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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane

Q & A XV

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"I think that we need to clarify which parts of us make up our soul."

"All three parts are your soul. The lower self, the spirit self and the higher self combined are the soul."

"What about our instinct?"

"Your instinct is your higher self."

"One of the first aspects we looked at when my recorded journey began, was our instinct and I understood that the instinct was a tool to protect our soul."

"Quite right, your instinct is your higher self which is also the God within. What better protection could a soul be given?"

"You also described a limited time remaining for the earth plane, which we did further clarify throughout the journey."

"Yes, that is so. There is limited time remaining for the earth plane, but the time remaining for the earth plane is a long period in the terms of the linear existence, many lifetimes. The end of this time, will only be the end of the earth plane as the earth plane is known, not the end of the earth plane. The earth plane will require a period of rebuilding or re-creation if you prefer. During this time of rebuilding the souls who remain will have a time of reflection to understand the true nature of their existence, but during this time of re-creation the souls who remain will be unable to ascend. In terms of the circular nature of reality, this long period of reflection means nothing, but for the souls who remain, the period of reflection will seem like eternity."

"But all souls will ascend?"

"Yes, all souls will return to the higher plane, before the circle is complete."

"So there will come a time when the circle is complete?"

"The circle is complete now, the circle has always been complete, and the circle always will be complete. A circle has no beginning and no end, but at each point on a circle there is a beginning and an end."

"So you are basically saying that the circle is always complete and never complete."

"It is a circle. Completion of the circle is relative to the view of the circle which one has."

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"I still see confusion over the issue of soulmates around me."

"Yes, now that more and more people are discovering the truth about past lives, they are discovering a soul with whom they have shared many lifetimes as a learning partner. The natural conclusion which has been drawn is that this learning partner is their soulmate, which is not necessarily so, however on occasion a learning partner may be their soulmate."

"We seem to be repeating ourselves here, and revisiting issues that we have already clarified."

"What do you think a period of review is? Is a period of review not to view things again? Once more you are assuming that the review is for yourself. Why not review for those who choose to read our words?"

"Souls work together to provide each other with opportunities to experience and return to the higher plane, which is obviously through love. However, the motive on the earth plane is often anything but love."

"The experiences which are to be contained in each lifetime, are planned and arranged on the higher plane which is based on love. The motives on the earth plane are an illusion, created to experience having actions motivated by such things as hate or greed. The motives on the earth plane seem real because the point of experience is that the earth plane must seem real. The earth plane is however, an illusion."

"So the love which is the higher plane is within all souls?"

"Yes, the love of the higher plane is within all. The key to enlightenment is to allow the love of the higher plane to surface."

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"There were many times when I felt that I should be satisfied with my understanding of what was to happen, but I was not."

"Yes, if you consider the times when you were less than satisfied with your understanding of what was to happen, you will see that you had received the answers which you sought, but you placed your own interpretation on the answers which you received, which is why you were not satisfied. You knew that your interpretation was incorrect."

"I assume that my experiences were not recorded in the form of a trinity by accident."

"You assume correctly. Your experiences reflect your journey through the trinity, which is the true nature of all souls."

What I did not understand at this time was exactly what I meant when I stated that my experiences were recorded as a trinity.

"It is often said that we seldom get what we hope for."

"All get what they need. When you hope for something, such hope is only a means of leading you to what you need. Often the only reason that you hope for something, is to lead you to what you need, and what you hoped for, you did not really want anyway. That you hoped for something, or wished for something, or wanted something, was an illusion to lead you to the experience which you really wanted, which was the experience that you needed."

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"There are many things that you said would occur, which did not occur."

"Yes, what did not occur is in two categories. What has not occurred yet, and what will not occur. I told you what was needed to lead you to experience what you needed to experience, including an understanding of the basis of our communication, which is not to avoid experiences which you need."

"So being led to experience is like when I followed my instinct and was still hurt?"

"Being led to experience is not like following your instinct at all, being led to experience is following your instinct. The difference is that you are now effectively communicating and conversing with your instinct, which is, as I have explained, your higher self."

"Has the sum of what has occurred been to allow me to experience that my instinct, is my higher self?"

"Yes, but there is more to the experience than that. Your lower self was attempting to use me to avoid experiences. Your lower self was attempting to retain control, and use me as a tool to have more control."

"And I needed to learn that using you to avoid experiences was not possible?"

"Exactly. Your lower self does not have sufficient knowledge to do anything other than experience. It is I who know what you need to experience. Thus control must be relinquished to your higher self. You pretended to relinquish control to your higher self, whilst attempting to remain in control and use me as a tool."

  "I was not aware that I was attempting to remain in control and use you as a tool."

"Were you not aware? You may have blocked your awareness, but you really knew what you were doing. I allowed you to attempt to remain in control and use me as a tool, because you needed to experience attempting to remain in control and use me as a tool, to become fully aware of what you were doing."

"So you allowed me to use you as a tool, so that I would become aware that I could not use you as a tool?"

"I allowed you to attempt to use me as a tool, so that you would become aware of the futility of attempting to use me as a tool."


"Oh indeed. The tail cannot wag the dog no matter how hard it tries."

"So what I was attempting to do was a part of the mirror affect of the earth plane?"

"Yes, the nature of the earth plane is a mirror affect."

"Often when I receive a message from the spirit plane, or I am given a message to pass on, or if I am given a message from another person in touch with the spirit plane, the message is vague or otherwise unclear."

"Yes, a message or assistance is only provided in a way that will not affect your experiences. Consider if you were to receive an important message from a man named Fred, and you were told that you would receive an important message from a man named Fred. You may meet a man named George and overlook that George also has a message for you."

  "Okay, let's back track a little. What we are saying is that everything happens for a reason, but what occurs is often not for the reason that we think that it will be."

"Everything happens for a reason. The same reason, experience. If one thinks that something has happened or will happen for any other reason, then it is not for the reason that they think."

"Yes, I understand that the reason for everything that we do is experience, but I mean, we do not always experience, what we expect to experience."

"I know that you understand that the reason for everything is experience, I was making a point. Everything occurs to provide the experience that is needed, not the experience that is wanted or expected. However, the experience that is wanted, and the experience that is needed, are sometimes the same."

"So to take the experience of what is needed a step further, and to apply an example, we do not fall in love with someone by accident?"

