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Analogies of Reality
Analogies of Reality
Rebuilding Ourselves
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Vibrational rates exist. Everything has a vibrational rate. Vibrational rates dictate which plane we exist on. Vibrational rates vary, but can be placed in three basic categories lower, medium and higher. Our vibrational rate is exactly that. The level on which our essence vibrates.

We cannot divide the spirit energy from physical energy. Energy is energy. Seeing and hearing are energy perceived on different vibrational levels, but energy all the same. Just as our five physical senses are based on physical vibration, so our sixth sense is based on spiritual vibration. We could categorise our spiritual senses in the way that we categorise our physical senses, but categorising and measuring is unimportant beyond the earth plane. We can measure and prove our physical senses physically, but we cannot measure or prove what is spiritual, physically. Nor do we need or desire to measure what is spiritual, except at a physical level which cannot measure and prove what is spiritual.

A vibrational rate is necessary to enable the three planes of our existence to exist simultaneously. Vibrational rates are a product of the physical planes. Vibrational rates mean nothing on the higher plane. We can only increase our vibrational whilst we experience a 'human' existence, or an existence with a conscious mind.

Our vibrational rate is like a frequency, the lower our vibrational rate becomes the more physical our existence. As our vibrational rate or frequency increases, communication is possible with the spirit plane, and as our vibrational rate further increases the higher plane is reached.

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Spirit guides operate at a lower vibration than those on the higher plane, but at a higher vibration than us, whilst we are on the earth plane. Our vibrational rate increases with our awareness. We are able to talk with God when our vibrational rate reaches a sufficient level. We must increase our vibrational rate to be able to hear God clearly, so spirit guides are necessary, as are earth guides.

Until our vibrational rate has increased sufficiently, God's presence is effectively blocked from us. We must increase our vibrational rate sufficiently to cross the bridge to our soul and commence the awareness process.

Our vibrational rate is based on knowledge, not new knowledge, but a recollection of the knowledge within. Without remembering all that has been learned during our existence, there is no real knowledge, and it is this knowledge that increases our vibrational rate.

Our mind is all used, but our mind is closed. Our mind must be opened. It is opening our mind that increases the flow of true knowledge, and therefore the vibrations from true knowledge, or our vibrational rate.

Knowledge feeds upon itself. As our vibrational rate increases so does our knowledge, and as our knowledge increases, so does our ability to understand. As our ability to understand increases, so does our vibrational rate.

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As our vibrational rate increases, the standards of the lower plane are not forgotten, but so much more is remembered. When we first discover memories beyond the lower plane and our current lifetime, it is difficult. We must balance vibrational rates from three different planes.

The vibrational rate of the earth plane is slow but strong. Knowledge is like energy, as knowledge increases so does energy increase, which is what increases the vibrational rate. It is difficult to explain fully without a point of reference, but we know the truth within ourselves. The roundness of the earth could not be explained to those who 'knew' that the earth was flat. We know things within ourselves that we cannot explain in terms of the earth plane, because we have no point of reference, but we know them nevertheless.

God is within. We can draw on the knowledge from the God within, even if we do not know where the knowledge is coming from. Even when we know where the knowledge within comes from, we are unable to fully accept where the knowledge within comes from, until our knowledge has reached a point where our vibrational rate has increased to a level where we can accept where the knowledge within comes from.

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As our awareness increases, so does our vibrational rate. Our physical body displays symptoms which can be described as our nerves being on edge, as we adjust to our increasing vibrational rate. Our knees may then ache as we take the next step up in our awareness.

Regardless of what stage of awareness we have reached, there are some aspects of increasing our awareness which are significant, and as such these increases in our vibrational rate are felt and experienced extremely intensely.

Whenever our body is adjusting or preparing to adjust to our increasing vibrational rate, it is often a little easier to watch television or something to distract our conscious mind from focusing on what was occurring.

Our body tingles and flutters as our vibrational rate increases with our awareness. Our body tingles and flutters with contact with the fabric of existence, and our increasing vibrational rate.

As our vibrational rate increases, so too does the beauty of the world. We see an increased beauty of the world because our increased vibrational rate allows us to perceive colours which were previously not within our field of vision.

