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  Habit Breaking Bath

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Earth Childe

  You Will Need
  • 2 parts Rosemary (for purification).
  • 2 parts Hops flowers (for healing).
  • 2 parts Orange Peel (for self love).
  • 1 part Birch (for removing addictions).
  • 1 part St Johns Wort (for strength & courage).

We all have a habit that we want to give up, a behaviour that we want to change, but saying we want to quit smoking, exercise more, frown less is a lot easier to say than actually do.

Try this bathing spell to help you stick to your resolution and make that change….


Place the ingredients into a cheesecloth circle.

Tie up with a purple or green ribbon (purple connects you to the divine and green is for healing).

Run a warm bath and let the sachet seep for several minutes before stepping into the tub and immersing yourself.


Visualize what it is that you want to release and imagine it leaving your body through your skin like a black smoke.

Take as long as you need, until you feel it has left you and is now encapsulated in the water.

Leave the bath and drain the tub, and as you watch the water swirl the sink hole imagine how different you will be now that behaviour has left you.

Finish with a cleansing shower.

So mote it be.

  © Morgan Faie 2002, 2003
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