"To answer the question in the context that you mean the question, no you do not fall in love with someone by accident. You, all, conveniently fall in love with whichever soul is able to provide the experience that you need. So two souls fall in love with each other, to conveniently gain the experience which they both need."

"That sounds very cold and calculating."

"Not when viewed from the correct perspective. All experience occurs to provide sufficient experience to return to the pure love which is the very fabric of existence. By definition, the motive is a love far purer than the love which is experienced within a relationship, so how can such an experience be cold and calculating?"

  "In Searching For My Soul, we used the analogy that our instinct is like a sword, and that the sword of our instinct becomes tarnished. However, if our instinct is in fact our higher self, how can the sword, or our instinct, become tarnished?"

"Baggage from a lifetime or baggage accumulated over many lifetimes tarnishes the sword of instinct. Baggage, such as guilt, builds up within souls and makes it more difficult for the higher self to shine through, or for the instinct to reach the lower self."

"We have talked about fulfilling one's destiny, but it is known when each will fulfil their destiny. Surely all will fulfil their destiny and they will fulfil their destiny when it is foreseen that they will fulfil their destiny, so why do we need to choose to fulfil our destiny?"

"It is not a matter of choosing to fulfil one's destiny, it is a matter of choosing to follow one's instinct. To listen to one's higher self is all that is required. By making the decision to listen to their higher self, each soul will fulfil their destiny. Regardless of what any specifically chooses to experience, following one's instinct is fulfilling one's destiny."

"I have come to understand that what was occurring and the patterns which events followed were very distinctive, but even as I came to understand the patterns which events followed, I continued to lose sight of what was occurring."

"If you had seen the patterns which events followed and applied your awareness of the patterns which events followed as you lived the events, you would have missed much that you needed to experience. The patterns which events follow are within all of existence, but the patterns which events follow can only been seen and understood when one has gained sufficient awareness to see and understand the patterns which events follow. The only way to gain awareness, is to experience."

"Many of my experiences seem to go in circles."

"The true nature of existence is circular."

  "Why did I find my journey so difficult when my journey began?"

"In effect you were suffering from withdrawal. Artificial fulfilment is like a drug which gives one an artificial sense of well being. One comes to rely on that drug of artificial fulfilment for their well being, and when they remove the drug of artificial fulfilment, they suffer from withdrawal."

"So everyone will face this withdrawal from artificial fulfilment to the same extent, when they are letting go of artificial fulfilment?"

"Each will undergo a difficult period of withdrawal from artificial fulfilment, and some will have a very difficult battle to overcome their addiction to artificial fulfilment. Throughout the process of overcoming your addiction to artificial fulfilment, you could not understand why your battle was so difficult. You were aware of much, but you needed to face the battle to overcome your addiction to artificial fulfilment, from a position of being aware of little. You chose to be an example to those who are aware of little, which you did know, but you were not aware of your knowledge. It was your knowledge without awareness, that conveniently made your battle to overcome your addiction to artificial fulfilment, more difficult."

"I still question why my path was so difficult. At the time, and even on reflection, my path seemed artificially difficult."

"Your path was supposed to be difficult. We created a difficult environment, because you chose a difficult path. You chose a difficult path, because a difficult environment was necessary for the example. You were asked to walk away from your old world and create a new world, but you were also asked to remain in your old world, remain positive, and embrace your old world for an indefinite period, whilst you pursued the path of your new world at the same time. Did you expect such a difficult path to be easy? Who do you think you are?"


"Yes, but you did not know that you are God then."

  "So why do we talk about my difficult path now?"

"So that others will see that your path was difficult, because you chose a difficult path. Others can choose for their path to be easy, but if others choose a difficult path they will still complete their journey, as you have completed your journey."

"Despite knowing that all events occur for a reason, I still experience events without knowing the reason why the event occurred."

"Have you considered the possibility that the events only occurred, so that you would experience events occurring without knowing the reason why the events occurred, which in itself is the reason why the events occurred?"

"There are still times when something occurs and I know what I need to experience, but I elect to endure the experience for some time, before I release myself from the experience."

"Yes, there are experiences which you choose to experience fully."

"In many ways my life is repeating itself. In many ways I am experiencing events now, which I have previously experienced."

"Yes, but you are now experiencing the events from a different perspective. You are experiencing the events from the perspective of truly placing yourself in my hands."

"I still question why a lot of my experiences are necessary. If I am to be a master, why make my path so difficult?"

"You are an example. Those who choose to follow must understand that a master is no different. Masters have made the point that a master is no different many times. In fact, each master has made the point that a master is no different. Nevertheless, many believe that masters are different, that masters are somehow special, and that the path is easy for masters. This is not so, and all need to see that a master's path is difficult. Often a master's path is more difficult than those who choose to follow the master."

  "We keep repeating the point that I am an example. Is this so that others will believe that I am an example?"

"No, if any believe anything simply because we have said it is so, they have missed the point. We ask all to look within and believe, or more accurately know, what they find within."

"So why do we repeat that I am an example?"

"So that those who need support and encouragement will draw from your experiences, and apply your example to their own experiences. It is important that when others endure difficult periods they know that they have not failed, and that difficulties are a part of experience. It is also important that others understand that they do not need to endure what you have endured, only what they need to endure."

"But each soul's path is different. The only constant is that their path is within."

"You are correct. There have been many points on your journey where your journey has appeared to be over, and for many their journey will be over at those points on their journey. However, for some, their journey will not be over at those points on their journey. You are an example to those with a difficult path, and to those with an easy path."

"Why was it necessary to have so much solitude?"

"Souls are given solitude in their life to provide them with an opportunity to look within. Often souls choose not to use their time of solitude to look within. Instead, souls avoid solitude at every opportunity. All souls are given periods of solitude in their lifetimes to look within. Sometimes solitude will last a day, or a month or even a year. The duration of solitude depends on what souls need to find within, at any particular moment. You were given much solitude, because there was much to find within, during a short period of time."


"I still find it amazing that my business allowed me all the time which I needed to complete my preparation."

"Do you think that your business allowing you time for your preparation is a coincidence? It was not, any more than it was coincidence that Jesus worked with his father which enabled him the time which he needed for his preparation."

"Being given the time which I needed to complete my preparation is okay for me, and if we continue with your example for Jesus, but what about others?"