As our vibrational rate increases, so does our sense of wellbeing, and we feel total peace. Our vibrational rate does become faster, but not 'higher'.

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The light, which is the colour, and the essence of 'heaven on earth', can only be observed at a high vibrational rate. The colour of 'heaven on earth' is outside of our perception until we have increased our vibrational rate sufficiently to register the colour of 'heaven on earth'. Our vibrational rate needs to undergo a metamorphosis to allow us to enter 'heaven on earth'.

There are points on our journey where we cannot progress until we have increased our vibrational rate sufficiently to enable us to move on. When our vibrational rate has increased sufficiently, we are able to enter what is effectively a new dimension for us, and we are able to see things which we have not seen before.

As our vibrational rate increases, the ability of alcohol to throw us out of balance also increases. When our vibrational rate is thrown off balance, we become disorientated until we allow ourselves to adjust and tune in to our vibrational rate. Our vibrational adjustment, can be so intense that our body feels blurry, and unfocused.

Sometimes our vibrational rate can adjust so intensely that we can feel as if our body is losing composition. We feel as if we are struggling to maintain physical form. When our vibrational rate is adjusting we can do nothing, but after our vibrational rate has adjusted we feel a great peace.

When we begin to become aware, our vibrational rate is erratic. As we become aware our vibrational rate becomes both stronger and more balanced. Our vibrational rate can affect others, our vibrational rate can drain others, and our vibrational rate can push people away. However, we must not worry about the impact that our vibrational rate has on others.

Each time that we increase our vibrational rate, our vibrational rate tires us until we balance and adjust to our higher vibrational rate. When our vibrational rate needs to be adjusted, the frequency is not finely tuned. In effect, we are using much energy to sift the communication from the interference, but when we adjust our vibrational rate, when we have finely tuned our vibrational rate, the effect of tiredness will not be felt. Consider a radio, even when we have found the right band, we need to finely tune into the station.

The percentage that our vibrational rate increases prior to our need for an adjustment and rest, is individual to each of us. There is no predetermined percentage.

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To exist in physical form we need to lower our vibrational rate, and we need to increase our vibrational rate to operate on the spirit plane. An enlightened soul is able to operate on all three levels at one time by placing their vibrational rates on the same frequency.

We need to increase our vibrational rate to enter the spirit plane. When we first begin to travel via the spirit plane, much strength is taken from us when we increase our vibrational rate to enter the spirit plane. We become tired when we enter the spirit plane, and we will continue to become tired until we understand how to manage our vibrational rate.

Our major difficulty whilst our vibrational rate is increasing, is to increase all parts of our vibrational rate in unison, or to balance our vibrational rate. Effectively, we need to place our trinity on the same bandwidth. Until we are able to place our trinity on the same bandwidth, we experience a phasing in and out of bandwidth's which is what tires us. We can communicate with the higher plane whether our vibrational rate is in phase, or out of phase, but when our vibrational rate is out of phase or unbalanced, communication with the higher plane becomes more difficult and drains us.

Existence on the earth plane slows our vibrational rate. Even when our vibrational rate is in unison, existence on the earth plane has a slowing effect which prevents us from fully becoming part of the higher plane. We are always a part of the higher plane because that part of us is consistent, but at the same time we are not part of the higher plane.

The world appears to slow as our vibrational rate moves ever faster. The strength of an increase in our vibrational rate can be sufficient to move us out of synchronisation with the earth plane. We can increase our vibrational rate sufficiently to enable us to move out of time, and to experience stationary time. If we could increase our physical vibrational sufficiently, we could physically pass through a solid object.

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Our vibrational rate is not measured, but if our vibrational rate were measured, there may be a scale of 1-30 for the physical plane, 31-80 for the spirit plane and 81-100 for the higher plane. The lower the earth plane rate, the lower the higher plane rate and so on.

Our conscious mind is physical, our conscious mind belongs on the physical plane and our conscious mind ceases to exist with the body. We retain all that we have experienced as we cross into the spirit plane which is governed by our subconscious mind. When we again take on physical existence, our vibrational rate lowers, and direct communication with the subconscious is again lost, but communication can be regained by increasing our vibrational rate. Our higher self, our super consciousness is that which is attached to the higher plane. Our super consciousness is the part of us which is God. This is how God is within all, and how all are within God.

