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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane


  "I am back, do you wish to start again?"

"Yes, I am always ready."

"What was the purpose of my experience of yesterday afternoon?"

"A period of rest and relaxation."

"Okay, so after creating an environment which I allowed to cause me aggravation for a time, I then create an environment in which I could relax and then rest?"


"And what precisely was the point which I chose to experience during the previous few days?"

"Precisely what you experienced."

"These discussions have been particularly frustrating."

"For you. Consider what you know. Draw on your own experience. Do you not know that when others are seeking an explanation for something, they find it frustrating when they are told that something is for experience?"

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"Well, yes. I have experienced that all become frustrated when told that something is for experience."

"Could the point not be that you, at times become frustrated when you are told that something is for experience, as an example for others.?"

"Yes, but I am sure that the point that I am an example for others, is a convenient side effect."

"You are correct."

"I am sure that the timing was not coincidental."

"Considering that nothing is coincidental, that 'the timing was not coincidental' is a safe and correct statement."

"I know that much of what I have experienced during the previous few days, is not who I am."

"You are correct."

"Every time I feel close to being who I am, I experience who I am not."

"You are correct."


"You tell me."

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"I am not allowing myself to be who I am."

"You are correct."

"What is the reason why I am not allowing myself to be who I am?"

"Not allowing yourself to be who you are is your choice."

"Of course, and it was foreseen that I would make the choice to not allow myself to be who I am."


"Why do I want to leave my current environment?"

"Your current environment is not who you are."

"I have created a new environment."


"I have not realised my new environment."

"You are correct."

"What do I need to do to realise my new environment?"

"Allow everything to be as everything is."

"For how long?"


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"I continue to feel many events on the earth plane, but I was starting to think that I should not feel many events on the earth plane."

"Firstly there is nothing that you should do, or should not do. All is experience. Secondly, when have I told you that you must not feel? In fact, I have told you the opposite. You must feel to fully experience. Have I not said that pure love can only be felt on the physical planes? Have I not said that when you return to the higher plane you become pure love, but you do not feel pure love?"

"Yes. It is apparent that I continue to create an environment to experience who I am not."

"You create an environment to provide an opportunity for yourself to consciously apply your awareness, that your environment is who you are not."

"If I create an environment to apply my awareness of who I am not, I must need to experience applying my awareness of who I am not?"

"Why else would you choose such an experience? For fun?"

"I will continue choosing such an environment, until I no longer need to choose such an environment."


"Whether I want my environment or not, has no bearing on whether I need my environment."

"Absolutely not."

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"So everything that I experience, whether I enjoy the experience or not, is necessary."

"Enjoyment is subjective, but to answer your question, yes."

"And everything that I experience, brings me a little closer to being one with who I am."


"So I should be thankful for every experience."

"There is nothing that you should or should not do. If you understand the basic need for experience, and apply your understanding, your understanding will alter your subjective view of enjoyment."

"So I can become frustrated at what occurs, or accept that whatever occurs is for the best and go along with the experience, or I can be thankful for the experience."

"How you respond to each experience is your choice, and you will experience the effect of your choice, whatever your choice may be."

"Is there a right choice?"

"No, there is no right choice. You will make whatever choice will provide you with the experience which you need at the time. Have you yourself not made each of these choices many times?"

"Well, yes."

"Have you not experienced the effects of those choices many times?"


"So if there was a right choice, would you not make the 'right choice' each time?"


"Having experienced all choices, you make the choice which will provide you with the experience you need."

  "Would I not be better off, if I was thankful for my experiences?"

"Only if being thankful for your experiences, provides the effect which you need to experience."

"Okay, but if I choose to, say, resent the experience and experience the effect of my choice, I could also be thankful, that I chose to resent the experience and experience the effect of resenting the experience."

"You could choose to experience the effect of that circular combination."

"I guess that I am attempting to determine, what I am doing wrong."

"You are attempting to determine what you are doing wrong, but you will not succeed, because there is no wrong."

"Only experience."

"Have I not said that there is only experience on many occasions?"

"Was much of my experience during the previous few days, to make this point about right and wrong."

"Your experiences during the previous few days, have conveniently made the point about right and wrong, as well as providing you with what you needed to experience."

"Okay, so what was the real point."


  "So even if one has found God, and knows that all is experience, they still choose to experience the range of experiences, and the experiences seem real whilst they are being experienced."

"Yes. Many assume that when God is found they discontinue to feel experiences, but to discontinue to feel experiences, is experiencing not feeling experiences. Why would a soul become aware that they have created their environment to experience, and then choose not to experience? All experiences must be felt to be fully experienced. To choose not to use what has been created, for the purpose for which it has been created, defies the purpose of creating it."