"Each will create the environment which they need, and be drawn to those who will assist them to create the environment which they need."

"Do all need to cleanse their souls as I did?"

"Yes, most cleanse their souls over a number of lifetimes. Re-awakening in the next lifetime, or another lifetime where they left off. All need to understand that their fears, and their insecurities are illusions which effectively prevent them from seeing the light. All need to understand that fears and insecurities are both the products and the tools of experience. As you experienced, the removal of fears and insecurities can be a difficult task, if a difficult task is chosen, but the removal of fears and insecurities can also be an easy task. The difficulty experienced is choice. Fears and insecurities must be removed, because the dark veil which is formed around each soul, not only blocks the light from within, but the dark veil also blocks the view within, which prevents souls from seeing who they truly are."

"Why was it necessary for me to experience stress and depression?"

"You were ignoring your path. You were not doing what you needed to, and what you had chosen to do. Moving onto your correct path could have been done much easier, but you chose to experience the hard way."

"Will others experience stress and depression?"

"Some will experience stress and depression, if stress and depression is their choice. Often, if a soul refuses to follow their correct path, they are forcibly placed on their correct path, which is still choice. A soul chooses to ignore their correct path, because they have chosen to experience being forced onto their correct path."

  "Having experienced being forced onto my correct path, I have to ask why anyone would choose to experience being forced onto their correct path."

"Why not? You did! Being forced onto the correct path is only experience."

"But the stress and depression which I felt was not real."

"No, the stress and depression was illusion. The earth plane is based on illusion. The stress and depression did however seem very real to you at the time, did they not?"

"Well yes, but deep down I knew that the stress and depression were not real, which I think increased my difficulty in dealing with the stress and depression."

"Everything that is experienced on the earth plane must feel real, or there is no point in experiencing it. You were starting to become aware and a part of you, your higher self, your instinct knew that what you were experiencing was not real. Despite knowing that what you were experiencing was not real, the experience still felt real, which is the purpose of the earth plane."

"But doesn't everybody's higher self know that the earth plane is an illusion?"

"Yes, of course. However, most are not in contact with their higher self."

"Throughout my journey, or more accurately my recorded journey, I have continued to lose sight of what I have called my spiritually, only to regain sight of my spirituality sometime later. Why do I lose sight of my spiritually in this way?"

"You lose touch with your spirit and higher selves when you need to fully experience something. Experience can only be felt on the earth plane, and other physical planes, by the lower self. When you need to fully experience something, you become only your lower self so that you may fully experience whatever you need to experience. That you become only your lower self is one thing that you have had much difficulty understanding, and often when you became only your lower self, you would feel you were doing something wrong, even though I told you that there was no right or wrong, only experience. Becoming only your lower self will continue throughout your lifetime, but the times when you become only your lower self, will diminish as there is less that you need to experience."

  "So losing touch with the spirit and higher self is not a negative?"

"No losing touch with the spirit and higher self in any context is not a negative. However, consider that much of what you still need to experience is complete joy and happiness. Even now you start to experience joy and happiness. You will experience joy and happiness from the perspective of the earth plane. Your feeling is correct, the joy and happiness that you now experience is different to what you have previously experienced, the joy and happiness that you now experience is pure love, and the joy and happiness that you now experience is real. The joy and happiness that you now experience is not the artificial love designed to give you experience. You have begun to experience the true nature of pure love, which is an inner joy that comes from the soul."

"Yes, I feel the experience, but I cannot describe the experience."

"No, the experience is difficult to describe. What is the point of reference? If you recall when your higher self first united on the higher plane, the experience was something which needed to be experienced, because the experience could not be described."

"You once said that you despaired that we were moving further away from the correct path, in view of the limited number of lifetimes remaining."

"Everything that I said in that statement was correct. Firstly due to artificial fulfilment, souls have lost sight of who they are. Souls have moved a long way from being who they are. I am pure love. Those who exist only on the higher plane, exist within the pure love, and wish for others to return to the pure love. When souls return to pure love, the pure love increases. Those who exist within pure love wish for the pure love to increase. Their motive is selfish, but because their motive is based on a desire to increase pure love, their motive cannot be selfish. Those who do not return to pure love when the earth plane is re-created will be trapped on the spirit plane for many thousands of years and will be unable to experience. Without experience souls are unable to return to the higher plane and become who they are. Therefore, the pure love will be unable to increase, because some souls are unable to return to the higher plane."

"Are there not other physical planes, and other souls who can return to the higher plane?"

"Yes there are. Each soul who returns to the higher plane adds another drop to the ocean and increases the pure love. Every drop in the ocean is important. Those who live in the ocean of pure love, the very fabric of existence, have an insatiable desire for more pure love, but this desire is pure."

  "So those who exist as part of pure, love have a need for every soul to return to the pure love?"

"Yes, an insatiable desire. Recall also that your soulmate has spent much of her existence on another physical plane. Consider if one of you were trapped as a new world was created, how would you rejoin during this period? You could not."

"Why did you allow artificial fulfilment to take hold?"

"I am unable to interfere with experience. I needed to wait until souls were seeking the truth. Effectively, I needed to allow events to run their course, and for the question to be asked by an increasing number of souls, before I could provide the answers."

"But you have always provided answers, to those who sought answers."

"Yes I have provided answers in many ways, but many did not receive the answers which I provided. It is now time to not only provide answers, but also to tell those who seek answers, how to find the answers which they seek."

"I think that we should explain the wrong path a little more."

"No path is wrong. What is considered to be a wrong path is an experience of moving away from who one is. The path to who one is, is found within. To become who one is, one must look within so the true path is within. The path that leads away from who one is, leads without. The path that leads away from who one is, leads one to look for fulfilment externally. The path that leads away from who one is, causes one to look to fulfil the expectations of others, instead of being true to themselves. Consider much of what you needed to overcome when your recorded journey began. You believed you were strong by living up to other's expectations, and by being concerned about what others thought about you, but such beliefs lead away from who one is."

  "So the more that we attempt to live up to the expectations of others, the further we are from being our true selves, and therefore discovering who we are?"

"Yes, but moving away from your true self is a product of more than attempting to live up to the expectations of others. Moving away from your true self is also a product of obtaining self importance by artificial means such as placing importance on wealth, position or political power etc."

