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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"We have at times suggested that the concept of religion is flawed."

"The basic issue is that all religions, regardless of their form, are based initially on a series of writing. These may be the same writings or different writings. However, the basic concept is a religion or belief that is based on the report of events which occurred a long time ago from the perspective of the earth plane. Mostly the reporting of these events occurred many years after the actual events occurred, sometimes centuries. In addition, the reports have subsequently been translated, and interpreted. They have also been changed by those in authority for their own reasons and then reinterpreted time and time again. The finished product is now taken as 'gospel' as it were.

"The very nature of people has not changed. Consider an event which occurs today and is reported in tomorrow's newspaper. It is generally accepted that the report will not be entirely accurate. If an event cannot be reported accurately after just one day, why would any presume that the reports written years after the event would be accurate? If we then give that same article to a translator in just one week's time, the translator would change the article yet again, albeit slightly. The changes would be based on cultural issues and also the character of the translator but the facts would have been altered again. Consider then if that same article was translated and otherwise rewritten again and again. How closely would the final article resemble the original report which was not accurate anyway?"

"Are you suggesting that the basic concept within the report could be changed?"

"No I am not. If your article related to the fact that someone was murdered, the end product would still contain the basic truth, that someone was murdered. It is the detail surrounding the incident and the reasons why the murder occurred that would change. As I have said, the article would contain the truth, but the article would not be the truth."

"So it is the interpretation of the facts surrounding the truth that is flawed?"

"In part yes, but it is also the fact that religion has become an institution or more accurately an industry. These developments with the religions have led to rules and a hieratical structure to allow those involved to experience a sense of achievement by rising in the hierarchy. Is there any difference in the principles of the structure of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church for example? I am not talking about their methods, although there have been times in history where the methods have not been dissimilar. I am referring only to the structure."

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"Church organisations do much good for the community."

"The structure within the religious organisations provides an environment for those who choose the assist others to experience their choice. However, the religious organisations are not the only environment where it is possible for those who choose the assist others to experience their choice. There are individuals in every organisation in every walk of life who chose to assist others. It is the individual who chooses to provide the assistance, not the religious organisations. Is a church minister who assists homeless children automatically a better person than a homosexual prostitute who assists homeless children?"

"Are you implying that the words in my writing are more accurate than the other writings which have formed the basis of religions?"

"No. Both contain the truth. We are neither saying that your writing is correct or that another's writing is incorrect. We are simply saying here are your experiences and a few things to think about. No more than that. We are asking no one to believe or disbelieve anything. We are saying that God is love and to look within for God. This is no different than what has been said before."

"Is the 'new age' is a product of souls who have experienced various religions, and who are still looking for answers?"

"In effect, the age of rediscovery is a product of souls having experienced much and looking for what they need to experience. The so called new age which began from a need to experience has become an industry in itself with rules surrounding each of its concepts."

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"The basic truth that God is love, and God is within has effectively become a throw away line."

"Yes, you are correct. This is why we have gone to the trouble of creating your example and making your experiences available. What we have done is demonstrated that the truth of existence which has become a throw away line, is not a throw away line."

"Many will discount and discredit my experiences."

"Yes they will. We have not said that your experiences are the only way to God. In fact, we have gone to great lengths to say that your experiences are not the only way to God. Pure love can be achieved without your experiences. All we are saying is that this was your way to God. Reading about and understanding your way to God will assist many in finding their way to God. This is what we are showing those who will see. The way to God is individual and all must follow their own path, not your path or anybody else's path. The way to God can be found within any religion or within no religion. What we are saying is that neither religion, nor any specific religion is the only way to God."

"The only way to God is within."

"You are correct. The only way to God is within, but the way to God is within the individual so there are as many ways to God as there are individuals. We are saying that the homosexual prostitute may choose to find God within as may the church minister. Finding God is open to all souls. Finding God is not an exclusive club. Finding God is not exclusive to any, nor does Finding God preclude any."