"But many spend years, I guess learning, how not to feel or to feel only love."

"Many do spend years learning how not to feel, and in principle they are correct, but they have chosen to limit their experiences. There can be no limit placed on experiences, because all must be experienced."

"So a master can still experience anger or frustration, if anger or frustration is what the master chooses to experience."

"Have you not witnessed a master experience anger and frustration?"

  "Yes, but are things like anger and frustrations not illusions?"

"Yes, but an illusion must seem real to be experienced. After the illusion has been experienced, the illusion may be seen as an illusion, but whilst the illusion is being experienced, the illusion must seem real."

"Sometimes I see occurrences as an illusion, and I do not feel the occurrences, at other times I feel the occurrences, and then I see the occurrences as an illusion, at some point later."

"Yes, of course."


"You feel that which you need to experience."

"You could have told me this two days ago, and allowed me to avoid the aggravation which I experienced."

"Why would I interfere with your experiences, when you need your experiences to become one with me?"

"Another convenient point."


  "We seem to have put some considerable emphasis on relationships within our message."

"Yes, relationships are an integral part of your purpose on the earth plane. Your ultimate purpose on the earth plane is to become who you are. Relationships allow you to experience who you are, even though who you are at any point in your existence, may not be who you are. The only way to become who you are, is to experience who you are, and discover that who you are at any point in your existence, is not who you are."

"I think we need to explain this explanation."

"We already have. Who one is at any point in time is the sum of who they are, plus who they are not. If you recall we have called it 10 plus 90 etc. So, at a point in their existence a soul may be 33, and be who they are. Later in that same lifetime, or another lifetime, that soul may be 32. In both cases the soul was who they are. The soul needed to experience 33, so that the soul could experience that they were not 33, but 32 and so on. Ultimately all souls will be who they are, which in our illustration is 10."

"But surely it is easier to be who we are, when we are alone."

"Being alone allows one to reflect and draw on previous experiences, but one needs to interact with others, to gain new experiences."

"Okay. There is much contained within my words which relates to my own reflections, and which draws on my experiences as I become who I am. What is the point of including my own reflections within the message?"

"Example. The principle which has applied to you, applies to all. You are no different."

  "What about the issue of being selfish, which we have touched upon?"

"What is selfish? If you act in a way that is in your best interest, which reflects what you desire instead of what another desires, the other may determine that you are selfish."

"Well, yes."

"But are they not being selfish, by wanting you to act in a way that they desire?"

"Well, yes."

"So what is selfish?"

"Good question."

"Yes, and we will allow each to answer this question from within."

"It seems apparent that much of what I have experienced during my recorded journey, was simply to allow me to become aware."

"All that you have experienced has been to allow you to become aware of who you are."

"As I have been conducting my review of everything which has happened, it is apparent that it is about time I listened to you, really listened."

"Past time, I would say."

"There are certain experiences which occur in my life, such as dreams, coincidences, and chance comments, that are obviously telling me something which I cannot quite grasp."

"Yes, those certain experiences are the pointers to lead you to what you need to become aware of. As you put the clues, if you like, together you will understand how to become aware of whatever it is, that you need to become aware of."

  "I think that I have basically worked that out, but sometimes I cannot put the 'clues' together."

"Yes. You had understood what the certain experiences were. When you struggle with such experiences, you are attempting to put the clues together. You are attempting to find the solution to the puzzle. However, you are only attempting to find the solution to the puzzle at the basic level, because you know that you may not have all the pieces. Mostly you allow the clues, the pieces which you have, to enter and leave your mind as they will, without consciously calling the clues or pieces to you. Draw on your experience. You are sifting the pieces and allowing the answer to present itself to you. Think about what you have been doing. You are aware that the pieces are available to you and that the answer is near, but you do not push the answer, you no longer attempt to know the solution to the puzzle without having all of the pieces. You simply allow the answer to present itself to you, when it will. You are applying your awareness."

"I sense that my journey is drawing to a close."

"You sense correctly, if to end your journey is to be your choice."

"Let us talk about choice. Many believe that they choose their own destiny, and many believe that their life is a product of their choices."

"They are correct. Did you not choose your destiny by the choices which you have made since your creation? Is this lifetime not a product of your choices?"

"Yes to both, but if everything is always as everything is meant to be, what does it matter what is chosen?"

"Everything is as everything is meant to be because choices are foreseen. However, choices are still choices. Recall cause and effect. Choice is cause, experience is effect."

