put a lid on the jar and leave on a windowsill in the sun for 7 days.

Strain the oil through a piece of clean stocking into a green bottle. Remove the gemstones from the plant matter and place into the bottle as well. Cork and keep in a dark place until required.

Anoint the entrance way to your business premises, and your cash register, to encourage paying customers.

© Morgan Faie 2002, 2003

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