If we were to apply this nonexistent scale, a master in physical incarnation would be 30/77/98, and a master in spiritual carnation, 78/99. When a master is in the higher self existence a master would be 100. A soul with no awareness may be at 5/35/81, to illustrate how this measurement works. Our vibrational rate is neither measured or measurable, this is a simple illustration for explanation and understanding.

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Spirits sometimes lower their vibrational rate to appear on the earth plane, and mostly spirits use shadows and reflections for camouflage. A spirit will lower its vibrational rate to be seen on the earth plane, even if that spirit does not want to be seen, because the spirit needs to experience its ability to lower its vibrational rate, and take on physical appearance, whilst the spirit is between incarnations.

The principle of lowering vibrational rates to take on a physical appearance is similar in principle to that which allows soul contact to be physical in nature. It is through lowering vibrational rate, not enough to take on physical appearance, but enough for physical contact, which allows soul contacts to be physical.

Encounters with those on the spirit plane, which have physical aspects, are not uncommon, either by touching a person or an object. This occurs through the same principle of the spirit lowering its vibrational rate.

We increase our vibrational rate to enter and travel via the spirit plane, and then we lower our vibrational rate to enable us to experience, or feel which is why spirit plane experiences can at times feel physical.

As our vibrational rate increases, it is easier for our vibrational rate to increase. As our vibrational rate increases, the experiences which we encounter increase, and as such the circle of our experience turns faster. We continually increase our awareness and each time that the circle of our experience turns, we become a little more aware. As our awareness increases so does the speed with which the circle of our experience turns.

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It is through our increased vibrational rate that the permanent doorway to spirituality is opened. Our increased vibrational rate does produce a change in the chemical balance within the brain. This chemical adjustment has been identified, and drugs have been produced to alter the changed chemical balance and reverse the effect and in so doing, 'cure' mental illness and return those suffering to 'normal'.

If an adjustment to the chemical balance has occurred naturally, any readjustment done by drugs is temporary, and lasts only as long as the drugs are maintained. This is similar in principle, to artificially opening a spiritual doorway, it is artificially closing a spiritual doorway.

When our my vibrational rate suddenly becomes out of balance the experience feels similar to having drunk too much alcohol, or having taken recreational drugs. Alcohol and drugs do throw our vibrational rate out of balance, but the feeling of our vibrational rate being out of balance is the same regardless of the cause. Often it is a conflict within our vibrational rate which will throw our vibrational rate out of balance.

A higher vibrational rate deflects negativity. For example, we can consider a washing machine. If we allow the washing machine to vibrate and then drop a coin onto the washing machine, the coin will vibrate off the washing machine. If the washing machine is not in use, the coin will stay there. The faster the washing machine is vibrating, the faster the coin will be pushed off.

The coin represents the negativity, the dirt clinging to us, such as guilt for example. The faster that our soul vibrates, as with the washing machine, the harder it is for the negativity to stay attached to our soul. A higher vibrational rate effectively deflects negativity.

Music has a vibration in the spiritual context, not just a physical context. The spiritual vibration of music, is something that we tune our own vibrational rate into. Music can be used for healing as well as soothing us. We need to allow ourselves to feel the music, not just hear the music.

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When our vibrational rate has adjusted and we are back into phase, back in unison we can feel our connection with the higher plane, and we can reach out and touch the fabric of existence. It is our vibrational rate which determines the size, colour and nature of our aura. Our aura is our soul, and our soul is who we are. Our soul is not contained within our body. It is the other way around, our body is contained within our soul.

We can feel our aura adjusting to our changing vibrational rate. As our vibrational rate increases, our aura increases, and our spirit exceeds our body. Our aura itself is in effect our true self. Our aura is more than our spirit, and our aura exceeds our body. Our aura is the part of us which connects to the higher plane. Our aura is who we are. Our aura is our soul and a combination of light, colour and energy. The energy which is in fact the very fabric of existence.