"So if we take this another step, if we make a choice from a position of awareness, we experience from a position of awareness."


"And our choices are still choices regardless of whether we are consciously aware of our choices."


"I ask again, why bother with this message?"

"Many have chosen to ask; 'why?'"

  "You can provide answers through everything which is already available on the earth plane."

"You are correct, but most answers are provided subconsciously and often, even when an answer is recognised, souls doubt. Souls wonder if the answer which they have received is a coincidence. The manner in which we have provided this example, leaves souls with no doubt that their questions are being answered, consciously and subconsciously."

"Are the answers not contained within?"

"Yes, you know that all answers are within. However, even when you began to know that all answers are within, you failed to understand that all answers are within, until you experienced that all answers are within."

"Well, I guess but …"

"But what? Even when I told you something very succinctly and you wrote about what I told you, you did not really become aware of the concept, until you experienced the concept for yourself."

"Okay. So what you are saying is that when you tell me something through one means or another, I may know that what you have told me is correct. However, until I experience what you have told me, I cannot apply my experience to my knowledge and in so doing become aware."

"Have I not said that many times?"

"So if a soul chooses to read my words and in so doing looks within to confirm that they know whatever point they choose to know, they still need to experience the point, to become aware of the point."

"Yes. However, it is not necessary that the knowledge that comes first, it is more often the experience which comes first."

"Yes, I recall that you said that many souls have experienced much, and are now asking why."

"That is correct. Souls are seeking knowledge to apply to their experience."

  "And we are providing that knowledge?"

"No, we are providing the key to unlock the knowledge within all souls."

"Many souls do not know that they are able to draw on all of the experiences within themselves, to apply the knowledge to."

"Are we not also providing the key to the knowledge of previous lifetimes?"

"Yes, I suddenly realise that we communicate without stuttering."

"Yes, I told you that our communication would become easier."

"I have been asked about souls being possessed by spirits, entities, devils or whatever."

"Yes. You know that a soul on the spirit plane who is following the dark path of artificial fulfilment can influence souls attached to the earth plane. However, such influence is an experience which both have chosen. As for being possessed by the devil, how can any be possessed by that which does not exist?"

"There are so many different life forms. Are we only writing for those in human form?"

"From the perspective of the earth plane, what are known as life forms are limitless. It is whilst experiencing existence with a conscious mind, that a soul is able to become consciously aware."

"Is it possible that a series of events which are experienced by a soul, only occur so that the soul may relay these events to another soul, and it is the other soul's experience in response to the events which have been relayed, that is the real purpose for the events occurring?"

"It is possible. It is also possible that the events were for the person who experienced the events, and that the events also conveniently assisted another to experience, when the events were relayed."

  "Changing subject, I would like to clarify a point or two. When we are led to have our future told in one form or another, is it foreseen that we will have our future foretold?"


"So we create an opportunity, to be given an opportunity, to know a little about our future."


"We can see our future through utilising a temporary bridge to our higher self."


"So how we respond to what information we are given is foreseen."

"Yes, and a choice is provided. Whatever choice is made, the experience created by the choice is felt."

"So it is not important if we choose to listen."

"No. You may experience listening to a temporary bridge, not listening to a temporary bridge, or partially listening to a temporary bridge."

"Sometimes I dream and I know that there is a message. It could be a single dream or a series of dreams, but I cannot decipher the message."

"You have simply chosen to experience knowing that there is a message, and not receiving the message."

"Why would I choose not to receive a message?"

"For a variety of reasons. In the instance to which you refer, your choice is to allow events to develop, and to allow yourself to experience the events in full. You have chosen to become aware of the meaning of the message, as the events run their course."

"For what purpose?"

"Experience. You desire to experience seeing how the events play out once more. In this instance, the events which your dreams have foreseen, interrelate with other events, and you have chosen to experience all."

  "Why would I choose to experience all?"

"We need to be careful here not to interfere with your choice, which could in itself be the only reason that you made the choice."

"To experience being aware that you will not interfere, with my chosen experiences?"


"Is that the reason for my choice?"

"Partially, in that we have created a convenient demonstration that I will not interfere with chosen experiences. You also wish to experience the circular nature of all that is once again, from a position of awareness. I will say no more about this matter."

"If I have a feeling that something will happen, it does not necessarily mean that the something will happen."

"You are correct, such feeling may be a means to create an environment for you to experience."

"So if another soul has the same feeling that something will happen, we may be cooperating to create an environment, which we have probably arranged at the spiritual level."

