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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am

I Am


As I continued my reflection, I knew that the spirit who had been making Katerina's life difficult, had also been blocking Katerina's awareness. The experience for Katerina was similar to what George had attempted to do to me.

I reflected one more time on what I was seeking, and what I wanted from my story. I knew that I wanted nothing more than peace. I wanted peace and a simple, joyful existence. I knew that I would have peace for a time. I knew that I would have a period of anonymous rest which was all that I desired. I also knew that there would come a time in the future when my anonymous rest would be over.

I opened myself up to my abilities, and I allowed myself to feel my abilities and to see how my abilities would develop. Every time that I looked to the future, the most significant and constant I felt and saw was an overwhelming peace.

Sometimes events still occurred in a manner which was other than I expected, but when events did occur other than I expected, I accepted events. If the event related to something which I knew to be important, I meditated and allowed the answer to come to me. If the answer did not come immediately, I did not worry. I knew that the answer would come when I needed to know the answer.

My hands permanently tingled with my contact with the fabric of existence, and my great peace was slowly starting to consume me.

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  I was in contact with God whenever I needed to be in contact with God and my every thought was answered. I accepted the answers that I was given, and I knew that I was always given as much clarity as possible, without being given any knowledge that would interfere with my experiences, or the experiences of others.

I still had a little work to do, but a time of peace and rest had started. My peace was growing and would continue to grow, unaffected by events around me.

God said, "This work is now finished. Rest now and prepare for your future. Be at peace."

I knew that I had been changing my environment for some time, but I had not yet realised that change. The change in my environment was for the future.

As I considered my environment I saw that nothing had changed. I continued to live in a house which was not my home. I continued to work in an environment which I did not enjoy. I continued to experience financial pressures, and occasional difficulties. I continued to be apart from my wife, for an indefinite time.

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I was surrounded by spirits, which was a permanent feature of my life. I now barely noticed the spirits around me. I glanced at the window. Yuri was standing there as usual.

Yuri said, "Now you understand." Yuri smiled and left. My journey to the higher plane was over.

What I did not understand was that although I had returned to the higher plane, I had not become fully aware of all that I had experienced. I did not know that I would be required to relive my journey before I became fully aware. Nor did I know where my journey would now lead me.

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I reached out and touched the fabric of existence. I did more than touch the fabric of existence, I felt the fabric of existence. I drew energy from the fabric of existence. My hands did more than tingle. My hands pulsated and I felt energy from the fabric of existence drawn into my body. I could feel the energy from the fabric of existence travelling up my arms and into my body.

I had stepped up one more level of awareness.

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