It is the increasing vibrational rate of the aura which in itself causes the aura to expand. The relationship is a circular relationship, which is hardly surprising. The more the vibrational rate increase, the more the aura expands and the more the aura expands, the more the vibrational rate increases.

Universal energy is within all. Universal energy is God. Universal energy binds all things together and universal energy is the very fabric of existence. The faster our vibrational rate, the more cosmic energy we conduct until we reach a point where all cosmic energies, the sum of which is universal energy, is conducted.

As auras, being souls, expand so does the ocean of existence, the universe. To our earth plane perception, space appears to be colourless for the most part, giving the appearance of black because of the volume of space. However space is not colourless at all. Space is filled with the colours of individual auras, the colours of each drop in the ocean. The silvery bond which binds all things together can also be seen as an intricate web directly linking all together.

The colours of space are vast, as vast as space itself, but except for where the light of a star reflects upon another, the colours are beyond our earth plane perception.

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Each soul exists on their own vibrational frequency which is unique to that soul. The individuality and uniqueness of each soul could be described as a spiritual fingerprint.

The connection between souls exists when a soul 'tunes in' to the vibration or frequency of another soul. Sometimes this connection is a one way connection and at other times this connection is two way or mutual.

It is through tuning in to the vibration of another soul that we are led to other souls, and we seek experiences with other souls. Our need for experience is what dictates our connections. Experience and convenience.

If we need to share an experience with a specific soul, we simply tune in to that soul's vibration and the connection is made.

We cannot force ourselves to tune in or out of another soul's vibrational frequency. All that we can do is allow ourselves to tune in to another soul's vibrational frequency if and when an experience needed to be shared with another soul. The experience may occur at any level of our existence, and when the experience is complete we simply allow ourselves to tune out again.

We do not necessarily, mutually tune in to each other's soul. If only one soul needed the experience, only one soul would tune in.

Applying our healing or other such abilities is like 'tuning in' the vibrational rates of the individual with the vibrational rate of physical plane that we exist on. Each physical plane has a slightly different vibrational rate.

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All of the aspects of our existence have a definite vibrational rate. We can feel these vibrational rates, and we can distinguish the different vibrations. The vibration of reality relates to the different vibrations which different aspects of reality produce. For example, we can feel the vibration of reality in respect of Christmas, or we can feel the vibration of reality when we feel a sense of belonging despite being without a home. We can feel the specific vibration of rain, or we can feel and identify the vibration of a new year.

Christmas itself was created by merging of religions. However, this should take anything away from the effect of the Christmas period on the earth plane. During this period, an increase in the vibration of love occurs throughout the earth plane which is so powerful that the increase in the vibration of love is tangible. It is this increase in the love vibration which is what makes Christmas so important to the earth plane. In fact, the increase in the vibration of love is a sample of what is to come. The increase in the vibration of love is a preview of how the earth plane will feel when the earth plane returns to a love based environment.

We can feel the vibration of reality, and we can feel the subtle changes in the vibration of the earth plane as each small step is taken towards moving the earth plane from a fear based environment, to a love based environment.

The collective change in vibrational rate can be felt by any of us who open ourselves to feel the vibrational rate of our own environment.

We can feel the vibration of souls seeking the truth. There are so many souls looking for answers that we have produced a tangible vibration. The vibration of collective creation. The vibration of the large number of souls seeking the truth which is being provided by a number of teachers and others. A vibration which is certainly gaining strength, and a vibration which will change the earth plane from a fear based environment, to a love based environment.

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Our emotions do have a vibration. If we go into the projects for example, and then to a middle class area, we can really feel a difference in the vibration or 'vibe' of the area. We do not have to talk to anyone or even look around, we can feel the difference in the air. To say that affluence is not a factor would be naive, because affluence is a factor, but affluence is not the only factor. The vibration of a community reflects the vibration of the majority within the community.

When we visit a city periodically for several years we can feel the vibration of that city change over time. If the city is depressed from an economic viewpoint we can feel a depressed vibration in the city. Following a political change for example, the vibration of the city will change. The city will not change, the same people will live in the city, and the same mix of people will live in the city. However, as the city becomes depressed, gains hope and begins to pick itself up and prosper, we can feel the change in the vibration of the city. The city feels different.

