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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane


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"It seems that much is being revealed about the future even though you have said that you cannot interfere with the chosen experience of souls."

"There is no interference, nothing has been done that will or can affect the outcome. It is through God that environments are created, through God and through choice. I reveal nothing that could have any impact on events. You know this from your own experience."

"I take it that dinosaurs were also souls gaining experience."

"Yes, dinosaurs were souls gaining experience on the physical plane. Each physical plane begins with new souls experiencing creating their physical self. Early attempts are crude, and as a soul learns that their physical being can be more efficient, they create more efficient physical bodies. It has been termed evolution. This process of evolution continues and will continue."

"Am I correct in my deduction that there are many different physical forms that a soul can create for itself?"

"In the terms of the universe, the physical forms which are encountered on the earth plane are but a very few. Anything is possible, and all physical forms are for the gaining of experience."

"In our current earth plane forms, it seems that we have chosen to limit ourselves."

"Very much so. The limits placed on all souls, regardless of their form, on the earth plane are very stringent. Souls have simply chosen to experience a limited existence."

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"It seems to me that much of what I now accept as reality, is close to fantasy."

"What is fantasy? Or fiction? Ideas from a soul's imagination? Where do you suppose those ideas come from? Reality is contained within everything if one choses to look. Those who are ready, will see the reality in all things."

"Sometimes I struggle with the concept of experiencing all things."

"You struggle only with the detail. The detail of the experience of each soul is unique. It is the principle that is the same, and the principle that is experienced."

"How will the change from a fear based environment, to a love based environment occur?"

"The change from a fear based environment, to a love based environment will be brought about by the choice of those on the earth plane. The change from a fear based environment, to a love based environment will not and cannot be brought about by any other way. Unless the change from a fear based environment, to a love based environment is by choice, the change from a fear based environment, to a love based environment is not real."

"Can we expand upon the fear based environment, and how the fear based environment will become a love based environment."

"Do you recall when you allowed yourself to really open up and see into the souls you encountered, while you were understanding your ability? You will recall that you found so many souls governed by fear, in fact you were surprised by how much fear dominated people's thoughts. This is both the cause and the product of the fear based environment that the earth plane has become. This is a result of artificial fulfilment, and this is why those from other physical planes watch the earth plane so closely. There will come a time when those who choose will look into the souls around them, and see love not fear. You know this is so. You have visited that time."

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"Yes, I recall the sense of beauty, love and joy which I felt whilst visiting the future."

"Beauty, love and joy, like fear magnify themselves when it is what the majority experience. Your observations were correct, the beauty becomes more beautiful, the joy become more joyful, and the love encompasses everything. Beauty, love and joy is how the earth plane was once experienced, and beauty, love and joy is how the earth plane will be experienced again."

"I am beginning to see that your message has been delivered in a vast variety of ways. I now see the truth everywhere I look."

"Your are correct. The seeds of the truth are planted everywhere. One only has to open their eyes and look. It is not a matter of knowing where to look, it is simply a matter of being aware that the seeds of the truth are planted everywhere, and allowing oneself to see the seeds of the truth."

"Yes, I see the spiritual message of the truth being delivered all around me, even in places where I would not have considered looking."

"Were you not told that you would step up to the next level of spiritual awareness?"

"Yes, but I did not quite understand."

"You will recall that I previously explained the variances in vibrational rates?"

"Yes, I recall."

"Then apply your knowledge. Your vibrational rate has simply increased a little more, on all levels of your existence."

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"As I reflect on all that has happened, I wonder at the number of times that I have lost sight of what was happening, of what you told me. I know that those who choose to read my words will also wonder at the number of times that I have lost sight of what was happening."

"Yes, you are correct. However, when it is time for others to experience becoming aware, they will not only understand, but they will draw strength from your experiences."

"Why did I lose sight of what was happening, even at the summit?"

"Losing sight of what was happening at the summit was necessary, because losing sight of what is happening at the summit is possible. Some will lose sight of what is happening at the summit, others will not lose sight of what is happening at the summit."

"I still have concerns about the number of times when you have misled me. Not the times when I placed my own interpretation on what you had said, but when you specifically misled me."

"Have no concern. I misled you to allow you to experience, by your actions, that you had not truly placed yourself in my hands. I also allowed you to experience that following a course of action would not necessarily lead to what you wanted, but to an experience which you needed. In effect, I have 'misled' you throughout your existence, but you experienced greater frustration after you became aware that I misled you, which is, in itself, a part of the example."

"Okay, but many times you have said that things were so, or that I would reach a point and that I would not slip back, only to find that I had slipped back. Usually, I will admit, to find a point which I had missed or to gain a better understanding."

"This is so, but have you not realised that when you write, you are only completing the preparation? How many times has what you have written applied more to what you were experiencing when you reviewed your notes, than to what you were experiencing when you wrote your notes?"

  "Yes, but it is as if I have to live the experience twice."

"That is one way to describe what you have experienced. More accurately, you write as you become aware, and you review when you understand. There is a gap between your awareness and your understanding, which if you care to notice, has been diminishing in time and with each new experience."

"I still wonder what I need to do to get people to accept the message."

"You have nothing to do. Those who are ready will look within and accept. Those who are not ready will not look within and will not accept. It is that simple."

"Okay, I understand, but what about the spiritual nature of all that is around us?"

"All is choice. The spiritual nature of all that is, is there for all to see if they choose."

"Why do I continue to have periods of difficulty? I would have believed that I would have overcome these periods of difficulty by now."

"Do not be concerned. Your only difficulty is one of resistance. You are still attempting to resist what is occurring, but as you know, you cannot resist what has begun. You must surrender yourself to me, and you must accept what has occurred. You must discontinue your resistance to accept, that what has occurred, has in fact occurred. Your experiences did occur, and you can neither deny that your experiences have occurred, nor can you change that your experiences have occurred."

  "Every time that I have discovered an ability, or an aspect of reality my ability became overbearing, and then my ability disappeared before resurfacing some time later. It was as though I gained something, lost what I had gained, and then regained what I had lost. Why was this?"

"Firstly you experienced without awareness, then you released the experience so that you could re-experience with awareness. It is awareness which makes it possible for you to retain an experience. Awareness that the experience is who you are, or that the experience who you are not. When you became aware of an experience that was a part of who you are, that experience became a part of who you are. When you became aware of an experience that was who you are not, that experience became a part of who you are not. It is the same for all, but for you it is a very concentrated process. It is the concentrated process which allows you to experience all that is necessary, for you to tell your story."

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