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"Are we saying that God is not a religion or an institution?"

"God is not an institution, God is love and love is available to anyone. It is not the concept of God and love that has driven many away from the churches. It is the application of love, or lack of the application of love, that is causing people to question. Consider a soul who was a 'closet homosexual' living with his mother and attending church twenty five years ago. He was acceptable. After reincarnating he is again a homosexual who lives with his mother and has discarded his closet, so he is not acceptable to the church. His lifestyle is the same, he is the same. The difference is that he no longer lies about his lifestyle, so the church which caused him much guilt in his previous incarnation by telling him not to lie now finds him unacceptable, because he has followed their law not to lie. Imagine how confused that soul has now become. He is a good man. Firstly he cannot go to heaven because he has lied and now he cannot go to heaven because he has told the truth. How would he ever get to heaven? By having his sins forgiven? Yet his sin is not forgiven because it is evil. Judged evil by those who follow the teachings of a man who expressly demonstrated with his first meeting with Mary that others should not be judged. Tell me how that soul could be anything other than confused?"

"Are we not being hypocritical by saying that we are not suggesting that the religions are 'wrong' and then pointing out some 'flaws' within religions which we have done on a number of occasions?"

"No we have said specifically that the principles are correct and that much has been built on the principles. We are pointing out that much which has been built on the principles of religions has been flawed, and we are giving people something to think about, raising some points for consideration. If souls choose to consider and discount these points that is their choice, as it is also their choice to dismiss these points out of hand."

"Why is there a strong desire for souls to control other souls and to exercise power over other souls? The strong desire for souls to control other souls appears in religion and government, and beyond. The strong desire for souls to control other souls occurs in business and many other aspects of life."

"The strong desire for a soul to control another soul is an important experience. Soul's experience that who they are is not having control over others. Soul's experience having control over others so that they will become aware that having control over others is who they are not. Imagine if a soul became aware of their God self without knowing that having control over others is not a part of God. It is ironic that as one becomes aware, they also understand that they have never had control over others, regardless if they experienced the illusion of having control over others lifetime after lifetime. A soul can only have control over those who have chosen to experience being controlled. If a soul is controlled by choice they are not really controlled. The experience of having control is in itself an illusion."

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"Why is there so much starvation and poverty in the world when it is apparent that starvation and poverty are unnecessary. We know that starvation and poverty will cease to exist, but why has starvation and poverty remained for so long?"

"Starvation and poverty remain and will continue to remain whilst souls continue to need to experience that living in squalor, and poverty, that dying from starvation, that an existence which is a struggle each day to survive, is not who they are. When souls no longer need to experience starvation and poverty, starvation and poverty will no longer be experienced. In principle the need to experience of starvation and poverty is no different to the extinction of animals when a type of experience is no longer needed."

"The experience of a hopeless existence seems to have existed for far longer than many of the animals which have become extinct."

"The experience of hopelessness, as you have described it, has not always existed. There was a time when all souls lived a happy and contented existence. That the world will once again take the form of a happy and contented existence is a reflection of the circular nature of existence. When souls are in animal form they do not have a conscious mind and therefore they do not become stuck on a point. Having experienced existence as an animal, souls can easily move on. Often an experience in animal form will occur between lifetimes in human form to conveniently assist souls in becoming aware of who they are not. For example; a soul may experience a hopeless existence without becoming aware that a hopeless existence is not who they are. They may then experience a contented existence in one animal form or another, before again experiencing a hopeless existence. The animal experiences, if applied, allow souls to understand that a hopeless existence is not who they are."

"When a new plant is grown from a 'cutting' taken from an existing plant is it the same soul who is the new plant or another soul?"

"Initially, the cutting is the same soul, but once the 'cutting' develops a life of its own, a new soul enters and experiences being a plant. It is the same principle that applies to cloning."

"So effectively the experience of cloning, at least in principle is not as new as it would appear."

"You are correct. The experience of cloning is also similar, in principle, to the creation of new souls."

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