Pagan and Wicca Groups

There is much myth and fallacy surrounding Wicca and Pagan belief systems. Much disinformation originated during the time when Christianity moved from Rome to Western Europe.

As Christianity expanded, Pagan rituals were 'borrowed', sacred sites were adopted, and words were altered during the translation of The Bible to the King James Version, which justified the labelling of Pagan beliefs as evil and satanic, and the Persecution of Witches.

  Modern fiction may have increased acceptance of Wicca and Pagan beliefs, but it has certainly not helped to dispel the myths, especially in relation to Wicca practices. For those of us who are interested in understanding the truth of Pagan and Wicca belief systems, visiting or joining a Pagan or Wicca Group will assist us to separate the fact from the fiction in respect of both traditional and modern beliefs.
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Many of the following Pagan or Wicca Groups will require that we become a member to access the information within their group. To join these groups is a simple process, and all that we are joining is an internet based information sharing group, we are not becoming a Pagan or joining a Coven.

When joining a group we suggest that new information is received via the 'Daily Digest' option. Many groups will not accept memberships if we leave the 'Reason for Joining' box empty. We recommend that the simple truth, is the best way to answer the reason for joining question.

By joining a group we are not making a lifetime commitment, and if after exploring a group we find that the group is not what we are looking for, we can simply leave the group.

Some of these groups focus on or include Native American Spirituality.

White Water's Mystical Forest
Spring of Niksa
Freedom Of Souls
Full Moon Paradise
Shades Of Witches
Apache Rain's Place
The Lone Witch
Rainbow's Realities
The Circles of Stone
Dreamcast Widow
Faith of the Old Ones
A Magickal Path
Spiritual Garden
Thunder Of Buffalo
A Rainbow Sky
Souls Alone News
Garden Of Witchery
Mystical Pagan Earth News
Midnight Magick
Spirituality And Spells
The Mystic Spirit
Web Witch
Shadow of the Witch
Pagan Hearth Recipes