Eagle Spirit Ministry
  Lovers Scent Sachet

  Presented by

Earth Childe

  You Will Need

2 parts Rose Petals.

2 parts Lavender.

2 parts Patchouli.

1 part Cloves.

1 part Orris Root Powder.


Combine your ingredients into a bowl.


As with all magic, the key is visualization and empowerment.

Visualise your life filled with love, and as you mix the ingredients, imagine pink light glowing from your fingertips, infusing the ingredients power.

Tie up into circles of pink cloth to create pomanders and scent sachets for the cupboard.

The sweet scent will permeate your clothing and the next time you get dressed up to go out, your magickal scent will go with you.

Empty the sachet and replenish the ingredients every full moon.

Morgan Faie 2002, 2003

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