"You are correct. The environment may have been created for either one of you, or for both of you."

  "I still have difficulty with some issues such as physical relations with children, whether abusive or otherwise."

"Okay, I understand. Such experiences are neither right nor wrong. They are experiences chosen by those involved either as the adult, or the child. That such experiences are currently unacceptable in western society forms a part of this experience. Those who have chosen to experience such experiences in this time, have done so knowing society will find their actions unacceptable. In other times, society found such experiences acceptable. All is circular. If we take an example where such experience is discovered, the adult also experiences persecution, and the child experiences blaming their actions as an adult, on their childhood."

"So are you saying that persecuting and excusing actions are wrong?"

"Not at all, they too are experience."

"So it is possible that an adult chose to have relations with a child in order to create an environment in which they could experience being persecuted."

"Yes, this is so. It is the same with the child. It could be that the act in itself was not the desired experience, only a means for both the adult and the child to create an environment to allow each to experience what they had really chosen to experience."

"I am still not comfortable with this discussion."

"No, it is a product of your society. In previous societies, girls become mothers at 13 or 14. The real problem is that you are looking at a child from a linear perspective. In reality a child could be thousands of years older than the parent."

"I think that we should clarify the issue of not being accountable, and not having fear of consequences."

"One is only accountable to oneself. Did one experience what was chosen, and if so did one become aware of an aspect of themselves that they are not? What I have said is that there is no reason to fear consequences, not that there are no consequences. If for example one commits murder and this is unacceptable in society, they not only experience murder but also imprisonment or execution."

  "You indicate that it is possible to experience committing murder in a society where murder is acceptable."

"Yes. For example, a soul who chooses to become a soldier and go to war may experience killing reluctantly, or may embrace murder with no consequences from society."

"So if I were to take one experience, a soul may choose to be born in an environment where they are abused, then choose to commit a murder in adulthood and blame the murder on their childhood experiences."

"Yes. Each could be the experience or group of experiences sought or the childhood and the murder could be creating the environment for the experience of blaming the childhood. It may also be any combination of these things, or none of these things that are the true experience which is sought."

"As I review my notes, I can see that I have had scenarios played in my head over and over again. Sometimes the scenarios played in my head have the same theme, and sometimes the scenarios played in my head have different themes. I have become aware that I must allow the scenarios played in my head to play out, but I wonder if the scenarios played in my head are my imagination."

"You do not wonder if the scenarios played in your head are your imagination at all. At one point you did believe that the scenarios played in your head were your imagination, but you reached a point some time ago when you knew that the scenarios played in your head were not your imagination. Mostly the scenarios played in your head enable you to experience a scenario, and consider how you would react if that scenario became your experience. If you were to consider the scenarios one by one, you would see that in every instance your reaction was different than your conscious mind would have had you believe. The purpose of the scenarios played in your head is to rectify some incorrect conscious thoughts, which you have retained."

  "Okay, but why not allow the scenarios to play out on the earth plane?"

"Some of the scenarios will play out on the earth plane, and you must be prepared for them. Other scenarios will not play out on the earth plane. It is unimportant which is which. In each case interaction would be required and the scenarios that will not play out do not need to be experienced by either, or any of the souls involved. You simply needed to understand what your true response to certain situations would be."

"Why have I accepted help and support from many different sources? Could help and support not have been provided from one source?"

"Yes, help and support could have been provided from one source. However, it was convenient to draw a number of souls to you on both the physical and spirit planes to provide whatever you needed, and to provide others and yourself with the experience which was needed. Drawing a number of souls to you also allowed us to demonstrate the vast number of sources from which help and assistance may be provided, in respect of the example."

"I notice that those souls who are intimidated by my presence, as a result of our past life encounters are still intimidated by my presence."

"Yes. It is you who have become aware, not them."

"As I review, I notice that throughout our example we interchange the terms of people, souls and one."

"Such terms are interchangeable. Our message is not limited to those who elect to use one terminology or another."

  "If we are not happy with our environment, we may simply change our environment."

"Yes. An environment may be changed gradually or instantly. You have chosen to change your environment gradually. You have on occasion chosen to change your environment instantly."

"We can change our environment instantly?"

"Yes. If you are unhappy with your life, you can get up one morning leave your life, and build a new existence somewhere else."

"That simple?"

"Have you not changed your marital status, your residence and your employment all within a week?"

"Well, yes, but it took me a long time to make the change to my environment."

"No, it took you a long time to make the choice, but having made the choice you changed your environment instantly."

"So why did I not change my environment instantly this time?"