"Are you saying that wealth, position or political power should be avoided?"

"No, I am saying that it is the importance which is placed on wealth, position or political power that leads souls away from who they are. If wealth, position or political power are used to feed artificial importance, and artificial fulfilment, then wealth, position or political power are leading away from who one is. However, wealth, position or political power may be incidental to existence. Wealth, position or political power may simply be experienced, and have no artificial importance placed on them, in which case wealth, position or political power do not lead away from who one is."

"So wealth, position or political power are all right, providing that we do not place artificial importance on wealth, position or political power?"

"Wealth, position or political power are neither right or wrong. Wealth, position or political power are only experience either way. One experience leads to who one is, the other experience leads to who one is not. One must experience who they are not, and become aware of who they are not, to become who they are."

  "Why then did we describe the path which leads away from who one is, as a wrong path?"

"Many of the descriptions which we have used as your recorded journey has progressed have changed, and have been altered to become more accurate. We initially used terminology such as 'learning' and 'wrong' which have both been replaced with 'experience'. As I explained at the beginning, if we had said; 'this is the way things are', you would not have understood. You have undertaken a journey during which you have understood a little more one step at a time. The process is important. How would you show others the way, unless you took one step at a time? Others will also take one step at a time. One step at a time is the only way."

"Why don't we go back and correct the terminology?"

"We would lose people. Each must take each step as each step is presented. How else would all understand? We need to start at the surface, and allow depth to develop as knowledge becomes awareness."

"Why did you allow the cultures which had not strayed from their path, to become affected by artificial fulfilment?"

"As I have explained, I cannot interfere with experience or experience is not experience."

"It seems to me that the cultures who have had artificial fulfilment enforced on them, have had a far bigger impact than many realise. Many seem to be seeking the truth through studying those cultures which western society attempted to destroy."

"You are correct. That artificial fulfilment was forced upon those cultures was an illusion and temporary. It is those very cultures, which have provided the keys for many to seek the truth."

  "At one point we mentioned re-living lifetimes to rectify mistakes, but I now understand that there are no mistakes."

"You are correct, but let me ask you some questions."


"What is the purpose of each soul on the earth plane?"


"Experience what?"

"To experience all things."


"To become aware of who we are."


"By experiencing who we are not."

"So if you experience something, and you do not become aware that what you have experienced is not who you are, what happens?"

"We repeat the experience, until we become aware that the experience is not who we are."

"Exactly. Why did we refer to repeating an experience as a mistake?"

"Because a mistake was the description that I could understand at the time."

"Of course, are you glad that I do not answer questions like you?"

  "I guess so. I have been thinking about the timing of events which have occurred. Many times I have felt very close to everything coming together. In fact, there were times when you led me to believe that a permanent solution to my difficulties was closer than a permanent solution to my difficulties is, but the permanent solution to my difficulties has not occurred."

"As you have discovered, soon is a relative term. If everything 'came together', as you term it, each time that you expected everything to come together, but everything did not come together for others, they would not understand why. As with all that you have experienced during your journey, you experience what many will experience."

"As I reflect on my experiences, it is apparent that many of my experiences have been for the purpose of establishing one point or another within my example."

"Yes, you are correct, being an example is the path which you have chosen."

"Many times throughout my recorded journey, my task has made my experience within the illusion of the earth plane difficult. Especially when I have needed to sleep, or to do something when I should have attended office."

"This is true, but your task has never caused any real harm to you, or to anybody else. Your income has never been at risk. Your experiences have been a convenient way to allow you to re-assess your values, and to allow you to either worry or not worry. The choice was your's. Your environment was created by yourself, to assist yourself to gain the experience which you needed."

"You once explained that our true abilities cannot be used for selfish gain, and also that if we desire something we simply create what we desire. Is this not a contradiction?"

"When you consciously utilise your ability to create that which you desire, it is not selfish. Selfishness is a product of artificial fulfilment, and if one utilises abilities for selfish gain, they are attempting to feed artificial fulfilment."

  "I often lose sight of reality, and I lose contact with my soul."

"Yes, but such experiences are diminishing. You lose sight of reality, and you lose contact with your soul when you have not quite understood something correctly, or when there is more depth to a point than you have become aware of."

"Throughout my recorded journey, you have continually explained to me and shown me that I am ready for this role. I understand why I have needed such reassurance, but why is my readiness for my role relevant to those who choose to read my words?"

"What is your role, if your role is not the next experience which you have chosen? All that I am saying is that your previous experiences have prepared you for your next experience, which is the same for all."

"Why have we used so many analogies?"

"We use analogies to assist others in their understanding. We use analogies to illustrate a point in a way that others can relate to. All need a point of reference."

"And providing a point of reference was necessary?"

"Yes. Our book could have said, 'God is pure love. Pure love is the fabric of existence. All are God. The universe is circular. All must experience that they are God, and complete the circle.' End of story."

"Yes, I see."

"You do see, because you have understanding and awareness. What if I had said this to you on the island, but said no more? Would I not have revealed the truth to you?"

"Yes, but I would not have understood, and that is not what I meant when I said, 'I see'."

"I know!"

  "Some things which I have foreseen, have occurred differently than I foresaw. How is this possible?"

"You see the outcome of a particular choice. Sometimes another choice is made, or the original choice is altered, which changes circumstances and outcome."

"Why would I not see the changes also?"

"If you saw the changes, you would change your choices and alter your experiences, or the experiences of others, which you know is not allowable."

"So all is possible except altering the choices of others?"

"You cannot alter another's choices if you try forever. You may at times think that you have altered another's choices, but you would only be drawn to another, if they chose to listen to you, and they chose to alter their choices."

"But I could change the experiences of others."

"No, you cannot. At best you could delay the experiences of others, but all must be experienced. Whether others listen to your guidance, or others do not listen to your guidance, is experience either way."

"Pretend that I am a slow learner."

"There is no need to pretend. There is nothing that does not occur, which is not experience. If we interfere with someone's experiences, we delay their ability to experience a particular thing, and as such we delay their return to the higher plane, to the pure love. Regardless of what any have chosen to experience, you would not delay the return to the higher plane of one who you loved."

  "Why have I been told of future events which do not come to pass?"

