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Analogies of Reality
Analogies of Reality

The Mirror.


The nature of the earth plane is a mirror affect. The earth plane is a mirror of reality. Whilst we exist on the earth plane, we exist within the reflection, and whilst we touch the higher plane, we exist within reality.

Our conscious self is but a reflection of our higher self. The creator reflected in the created. If we consider a mirror, when a mirror reflects the mirror reverses everything.

Our higher self, and to a degree our spirit are seen from the earth plane as a reflection, an illusion when the reverse applies. It is our conscious self which is the reflection, and our higher self which is real.


The earth plane is basically a mirror. A reflection of the truth. Consider a native person who looks into a mirror for the first time. At first they believe that there is another person present, because they do not understand that what they see is but their own reflection. The same principle applies to the earth plane. We do not understand that what we see, is a reflection of ourselves.

The reversing effect of the mirror, is why our conscious self, which believes it is the reality, sees so much in reverse. We should remember the reversing effect of the earth plane, at all times.

The world is more of a mirror than a stage. The world is reality, viewed in reverse, but reality nevertheless.

The difficulty, all difficulty does not lie within our experience, but within our expectations. Regardless of our awareness, our expectations will seldom consider the reversing effect of our physical existence, which is a mirror of reality.


There is much truth within the religions, but most of the truth within the religions is in reverse, caused by the mirror effect of the earth plane.

Consider one example, the Ten Commandments. Our covenant with God. If we do these things we will find God..... is in reality God's promise to us. When we find God we will not....

Much of what society has determined are failings, are only a mirror image of reality. Much of what we believe is negative, is really positive, reversed by the mirror effect of the earth plane.

The need to quantify that which is not understood, which is the spirit plane, has been categorised and explained as imagination and dreams. Both of those descriptions are a product of the mirror effect of the earth plane. That which is seen as a fantasy world, is real. It is the spirit plane.


If we truly are created in the image of God, then we truly are love. Is not death and destruction attributed to God an attempt to make God in the image of man? The mirror.

The key to seeing the reality of existence, is to be open and allow ourselves to see the reality of existence. Reality is that simple, but existing within the mirrored illusion of the earth plane, can make it difficult to see the reality passed the mirror.

We need to allow ourselves to look through the mirror. We must look past the reflection of reality and see reality. We can all look past the reflection of reality and see reality, by allowing ourselves to look past the reflection of reality and see reality. We simply need to look around ourselves and view the reality that we see.

Instead of looking in the mirror, we need to look through the mirror. We need to remove that which causes the reflection, and see that which is real, because it is the reflection which is an illusion.


At first the mirror has a very thick layer of reflective paint, and when we become aware of the mirror the line between reality, and the reflection of reality, is thick and relatively easy to discern. However, as our awareness increases the layer of reflective paint in increasingly thinner, as is the line between reality and the reflection of reality.

When we look in the mirror, everything is reversed, but not really opposite as such. The key to bringing the planes of our existence together, is to remove the 'silver paint' so that the mirror becomes a glass.

We can travel to the spirit plane. We can scrape the reflective paint from the glass, and allow ourselves to look past the mirror. However, after scraping off the reflective paint from the mirror, we sometimes reapply the reflective surface to hide reality again.


We can convince ourselves that our false image is real, providing our projection and reflection process is not interrupted. Somewhat like a clear pond which acts as a mirror to perfectly reflect the image which has been created around the pond, but only for as long as the pond's reflective surface is not disturbed, and the slightest movement will disturb the pond's surface.


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