"You chose to change your environment gradually."

"So being less than satisfied within the artificial environment, I could have chosen to leave my home and live in a cave?"

"Yes, you had this choice."

"No I did not, I had responsibilities."

"You chose to honour your responsibilities, you could have chosen to turn your back on your responsibilities."

"Could I?"

"Of course you could, you only needed to choose to turn your back on your responsibilities."

  "An acquaintance who was a friend in one of my previous lifetimes is in hospital, close to my home, and yet I have not been able to make the time to visit her, why?"

"We are demonstrating a point. Just because somebody is in hospital does not mean that you are required to visit them or do anything else. If you were required to do something you would be drawn to that person. Whether or not you are asked to provide guidance, or assistance, or to share an experience is relative to another's spiritual situation, not their physical situation. If one is in hospital, they have simply chosen to experience an illness. Sometimes the illness is the cause and sometimes the illness is the effect. The illness may be either the choice or the experience. If you attempt to do something and you are not required to assist in the experience, you will be interfering with the experience. As your awareness increases, your ability to know what another has chosen to experience will increase, but so will your understanding not to attempt to interfere."

"I have been surprised how my feeling that Marie somehow belongs in my life has remained."

"Why would you be surprised? Marie has been in your life, over and over again for more than 2,000 years. To you it has felt natural to have Marie in your life, and now that Marie is not in your life, you notice Marie's absence. You know that Marie is not meant to be in your life, if Marie was meant to be in your life, Marie would be in your life."

"Why do I bother to mention Maries' absence from my life?"

"Do you not think that others have shared lifetime after lifetime with another soul? This has led to confusion as to how one identifies one's soulmate."

"I know, and I am aware that the nature of our existence is circular, but we have also discussed the need to break the circle, which seems to contradict itself."

"Both are correct. Have we not also considered that there are circles within circles? Consider a large circle. Place a smaller circle within it. Allow the side of the inner circle to touch the larger circle. If one travels the inner circle to the point that the inner circle touches the larger circle, one may then either repeat the inner circle or break the inner circle. If one choses to break the inner circle, one still completes a circle, but the larger circle. Consider also how many circles like this could be placed within each other. Circles within circles. Circles that can be broken, but the path remains circular."

  "Why is it so difficult to break circles?"

"Consider our circles within circles. To break a circle it is necessary to change direction, which requires a conscious choice. It is far easier to stay on the same path, which requires no choice."

"So when I prematurely ended my life as a Native American, I began a new circle which I repeated for around 300 years before I was able to break that particular circle?"

"Yes, that is precisely what happened."

"When we break a circle we return to the point on our journey where that circle began?"

"Yes, that is correct. As I have explained, souls become stuck on a point and repeat that point, over and over again."

"So the point which we become stuck on creates a new circle, within whatever circle we are travelling at the time."

"Yes. It is taking a wrong step on one's journey, and following the wrong step around in the circle to the point where the wrong step was taken. Where the inner and outer circles meet provides a fork in the road which allows souls to return to their original circle, or to repeat the inner circle."

"Okay, if we are on our original path and we create a circle, is it possible then to create another circle within that circle?"

"Have you not experienced that you have created another circle within a circle? Many circles are created within circles."

  "Okay. So we can break a circle, only to find ourselves travelling another circle that needs to be broken."

"Yes, circles within circles. Many circles may need to be broken before returning to one's original path."

"How can a conscious choice be made without awareness?"

"As I have explained, a conscious choice can be made without awareness. I have also explained that a soul can be aware of the need for a choice, but not be aware, that they are aware."

"If a mystery which has remained a mystery for thousands of years is suddenly solved by accident, it seems that it would be likely to be solved by one of the souls who was involved in the events that became the mystery."

"This is correct. Often the soul will have a reason for solving the mystery, such as a circle break. The soul is led to solve the mystery and break the circle, although the soul will often not be consciously aware of their connection with the events that became the mystery. The soul knows only that they are strangely drawn or driven to solve the mystery."

"Sometimes it seems that people are overly concerned with the last resting place, and in honouring dead bodies."

"You are correct. Despite the fact that the body has ceased to exist and is unimportant, a dead body is something tangible for people to hold onto."

"This concept of having something tangible to hold on to appears to be an extension of mourning the dead."

"That is exactly what it is. However, when someone dies it is not the person who has died, that people grieve for. People grieve for themselves, and the fact that the person is no longer in their life."

"It appears that an experience which occurs at some point in our existence, may only occur so that the experience may be drawn upon at another point in the future to demonstrate a point."

"Yes, you are correct."