"As I have said, it is not the outcome which is important. When you are told to do something, what you are told to do is for experience, albeit your experience, someone else's experience or both. Many of your past difficulties, were caused because of your concern for the outcome of the experience."

"Is the difference between those who are known as masters, and others who become masters a degree of knowledge?"

"Not at all. Not all become masters on the earth plane, many become masters on the spirit plane. It is those who become masters on the earth plane, who are known as masters."

"And that is the only difference?"

"Yes, that is all."

"We have referred on occasion to the dark path and darkness. I know that the dark path leads away from the light within, but what is the dark path?"

"The path is only dark, because the path leads away from the light within. Those who travel the dark path, are those who seek to fulfil their needs through artificial fulfilment, and by earth plane standards. Often, but not exclusively, those who travel the dark path, utilise the power of the spirit plane."

"And this is wrong?"

"No, all is experience."

  "What exactly is the disease of artificial fulfilment?"

"The disease of artificial fulfilment is a description only. Another of our analogies to assist understanding. In reality the disease of artificial fulfilment is only that souls have become consumed by attempting to find external fulfilment, and have discontinued looking within which is the only place that fulfilment can truly be found."

"Why was I welcomed home by Jesus, and then again welcomed home by you some time later?"

"Consider your home is a home on the earth plane. Jesus met you as you arrived in your home town and welcomed you home. I welcomed you when you reached the front gate. You have not reached the house at this stage, but you will."

"I will?"

"Yes, the path from the gate leads only to the house."

"Why do we use so many analogies?"

"We use analogies to illustrate points, in a way that others can create a picture in their minds, which will assist understanding, and provide a point of reference."

"Can I choose to send my spirit to help another?"

"You send your spirit to help another often. You may consciously choose to send your spirit to help another, but they will only receive your help, if they choose to receive your help."

"How do I send my spirit to help another?"

"Some will say that you must focus on the person whom you desire to help and send them your energy, which works. You yourself first used this method to send energy eight years ago. Others will say you need to use crystals or magic spells which also work. However, in reality you only need desire to send your spirit to help another, and allow your spirit to help another."

"Can I not pray for a person I want to help?"

"Of course, but 'praying for a person' is another label which some choose to apply to the same concept."

  "Should I feel an overwhelming desire to help that other person?"

"Why? That you desire to help another person is enough. You are free to choose to allow your desire to help another overwhelm you, or overpower you if you wish, but such an experience would not make the help, if accepted by that other person, any more real."

"You said crystals were not necessary. I thought that crystals were necessary."

"You know that crystals are a real source of energy, and you know that crystals trap energy which can be drawn upon. The power of crystals is real and the use of crystals is necessary for many, but crystals are not necessary for you, nor are crystals necessary for any who find what you have termed the permanent bridge to your soul."

"Okay, then what is the point of a crystal healer and the like?"

"You said yourself that you can draw power from crystals, by having crystals in proximity to you. You have experienced being able to look at a bowl of crystals, and instinctively select the most powerful crystal. A crystal healer, reaches a level of awareness where crystals are not necessary for them, but crystals are necessary for the person being healed."

"But are you saying that crystals are not necessary?"

"There is necessary, and there is necessary. What is necessary for some, is not necessary for others. Which is right? There is no right, all is experience."

"I have to ask this question once more. How do I know …"

"You know that this experience is not only in your imagination. If this experience was only in your imagination, you would be doing all you have done from the perspective of any ordinary man, and God would not exist within you, correct?"

"Yes, but …"

"But nothing. Do you really credit yourself with no God presence, and such a powerful imagination?"

"No, I guess …"

"Did you imagine all that has occurred to confirm that your journey is real? Did you imagine telling your friends much that would occur, so that your friends could confirm that you did know much that would occur? If so, pick up the telephone, and start asking your friends if you imagined what occurred, or if your friends in fact experienced what occurred."

  "Why do souls still believe that the truth is the reverse of what the truth is?"

"As I have explained, the earth plane is basically a mirror. A reflection of the truth. Consider a native person who looks into a mirror for the first time. At first they believe that there is another person present, because they do not understand that what they see is but their own reflection. The same principle applies to the earth plane. Souls do not understand that what they see, is a reflection of themselves."

"Why are we tested?"

"You are not tested. None are tested in a way that those on the earth plane understand tests. All create an environment to apply their awareness and experience, regardless of whether they are conscious of their awareness and experience. Those who are starting to become aware often say; 'this is a test', which is correct in a way, but more accurately they have created an opportunity for themselves to apply their awareness and experience."

"So I was not really tested over and over?"

"No, you created opportunities to apply your awareness and experience, until you are able to apply your awareness and experience."

"I understand, but as I review my life I can see how I recreated the opportunities to apply my awareness and experience at ever decreasing intervals."

"Yes, as you became more aware, you created opportunities to apply your awareness and experience more frequently, because you were becoming aware that you were creating opportunities to apply your awareness and experience, and why."

  "I think we need to discuss prophesy."

"All have the ability to prophesise. Many people prophesise daily and are unaware of having prophesised. Prophesy is knowledge of what is to come. Prophesies are necessarily vague, because we cannot interfere with the experiences of others. If it is necessary for one to know the meaning of a prophesy as part of their experience, they will know the meaning of a prophesy. Many have attempted to analyse and determine the meaning of prophesies, and there have been almost as many interpretations as there have been interpreters. Prophesies are not meant to be interpreted. Those for whom the message is provided, receive the message even though they may be unaware that they have received a message. Those who choose to attempt to interpret prophesies which are meant for others, experience their attempt to interpret prophesies."

"Are you saying that all of the prophesies which have been published and studied, have been meaningless?"

"No. Those who are meant to receive and understand the message and the meaning, will receive and understand the message. Those who are not meant to receive the message, will not receive the message."

"Can a prophesy have more than one meaning?"

"A single prophecy can have many meanings, and be interpreted in many ways. The meaning of the prophecy may not be meant for the interpreter, but the meaning of the prophecy may be meant for those who are led to read the interpretation. If two interpret a single message in an opposite way, 100 may read one interpretation, and 50 may read the other interpretation. In all, 150 may receive the message which they were meant to receive, and the interpreters may have been a convenient means of delivering the message to 150, whilst conveniently experiencing their attempt to interpret a prophesy."

"So the meaning of a prophecy may vary, based on who is meant to receive the message?"

