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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"So, the questions start again?"

"If you choose."

"I find most people to be very hypocritical, following public opinions instead of making their own choice."

"To follow public opinion is a choice."

"That is not what I meant."

"I was making a point. People are afraid that if they voice what they are truly feeling, they will not be accepted by others. Consider your own difficulties when you began acting contrary to what people expected."

"Yes, but my experiences were different."

"No, your experiences were no different."

"As I reflect on the choices which I have made during this lifetime, even as far back as childhood, I can see what I would have experienced if I had made different choices."

"Yes, seeing the result of choices not taken is a step in the increase of your awareness level. You have been becoming aware of every choice which you were presented with, and now you see what the result would have been if you had made an alternate choice."

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  "I find this experience fascinating. More and more I see that throughout my lifetime decisions that I had made which I had believed were based on fear, were in reality based on my instinct protecting me."

"You are correct. The principle is the same for all. You have now increased your awareness to a point where you can see the reality of your choices."

"I find that I am experiencing an ever increasing number of scenarios in respect of how my role is to be. It is as if I am experiencing each possible outcome."

"It is not practical for you to experience each possible outcome at this stage, nor is it possible. You are however, experiencing a sufficient cross section of possible outcomes, within a controlled environment, to prepare you for what is required in the future."

"Even now, I wonder how I am going to stabilise my financial situation."

"Do not worry, you will be provided for."

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"I know that I will be provided for. However, the circumstances of my environment are such that the pressures are again mounting, and I am struggling to repay those who have helped me."

"You have created your environment."

"Yes, I know that I have created my environment."

"Have you forgotten that you have also created a new environment?"

"No, but I have not realised my new environment."

"Do not worry, you will realise your new environment."

"Yes, I know that I will create my new environment. Why do I experience moments of worry?"

"You worry, because you can worry."

"I suppose that is our point?"

"Yes, even at your current level of awareness, the environment which you experience on the earth plane can seem real, and you feel the experience."

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"Is that why I have created my current environment?"

"Yes. You need to experience that you continue to experience the earth plane."

"Okay, but surely I would not worry about what I am experiencing at this point on my journey."

"You are not exactly worried, you are a little concerned. Your concern is not for yourself, your concern is mainly for others."

"So one who is a master can still create a difficult environment?"

"Yes, one who is a master can still create difficult a environment, which is our point."

"I thought that masters did not experience a 'normal' environment with what could be termed 'every day problems' to face and experience."

"That is the myth which we are dispelling."

"I feel the beginning of my vibrational rate increasing again."

"Yes, and it is not a coincidence that you are in solitude again."

"Why is my vibrational rate increasing again?"

"You are ready to allow your vibrational rate to increase again. Do not look for your abilities, allow your abilities to surface."

"I mostly allow my abilities to surface, if not always."

"Yes, you are correct."

"Then why do we include this point in this text?"

"We need to both include the point, and make a point. Your experiences are for you, but your text is for others."

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"Sometimes, I feel that I have experienced something only so that the experience can become part of this text."

"You have experienced all, because what you have experienced is your choice. That you would make the choices which you have made was known, and it is convenient that you would record your experiences."

"So we have said."

"Yes, and it is a point which warrants repeating."


"So that those who read your text do not lose sight of this truth."

"What is our point?"

"That you are not the chosen one, or even a chosen one. It is simply convenient that you record your experiences."

"Yes, I understand that my choices have made me convenient."

"None are chosen, in that none are different. However, it is convenient that some are examples, because of their choices."

"What about other masters, especially the well known masters, who have become legend?"

"The known masters were not chosen. The known masters were not special. The known masters were conveniently experiencing a lifetime which would allow the questions of those on the earth plane to be answered."

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"If the lifetimes of the known masters were distorted, and it was known that the lifetimes of the known masters would be distorted, why bother?"

"The lifetime, and the message of each known master contains the truth. Those who choose to look past the myth, and all else that has been added, may see the truth. Many have seen the truth."

"Then why bother with this text?"

"Through this text, many more will see the truth."


"Many will see that they can choose to see the truth."

"Is it correct that spirits preparing to be reincarnated visit their forthcoming parents?"



"Spirits preparing to be reincarnated visit their forthcoming parents to become accustomed to the environment which they will enter, and to assess if it is the correct time for them to enter the environment which they have chosen to gain the experiences which they need."

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"Why are there miscarriages, abortions, stillbirths, and sudden infant death syndrome?"

"Souls leave their new environment if the environment will not provide the experiences which the reincarnating soul needs."

"Why not discard the environment, before a physical body has been created?"

"Often an environment is discarded before a physical body has been created. However, it is sometimes convenient to allow a physical body to be created to assist the parents to create a chosen experience."

"What about those who advocate a 'right to life'?"

"Those who advocate a 'right to life' are essentially correct. All souls have a right to life, but those who advocate a 'right to life' do not see that some souls choose not to exercise their right to life."

"I have experienced that people often act in a certain way, and they genuinely do not know why they have acted in that way."

"People do know why they have chosen to act in a certain way, even if they are not aware that they know why they have chosen to act in that way. Often people's actions are an experience, or the effect resulting from a choice, or a cause, from a previous lifetime."

"Yes, but sometimes it seems that it is the inexplicable act from this lifetime that is the cause, and the result that is the effect."

"If the act is committed as a result of experiences in this lifetime, the 'reason' for the act is known, even if the known reason is not the real reason. When the reason is genuinely unknown, the act is the result of an experience that occurred in another lifetime."

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"So an experience which occurred in another lifetime may be repeated in this lifetime, or be the catalyst for experiences in this lifetime."

"Yes, an experience which occurred in another lifetime is often the catalyst for experiences in this lifetime, because a circle has not been broken. Experience is created to allow a soul to become aware of who they are not, and the soul has not become aware that the experience is not who they are. As you know, the experience is then repeated lifetime after lifetime, until the soul becomes aware that the experience is not who they are. Each time that an experience is repeated, the experience is more intense."

"Yes, but we have already explained the truth of repeated experiences.."

"Consider all of the points which we have repeated in the chapters since your reconnection with the higher plane. We have repeated the points which we want to place fresh in people's minds before we really get into the next phase of your journey and your writing."

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