  "There are times when I may sleep in a number of shifts of 30 to 45 minutes, and then have a two to three hour sleep."

"Yes, you sleep when you are tired."

"At other times I will sleep at every opportunity for hours, why is this?"

"You sleep when you are tired. Sometimes you need to recharge your body by allowing your body to rest."

"At other times I become tired when it is time to go to work and I have to push myself to work."

"Have no concern. Your sleep patterns are adjusting for your new environment. Consider your time in Paris."

"Why would my sleep patterns adjust now, and not wait for my new environment?"

"It is preparation for what lies ahead, and your awareness that it is only necessary to sleep when you are tired."

"Sometimes I awaken during the night and I get up and work, but at other times I allow myself to drift back to sleep, even though I suspect that I should get up and work."

"You have created an environment to understand that if you need to work you will work, and if you need to sleep you will sleep. You have created an environment to underline that there is no right way or wrong way. If you are meant to work you will work, and if you are meant to sleep you will sleep."

  "I do not suppose that it is any coincidence that my recorded journey is in three parts, with each part reflecting a part of our trinity linked by transitions."


"And a conclusion bringing it all together which reflects the essence of existence that links all souls, or the ocean as we have termed the collection of souls which are God."


"I still wonder about the times when you have deliberately led me astray."

"Firstly, you have not been led astray. You have been led to experience. Let us go back 12 months or so. Did your instinct not send you in a certain direction to create a set of circumstances which were needed to force you to change your path? What is the difference? When you were unable to communicate with me, I led you to do what was necessary. When we were able to communicate, I told you to do something. On both occasions the course of action which you followed was necessary. The only difference was the level upon which we were able to communicate."

"I wish to re-introduce karmic debt."

"Karmic debt does not exist. What you wish to raise is how the principle that karmic debt, as it is known, applies. If one is the persecuted and another is the persecutor, their roles are then reversed, which is a convenient means of experiencing both sides of the coin. Both souls need to experience each side of the coin, and it is convenient for them to do so together."

"What about karma from the perspective of a society or other such group of souls?"

"The same principle applies. A society or a group of souls may collectively experience both sides of the same coin."

  "What about all of the things we leave on the bridge to our soul?"

"The principle is correct. Unresolved matters and false conclusions from experiences are left on what you have termed the bridge to your soul. What is left on the bridge to one's soul is not one part of one's current lifetime, but what is left on the bridge to one's soul is attached to the current lifetime so the effect of what is left on the bridge to one's soul is becomes part of one's current lifetime. We have established that the bridge between your lower self and your higher self is your spirit self. We have determined that your spirit self has been described as your subconscious. We have explained that your spirit self is a storage area for all experiences. So the items left on what became a 'bridge to your soul' to illustrate your example, are unresolved experiences from previous lifetimes, stored in your subconscious."

"I know that circles need to be broken, but circles also need to be complete. Does this not contradict itself?"

"No. A circle can only be broken at the point where the circle joins another or outer circle. If an opportunity is not taken to break the circle at the point where the circles meet, the circle will need to be completed again. Another opportunity to break the circle will be given when the point where the circle joins another or outer circle, is again reached."

"And the circle becomes larger each time we travel the circle?"

"Yes. Each time that a circle is travelled, more experiences are added, which causes the circle to swell slightly."

"When my recorded journey first started, I referred to you as 'fate'."

"Yes, but what does a label matter? There are many who refer to me as fate."

"Nor did I believe in God."

"No, but did your lack of belief make my existence any less real? Do you think that your lack of belief was coincidence? Do you think that you 'happened' to discover the truth without being constrained by strongly held, preconceived ideas in respect of my existence?"

  "As I reflect on my recorded journey, I realise that I had believed that I knew so much, but I knew so little."

"This is an interesting and totally inaccurate statement. Firstly, you have always known all that is, but you were unaware of your knowledge, which did not make the knowledge unknown. Secondly, when you became aware of the truth, you knew the truth, which has not changed. All that has happened is that the depth of your awareness has increased, exactly as I told you that the depth of your awareness would increase when your recorded journey started. The fact that you were unaware, and you did not understand what I had said was of no consequence, but it was also necessary."

"As I continue to reflect, it seems apparent that I have a noticeable affect on those with whom I share my spiritual experiences, particularly when we are in close contact."

"What would you expect? It is your role."

"That makes sense, but I have also noticed that I only seem to be in close contact with people for a short time and then I move on."