"Yes, is this not the principle with all that is?"

"So the meaning of each prophesy is individual?"

"The meaning of all things is individual. What something means to you, may have no bearing on what that something means to another. The meaning of all things, can be found within."

  "What about those who could be described as dooms day prophets?"

"What do you mean?"

"Dooms day. Those who say that dooms day is imminent."

"I cannot describe that which does not exist."

"Dooms day does not exist?"

"No. Those who say that dooms day is coming are attempting to control others through fear, and experiencing various degrees of success."

"But we have said that the world will end."

"Not exactly. We have said that the world as it is known will cease to exist. We have said that the earth plane as it is known will fulfil its purpose and then be recreated. Where is the doom in completion and recreation?"

"So those who say dooms day will occur are wrong?"

"No, they are not wrong, they are experiencing controlling others through fear, so that others can experience being controlled through fear."

"But some believe that there will be a dooms day."

"Some have chosen to experience believing that there will be a dooms day, and they will also experience that dooms day does not exist, which is an experience scenario that has been repeated within many cultures, for many thousands of years. On each occasion, those who have believed in the dooms day, have experienced that there is not a dooms day."

  "Why is a vibrational rate necessary?"

"So that the three planes can exist simultaneously."

"What exactly is this new world order that has been spoken about?"

"Well, the new world order is not exactly new. In fact, the new world order is very old. The new world order has been described in many ways, but put simply the new world order is a return to awareness, or if you prefer a return to living with one's soul."

"But aren't a return to awareness and living with one's soul different things?"

"Yes and no. As you have experienced, there are degrees of awareness. At the lowest level of awareness souls will follow their instinct. At the higher level of awareness souls will understand why they are on the physical plane, and allow themselves to experience. There are, of course, numerous levels of awareness in between."

"How many levels of awareness?"

"Awareness does not have levels of awareness such as levels in a building. The level of awareness is based on how much and what parts of the circle, one is aware of."

"So the awareness level is very much individual to each of us?"


  "I wish to revisit dooms day again."

"How can you visit that which does not exist?"

"You know what I mean."

"Of course, I was making a point."

"Okay, so when the earth plane has fulfilled its purpose, the souls who remain will need to wait, until the earth plane is recreated?"


"Why does this matter? Time does not exist. If the souls who remain wait for fifty years or fifty thousand years, it is irrelevant."


"Then why do you want souls to return to the higher plane?"

"Those who exist only as pure love, desire that the volume of pure love increases."

"So why not just 'beam more souls up' or something?"

"If it was possible for souls to exist only as pure love, without souls becoming aware of who they are, through experiencing who they are not, the physical planes would not be necessary."

"So why is it important that we alert souls to this period of recreation?"

"Souls have asked. Many souls have chosen to seek guidance and become aware of who they are, so we have chosen to provide that guidance."

  "Yes, but won't we interfere with the path of those who have not chosen to seek such guidance?"

"No, those who have not chosen to seek guidance will have no interest in the words that we offer."

"Okay, but they may read them."

"Yes, but they would not receive the key to their awareness, because they have not chosen to receive the key to their awareness. Their path would remain unaltered."

"All right, let's change track. As I understand it, it does not matter what we do, because there is no right or wrong way."

"Correct, all is experience."

"But there are some things, that we should do?"

"No, 'should' is not correct terminology. As each soul gains awareness, each soul also gains awareness of what they need to experience, and they choose to experience what they need to experience."

"By following our instinct, or listening to our higher self, we are led to what we need to experience."

"Yes, that is the point. All can follow their instinct, regardless of their level of awareness."

"And whether we listen to our higher self is choice?"

"Yes, listening to one's higher self is choice, and listening to one's higher self is also experience."

"If we do not listen to our instinct, not listening to our instinct is still choice and still experience."

"Yes. One has simply chosen not to listen to one's higher self, and to experience the result."

"Our higher self, knows what we will choose?"

"Yes, all choices are foreseen."

  "So whatever we do, whether we listen to our instinct or we not listen to our instinct, we are doing what we are meant to do."

"Yes, and one is experiencing, what they have chosen to experience."

"Okay, let's be a little specific."


"Consider my business. I know that I must allow my former partners to make their choices. I have provided guidance and my former partners will listen to my guidance, or not listen to my guidance as is destined."

"That is correct."

"I know that my old world is an illusion, and I know that I am leaving my old world behind by walking towards my new reality."

"That is correct."

"I know that I am leaving my old world behind, slower than I anticipated, and I …"

"The problem is that you anticipated."

"…and I know that I remain in the business for a reason."

"I assume that you have a point?"

"Yes, why am I still involved within the business? What have I yet to experience? Is there anything specifically that I must do?"

"Remaining within the business, is what you have chosen."

"Yes, I know this, but why have I chosen to remain within the business?"

"For experience."

  "Yes, I understand this but …"

"What else is there. The details are of no consequence. You are within the business, you will experience whatever you need to experience, and when you have experienced whatever you need to experience, you will move on."

"Can you be more specific?"

"Of course."

"Yes, I mean will you be …"

"I know what you mean."

"But, you will not be more specific."

"No, if I was more specific, I would interfere with what you are to experience."

"Okay, you previously told me that some people would not leave my life, but those people have left my life."

"Those people have not left your life. Those people are pursuing their own path which leads them away from you, and will also lead them back to you. They are temporarily absent from your life, because what they have chosen to experience, does not require your assistance. Alternatively, they have chosen to experience being apart from you, and you have provided assistance to allow them to be apart from you. No soul really leaves another's life, because all souls are connected."

"Yes, that makes sense, but I thought you meant that …"

"I know what you thought. You were looking at what I said purely from the perspective of the earth plane. Effectively, you were looking at what I said one dimensionally."

"Oh, I see."

"You are starting to see. If you look at any event solely from the perspective of the earth plane, you are looking at the event one dimensionally. As you will recall you have been in contact with souls on the spirit plane, who are absent from your life on the physical plane."

  "Yes, I follow. I have experienced contact with souls on the spirit plane, so I was aware that contact with souls on the spirit plane is possible."

"You are aware that contact with souls on the spirit plane is possible, but you chose not to apply your awareness."

"To illustrate the point that I need to apply my awareness, no doubt."