As the city moves out of depression and goes from strength to strength, credit is given to the politicians. However, the reality is that it was the collective vibration of those who exist within the environment, which has changed the environment. Although the political change may very well have been the catalyst for the collective increase in the vibrational rate, of that particular environment.

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All places on earth have their own unique vibrational rate.

We retain a connection with the places on the earth plane where we have existed during previous lifetimes. We are tuned in to the vibrational rate which exists, and is unique to all places on earth. If we exist in a place we tune in to that district, and it is this tuning in which does not change. Whenever we travel to an area where we have existed in a previous lifetime, we immediately tune in to the vibrational rate of that region, even if we do no understand why. We experience the feeling of visiting somewhere for the first time, and feeling at home.

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With each incarnation of the physical planes, the truth becomes lost, and through experience the truth must again be discovered. The truth is discovered not by accident, but through experience. As each incarnation of the physical plane shatters so does the truth, and each time that the physical planes start anew, those souls who carry the truth with them from the previous incarnation cannot put the truth back together, until a conscious choice for the truth is made. In this incarnation of the physical plane, the truth has been chosen, and it is the vibrational rate of this choice which we can now feel.

Many souls send the vibration of love to humanity. This does benefit humanity, and this also benefits the individual. When we send the vibration of love, we exist within the centre of that love which we are sending. We can consciously send a vibration of love. However, when we exist within a vibration of love, love is the vibration which we automatically send. As our awareness grows, we become the 'love vibration', as we move towards the 'all vibration'.

The end of the world is upon us, but it is the end of the fear based existence and the beginning of a love based existence. The artificial nature of the fear based existence which thrives upon and compounds artificial fulfilment is fighting for its very existence. Whenever we feel the vibration of love increasing within the earth plane, we hear of another situation where the fear vibration has fought a rear guard action and escalated fear in one part of the world or another, through war, tension, health issues, economic down turns, drug use, or crime and violence. However, fear cannot win regardless of how hard fear fights for survival. The vibration and the power of the vibration of love is far greater than the power of the vibration of fear. The vibration of love is deep routed and is the foundation of existence, but the vibration of fear is shallow and exists only on the surface. As such fear is easily shattered.

The dark forces are fear, or the fear vibration. Fear has already lost, as fear was destined to lose. Those consumed by fear and the vibration of fear are desperate which is apparent to any who consider the earth plane at this time.

The use of spiritual power whether from a position of awareness, or a position of ignorance to do another harm will have a greater effect on the one who was sending the negative vibration, than on the one receiving the negative vibration. The person sending the negative vibration, is at the centre of the negative vibration.

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Plants and animals carry their vibrational rate with them. Whatever vibrational rate they had achieved in their previous human or other 'conscious mind incarnation', for that matter, they carry with them as a plant or animal, but they cannot increase their vibrational rate.

After a soul has become aware, they experience another lifetime to enable them to experience an existence within awareness. For this final physical existence, there is no need for a conscious mind. Therefore, there is no need to be human and as such, many choose a final lifetime in non-human form.

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We all have a lower level vibrational rate whilst we are experience an existence, any existence. The difference is that some from other worlds have a vibrational rate which operates at a different frequency to our own. Some from other worlds have a vibrational rate which operates on a similar frequency to our own. On the spirit plane the frequencies of all are the same which is why we often encounter souls from other worlds on the spirit plane. Some of the souls from other worlds have existed on the earth plane, and others have not experienced existence on the earth plane as yet.

Some of those who visit from other worlds, in a transparent form due to the different frequency of their vibrational rate, do consider themselves to be advanced souls. However, this is no different in principle to some followers of a religion who consider themselves to be more advanced spiritually than those who follow alternate religions. Effectively the view that those from other worlds, or those from Atlantis are advanced souls stems from the myth that we are not enough in ourselves. A self perpetuating myth sustained through the need for state religions to have unquestioned control, and spiritual snobbery that some are more advanced than others, perpetuated by the so called advanced souls, who are attempting to validate themselves.

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