"Yes. You are only required to provide a key to whatever level of awareness those you are in contact with are ready for. After you have provided the key, you will drift out of their life again. This pattern has been apparent for much of your lifetime if you care to recognise the pattern. The only difference is that you are now aware of what you are doing."

"I know what you mean, people have always entered and left my life, but are you suggesting that I have been fulfilling my destiny without being aware that I had a destiny?"

"I am not suggesting anything, I am stating a fact."

"Sometimes people do not drift out of my life. Sometimes we seem to be forcibly parted."

"This is correct. A forced parting occurs when necessary."

"Why would a forced parting be necessary, why not just allow us to drift apart?"

"Sometimes you would not drift apart, because drifting apart is not compatible with the experience which either has chosen. Sometimes both have chosen to be forced apart by circumstances, because being forced apart is the experience which is needed."

  "Am I correct that both earth guides and spirit guides adopt their roles because of an experience which they have chosen?"

"Yes, and experience is a two sided coin. One has chosen to guide, and one has chosen to be guided."

"Why did my soul 'go away' all of those times, and then return with the information which I sought or needed?"

"Your soul was not away, as you put it. Your spirit was sifting through your experiences so that the required experiences could be added to the knowledge within your higher self to provide awareness. You will recall that each time that your soul returned, as you term it, you became more aware."

"Yes, I understand, but why did the process take so much time?"

"You now consciously ask your spirit for information about experiences, as you need to apply the experience to your knowledge and become aware. If you review those times when your soul was away, they were less in duration each time. Firstly, you awakened your ability to seek previous experiences, and secondly you applied your ability to seek previous experiences with increasing awareness. You will understand from your experience in awakening other abilities, that drawing on experience throughout your existence will become natural and instantaneous for you."

"Yes, I do become more aware when my soul returns, and yes my soul seems to go away for shorter periods, but I do not recall being given any particular past life experiences in this way."

"You retrieve the principles that you have previously experienced, not the detail. Mostly the detail is irrelevant. When past life detail is relevant to establish a point, you draw on past life detail, but mostly, past life detail is unnecessary."

"My periods of well being are continually followed by periods of physical ailments."

"Yes, you need to remain earthed, and continue to experience what is needed."

  "Why is it necessary for me to remain earthed?"

"You have more to experience. Draw on your experiences. You will see that your periods of well being are increasing in frequency, and your periods of physical ailments are reducing in both duration and intensity. You are experiencing a period of adjustment, which has occurred with all that you have experienced."

"I have at least one question which I am aware of, which I seem unable to ask."

"You are correct. You need to some more experience before you will be ready for the answer to the question, which you are unable to ask."


"If I were to provide the answer to your unasked question now, I would interfere with your chosen experiences."

"I assume that when I review these particular notes, I will be ready to ask the question."

"That is a reasonable assumption, but it is an assumption nevertheless."

"I have experienced events on the spirit plane, with those who also exist on the physical plane, which have not occurred on the physical plane."

"Once more you think one dimensionally. How can events on the spirit plane transfer automatically to the physical plane, if the other party is unaware? Sometimes events on the spirit plane transfer to the physical plane, but the conscious mind fights the event and prevents the event from occurring. On other occasions the conscious mind allows the event to occur. Either way, you are applying the earth plane perspective to events on the spirit plane, and you are effectively thinking one dimensionally. Often events occur only on the spirit plane, because spirit plane experience is all that is necessary."

  "When I reached the summit and at other times in my journey, I have found peace. However, I always seem to lose my peace again."

"You are correct. At every point in which you found peace, others will find peace. However, some will not find peace, so you lose your peace. You subsequently find another point where you find peace for those who will find peace at that point, and so on."

"We say that there is no right or wrong, but we make comment in respect of some aspects of life, or religions, or whatever."

"There is no wrong as such. We are not saying that any are wrong. We are giving those who choose something to think about. What we are suggesting is that instead of accepting what society or religion says is so, all should look within."

"Why do I still struggle with all that I have experienced from time to time?"

"You see the earth plane as the only perspective on occasion. You view many aspects of your life one dimensionally, but have no concern your one dimensional view is changing. Such adjustments takes a little time, as you know from your recent experience. Apply your experience to your knowledge, and become aware."

"You once suggested that when we are unaware we live the effect, but after we become aware we live the cause."

"Yes. When one is unaware, one's actions are motivated solely by the experience or the effect, of choices which one is unaware that they have made. When one becomes aware, one experiences firstly the choice or the cause, and subsequently the effect. One's motivation becomes the choice not the experience. One still experiences the effect, but one lives the choice or the cause."

  "I recall that you told me that you were the eagle who watched over me on the mountain, when I was a Native American boy."