"Why not? It was a convenient way to demonstrate that awareness must be applied."

"To return to the issue of people leaving my life, I am attached to all souls on the higher plane."

"At all times."

"So my problem is that I did not apply my awareness to your words."

"This is usually your problem."

"Do you recall all of the times when I became angry, or frustrated with you?"

"Of course. You only became angry, or frustrated with me to demonstrate the point that I do not become offended. To show how you abused me, and you were not struck by lightening. God has no wrath, only love. How can an entity who's very existence is pure love, ask souls to return to pure love, when they are told to return to pure love, through fear of consequence? It is a nonsense to suggest such a thing."

"Yes, but most religions have a fear based component."

"Religions are based on a principle of love and truth which is so. The application, the practice of most religions has little to do with the truth. Religions are mostly used to bend many to the will of the few, and to provide power to a few who control the religions. There are many who genuinely believe the religion which they follow, and what they are doing is experiencing their belief."

"So the fire and brimstone religion is a nonsense?"

"Yes it is. Those who choose to follow such religions should study the teachings of Jesus, and find this truth within their own religion."

  "Is most of what religions teach wrong?"

"No, religions are neither right nor wrong. Religions provide an environment, for many chosen experiences."

"Are we saying that the religions should not be followed?"

"We are saying to look within for the truth. We are saying that all should listen to their instinct, because their instinct will lead them to what they need to experience, which may be one or more of the religions."

"So one's instinct may lead them to experience a certain religion?"

"Yes, if the religion is what they need to experience."

"Why do we need to experience religion, when we know that religions contain elements of the truth, but not the truth?"

"For experience. Those who follow a chosen belief, whether their chosen belief follows an organised religion or not, are experiencing what they have chosen to experience. Remember what I have explained about bearing false witness? Saying that a soul is wrong is bearing false witness, because no soul is wrong. All souls are in the process of gaining experience."

"So we do not judge souls?"

"What is there to judge? All souls are gaining experience, so all souls are fulfilling their purpose. If a soul's chosen experience is to judge, then such judgement is not wrong, such judgement is experience."

"So we should not judge those who judge?"

"Once again, such judgement is experience."

  "We seem to be going in circles."

"Is not the nature of existence circular?"

"Yes, but circular existence is confusing."

"Which is why we have demonstrated The Truth Of Reality by a linear journey, step by step, and why we have rebuilt the puzzle, piece by piece."

"Which is also why we are going through this period of review?"

"Yes, of course."

"So we come back to the point that all is experience."

"All must experience who they are not, so that they may experience who they are. We continually 'come back' to points, as you describe it, because awareness is circular as I have explained."

"Is circular awareness why much of my journey seems to repeat itself?"

"Yes, the depth of awareness is increased by following an ever increasing circle, and filling in the gaps."

"I am beginning to understand."

"No, you understand. Your understanding is naturally increasing with your awareness."

  "Is my increasing understanding the reason why I experience a range of responses from simple acceptance, to 'wow, this cannot be happening'?"

"Yes. We are demonstrating increasing understanding, through the example of you experiencing your awareness."

"I have understood for some time, that the true nature of all things is circular."

"Yes, and your understanding is increasing."

"Is moving in and out of phase, a part of the circular nature of awareness."


"Why didn't you say this before?"

"Because you needed to experience the circular nature of awareness."

"So I continually repeat events, and each time that I complete the circle, the circle is a little larger, because my awareness has increased?"

"Effectively yes."

"Many times I have reached a point where I think; 'wow, this is deep' only to find that my awareness becomes deeper."

"Is that not what I said would occur?"

"So I have in fact completed the circle many times during my awareness process, as I suspected?"

"Yes. Did I not also say that every point at which the circle ends, the circle also begins?"


"It is the nature of circles."

"In many ways my environment has been perfect for what I have needed to experience."

"This surprises you?"

  "You have said that I will help many during this lifetime. Why would I help any? Would I not be interfering with their experiences?"

"You will not interfere with other's experiences. You offer guidance for those who have chosen to be offered guidance. It will be their choice whether they accept that guidance or not accept that guidance, and they will experience the result. The same principle will apply to offering assistance, and showing others how to assist souls who are experiencing difficulties. Throughout this process, you will experience becoming a master. You will experience providing guidance, assistance, or whatever from a perspective of awareness and understanding. That you have chosen to experience providing guidance, assistance, or whatever, when many have chosen to seek guidance or assistance is convenient."

"Won't there be times when someone seeks guidance, and I will be unable to provide guidance because I know that to provide guidance would be to alter their chosen experience?"

"Yes, but you will be experiencing being unable to provide guidance. They will experience seeking guidance, and receiving guidance other than they have requested, which of course will be what they have really chosen to experience, and what they have sought was only to lead them to the experience which they have chosen."

"Much of what we do is created by our higher self, and although we are unaware of our higher self, we need to make a conscious decision to move on."

"That is correct."

"Yes, but why not just give us all of the experience that we need without the requirement for a conscious decision?"

"A conscious decision is not a requirement as such, it is the way things work. The purpose of all experience is to become aware of who you are, by experiencing who you are not. To become aware of who you are, you need to become aware of who you are not. The process is circular. So you experience something, until you become aware that what you are experiencing is who you are not, and then you move on to experience another aspect of who you are not, and so on. What you are eventually left with is who you are. You are able to consciously choose to be who you are, by becoming one with yourself."

  "So our ultimate purpose is to become one with ourselves?"

"Yes. By becoming one with yourself, you become one with all that is. The self which you become one with, is your higher self which is one with all that is."

"So effectively we are our higher self plus more, and we must become simply our higher self. So what we are doing is becoming less, not more."

"Yes, the reversing effect of the earth plane mirror. However, by becoming less you become more."

"Now that is a circle."

"By becoming one with your higher self, you remove the aspects that you are not, so you become less. At the same time you become one with all that is, so you become more."

"Okay, I follow you."

"Let's review our raindrop. A raindrop which is pure falls from the sky. When the raindrop lands, the raindrop commences its journey and on the way the raindrop gathers all sorts of dirt and dust to itself. Finally, the raindrop reaches some rocks. During its journey the raindrop has collected more dirt, and has dropped off some dirt on the way. The dirt and dust and things which cling to the raindrop, have made the raindrop more than it truly is. As the raindrop traverses the rocks, the dirt and dust are knocked off and left behind, so the raindrop becomes less again. The raindrop returns to the pure form which the raindrop was, when the raindrop fell from the sky. Once the raindrop has passed over the rocks, the raindrop arrives at the ocean and joins the ocean, thus becoming more than the raindrop once was."

