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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am

A Short Reflection


The day after my discussion with God in respect of all that had changed during the previous twelve months, Sally rang. I had not spoken with Sally for a little while. Coincidentally, Sally had rung to reflect on the circumstances of our lives, one year to the day earlier.

I found it fascinating, but not surprising that Sally would call me to reflect on the events of the previous year. We had been at Sally's home, reflecting on our lives. At that time, neither of us were in a relationship, with the person whom we would marry. However, it was a fact that we were now both married, and we both had found peace.

Sally also reflected on my time on the island at the beginning of my journey, and that what I had relayed to Sally would occur when she had reached out for support, had in fact occurred.

It did not surprise me that I had been given an opportunity to experience the awareness which I had gained the previous day. An awareness of the significance of all that had occurred during the previous year. Nor did it surprise me that as I experienced my awareness, my vibrational rate increased, as I became aware of my awareness.

I knew that becoming aware of our awareness, was a part of the awareness process, and I knew that becoming aware of my awareness would continue to be a part of my awareness process. I also knew that I was aware of all that had occurred during the previous twelve months, and I was aware of the significance of the events which I had experienced during the previous twelve months.

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  With all that had occurred since I began recording my journey, I had thought that my journey to the higher plane would finish with one of my significant moments of discovery, or more accurately at a point where I became aware of some significant awareness. This was not to be, my journey to the higher plane had finished quietly and peacefully, and on reflection I knew that Connecting With The Higher Plane quietly and peacefully was the point.

As I reflected on all that had occurred since God had first told me that my journey was finished, I saw how the completion of my journey to the higher plane fitted within the context of my books, and I knew that God had been right. However, I also knew that our journey did not really end, and that we need to become aware that we are aware of all that we have experienced.

I also understood that it was important that I was not aware of certain aspects of awareness, such as the real cause of my nerves being on edge, until I had completed my journey to the higher plane.

God said, "It is finished."

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Now I would rest, but my time of rest would not be as long as I would have liked.

I had received sufficient information to identify my new agent, but I did not identify my new agent. Even when I did identify my new agent, I did not know that her only purpose would be to give me enough energy and encouragement to continue my journey, for a while longer.

I had been given a recurring vision of what I had thought was my new agent for two or three weeks. Each time that I was given the vision, I saw a little more. I would finally identify the person in my vision, but it would be several months before I did so.

I was given my new agent's first name, and I searched for agents with the first name which I had been given, unaware that I had already made contact with my new agent.

Two days later, I asked for help and my new agent's name 'jumped out' at me. I could not believe that I had been looking at my new agent's name for two days, even after I had been given my new agent's first name, and I had not seen my new agent's name in front of me.

Even after I had identified my new agent, I questioned my new agent's identity. Maybe I was 'clutching at straws'.

God said, "Be patient, you have identified your new agent."

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What God did not tell me, was that my new agent would provide me with hope and encouragement to continue my journey, but that there would ultimately be no substance to my contact with my new agent.

I continued reflecting, wondering what would occur next.

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