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Here is a long term spell for increasing prosperity in your home that is specifically geared toward saving for something in particular. If you have your eye on a new car, or are longing for that trip abroad, try the following spell to focus you toward saving for your goal….

To prepare for this spell you will need to create a spell box. Your box should preferably be made of a natural material such as wood (as opposed to plastic).

Some practitioners advocate leaving the box blank, but personally I feel the more effort you put into the creation and cleansing of your box, the more you put into making the box yours, the more magickal it will be.

For prosperity and money green is an appropriate colour to paint or stencil. Be creative and connect with your Muse, she will know what you need on your box. Once you feel your box is ready, gather before you the following ingredients:

  You Will Need

2 tbpsn Patchouli

2 tbspn Oakmoss

3 Citrine gemstones

4 tbspn grains (wheat or rice)

Piece of green cloth about the size of a large handkerchief.

An item that symbolizes what you are saving for.


Place the green cloth in front of you. Centre yourself and focus on your desire. Place the grains into the centre of the green cloth and spread them out flat.

Holding your power hand above the grains state out loud what your goal is, it can be as simple as, For example: “Within the next six months I want to have enough extra income that I can save the money to purchase a new (state preferred model) car”.

With your finger, draw a dollar sign into the wheat, then place the symbol of what you are saving for on top of the wheat. Take the herbs and crystals into your hand and charge them with energy, stating out loud: “Herbs of Earth and Stones of Fire, bring to me my heart’s desire.”


Place them into the centre of the cloth then fold the corners of the cloth into the centre, enveloping the contents inside and then place into your spell box. Close the lid and place it on your altar.

Each week/fortnight when you receive your income, place it into the box overnight before banking or spending it, making sure that you leave at least some small portion (even if it is only a dollar) in the box. As you place your earnings into the box give thanks for your abundance and repeat: “Herbs of Earth and Stones of Fire, bring to me my heart’s desire.”

When you have saved enough to purchase what you were planning for, you should have a small amount of loose change still in the spell box. To make the circle complete, share your abundance and donate the money to charity.

  © Morgan Faie 2002, 2003
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