  "I still have experiences which I do not enjoy."

"Whether you enjoy your experiences or not is irrelevant, and a matter of perspective. It is not the experience in itself which causes you not to enjoy an experience, it is the manner in which you view your experience."

"As I review my notes, I see that there were many times when I closed myself off from my trinity. I closed myself off from my trinity, even whilst on the summit. I was not able to be who I am, nor was I able to allow others to see who I am."

"You were simply not ready to allow yourself to be who you are. Have no concern that you were not ready to allow yourself to be who you are. You will allow yourself to be who you are, when you have allowed your understanding and awareness to become sufficient for you to allow yourself to be who you are."

"Will I allow myself to be who I am?"

"Yes. Why do you think that you are conducting this review?"

"Sometimes becoming who I am, seems like a never ending process."

"It is a circle."

"I still become extremely tired when we are communicating."

"Sometimes, but not all of the time."

"Yes, that is right."

"It takes time to adjust. You are adjusting, but you need more time to complete the adjustment process."

  "Why do I still want this adjustment process to be over?"

"You wish to rest. You wish to experience the joy of the heaven on earth which you have created, but you have not fully realised."

"This adjustment process seems to have gone on forever. I am always given a promise of things to come, and what is to come is always soon, always tomorrow, never today."

"What is to come will be today, when you allow what is to come, to be today."

"So you keep saying. I keep allowing what is to come to be today, and what is to come is not today. Sometimes what is to come is close, but what is to come never quite arrives."

"It is you who continues to create your environment."

"Another cop out answer."

"Is it another cop out answer, or is it you who are copping out? Why not discuss specifically what is on your mind? Do you feel, that what is on your mind will make you less like a master?"

"Okay, let's get down to it."

"It is about time."

"I look around me and I see that I have very much I have to do, but I never seem to be able to what I have to do. Always when I want to do what I need to do, I become tired or lack motivation, or I need to write or review."

"So what is the problem?"

"The problem is that I never seem to be able to do, what I want to do around my home."

"Then don't do what you want to do around your home."

"But I want to do, what I want to do around my home."

"Then do what you want to do around your home."

"I know that I must do what I want to do around my home, but I cannot do what I want to do around my home."

"Why must you do what you want to do around your home? Who says that you must do what you want to do around your home?"

  "I say."


"Because I do not like being surrounded by the mess."

"Then do something about the mess."

"I cannot do anything about the mess."


"I told you, every time that I try to do something about the mess, I cannot do anything about the mess."

"But you must do something about the mess."

"Why must I do something about the mess?"

"I do not know. You said that you must do something about the mess."

"We are going in circles."

"More than you know."

"Well okay, but I do not even want to live in this house."

"Why not?"

"I do not like this house."

"Why not?"

"I do not know, I just do not like the house."

"So you do not like your house, and you do not know why."


"Maybe you would like the house better, if you cleaned the mess up."

"Perhaps, but I suspect that the mess is only a symptom."

"Now we are getting somewhere."

  "I want my journey to end. I want the conflicting pressures within my life to be removed."


"I have had enough of my journey. I want my journey to be over, I want my peace."

"Then why not have your journey finish?"

"I cannot have my journey finish. I cannot finish my writing. My journey seems to go on and on."

"Of course."

"Not of course, my journey must soon come to an end. I need my journey to come to an end."


"I am only human, and you are asking too much from me."


"Yes. You say I have this spiritual path, and that I am to become a master. I can tell you that I do not feel much like a fucking master."

"You would probably feel better, if you were."

"If I were what?"

"A fucking master, it would do you good, but your soulmate is overseas and you want no other."

"You are a prick at times."

"Of course, we are one."

"Fuck off."

"I can. Katerina and I are joined on the higher plane."


"Okay, have you got that out of your system?"

  "Not quite. I guess I want an end to the difficulties. I want my 'heaven on earth'. I want my new world."

"That is very human of you."

"What is your point?"

"That you are no different from any other."

"I know."

"Just a reminder."

"So why did my frustration occur?"

"We are simply demonstrating a point. You will recall that we spoke about your continuing circle."

"This is nice, but you could have told me."

"You should have known. However, if you had known it would have taken away from the point, so you chose not to know."

"Are you saying that the point is, that we must continue the circle for the example."

"Yes, others will continue their circle."

"I do not understand how I could have come so far, and still need to experience frustration."

"Why not? That you can still experience frustration the point."

"But I should not be experiencing frustration now, I know better."

"Yes, but you still experience frustration."

"So I have failed?"

"No you have not failed, you are simply experiencing."

  "But by definition what I am experiencing is only an illusion."

"As are all things on the earth plane."

"But my frustration felt real."

"How else would you experience frustration?"

"I do not know. I thought that I had reached a point where I no longer needed to experience frustration."

"That is the point."

"What is the point?"

"That whilst you are on the earth plane you experience, and your experiences must seem real, must be felt, to be experiences."

"So I have created my environment, as my environment is today, to experience what I have just experienced, and to make this point."

"Yes. You always create your environment to experience what you need to experience. That we use your experience to make a point is convenient."

"We are going in circles."

"Yes, existence is circular."

"Would you piss off and leave me alone?"

"Okay, if being left alone is what you wish to experience."

"You have an answer for everything."

"What else would you expect?"

"And you answer questions with questions."

"And you do not?"

"Do I?"

"Do you?"

"This is ridiculous."

"Is it?"

  "Yes, we are going in circles."


"So we continue to argue."

"If you wish. Did I say that you cannot argue with me?"

"No. What if a soul has an argument with their higher self, with God?"

"Nothing, souls sometimes argue with their higher self. Are we not always friends and sometimes choose to release our frustrations on each other? Yes, arguing with one's higher self happens, which is the point. For the record, only one of us becomes frustrated."

"But are we not the same?"

"Now who is being pedantic?"

"You ask too much from me."

"I ask nothing from you. All of your frustration is brought on by your lower self, not by your higher self."

I was fed up of the circles, so I took a break for lunch.

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