"Yes I was the eagle. I am everywhere, I am the very essence of life. One drop of the ocean was you, the Native American boy, another drop of the ocean was the eagle. The drop of the ocean which was the eagle, was the drop of the ocean which was the Native American boy."

God's statement that the eagle and the Native American boy were the same drop, would prove to be far more significant than I realised.

"There are times when you have told me that I must remain attached to the earth plane, and other times when you have told me that my problems only exist, because I remain attached to the earth plane."

"Both are correct. You seek to move on to the spirit plane, but you cannot fully move on to the spirit plane. You must remain on the earth plane, but you must not view your experiences solely from the perspective of the earth plane. To view your experiences solely from the perspective of the earth plane, is to view your experiences one dimensionally. You must view your experiences from the perspective of all planes, simultaneously."

"I 'must'?"

"You 'must', because to view your experiences from the perspective of all planes, is what you have chosen to do."

  "I wonder about souls creating themselves as dinosaurs at one point."

"Consider what is known about dinosaurs. Consider that some dinosaurs were aggressive and violent, and some dinosaurs were more placid. Consider how dinosaurs were all different, but all dinosaurs. Are the principles that applied really so different to the principles which apply now that souls are human, and not dinosaurs?"

"I understand that as we repeat circles, the circles become a little larger, but my circles seem to be turning Full Circle very quickly."

"Your are correct. You have experienced nearly all that you need to experience. You are increasing your awareness, and each time the circle turns, you become a little more aware. As your awareness increases, so does the speed with which the circle turns."


"As a part of your experience, a part of the example, and a product of your faster vibrational rate."

"I do not quite understand."

"As your vibrational rate increases, the experiences which you encounter increase, and as such the circle turns faster."

"When I used to hear others say that 'everything is as everything is meant to be', I would feel that 'everything is as everything is meant to be' was an inadequate comment. Now that I understand what 'everything is as everything is meant to be' means, I still feel that 'everything is as everything is meant to be' is inadequate at times."

"Have no concern. Allow yourself to adjust."

  "I still have that question which I seem unable to ask, why am I unable to ask the question?"

"It is not time to ask the question, that is all."

"Why do I still have difficulty with feeling I should be doing something, other than what I am doing?"

"What you are experiencing is adjustment, and circles. As you are adjusting, the circles that you experience are increasing in their speed."

"What I am experiencing does not feel like adjustment, what I am experiencing feels like frustration."

"You feel the point of the circle which you are currently experiencing. In effect you are frustrated, with the adjustment process."

"I feel all my nerves starting to become on edge again."

"Where are you?"

"I am at home, I did not go to the office today."

"Is that a coincidence?"

"Obviously not."

"So what does your frustration, your nerves, your coincidental solitude mean?"

"That I am in the process of moving up another step in my awareness."


"Why do we repeat what we have demonstrated previously?"

"Even a period of review repeats, which in itself demonstrates the circular nature of existence."

"You always have an answer."

"Would you expect anything different?"

  "Why does my path continue to repeat? Is there ever going to be an end?"

"Your path, your experiences are repeating as your awareness increases. The path does have an end, and for you the end of the path is close. Consider that most will complete what you have termed 'the awareness process' over many lifetimes. For many it will seem that the awareness process goes on without end. Therefore, it is important, that your awareness process also seems to go on without end. Souls need to understand that there is no end, and that there is no hurry. If souls allow awareness to occur, awareness will occur. Awareness will not necessary occur in a week, a month, a year or even a lifetime. Awareness will occur when awareness occurs, by allowing awareness to occur."

"Once again, I feel like giving up."

"So soon? Your circle must be turning very fast."

"It has only been two hours and once again my circle has turned. I can feel myself starting to move up a notch in my awareness."

"So soon? Your circle must be turning very fast."

"You once said that following my path has been the hardest thing which I had ever done."

"That is so."

"Did you mean the hardest thing which I had ever done in this lifetime, or in my existence?"

"In your existence."

"If this is so, why would others choose to follow."

"Your path was so difficult because of the intense concentration of your awareness process. Others will not choose to experience an intense and concentrated awareness process."

"Then why did I choose an intense and concentrated awareness process?"

"An intense and concentrated awareness process was necessary to create an environment from which you could create an example."

  "You have said that you arranged to bring others into my environment to allow me to maximise my experience. Doesn't this affect their experiences?"

"Those who are drawn to you, or those to whom you are drawn, seek experience which is compatible with your own. It is therefore convenient for you to come together."

"I notice that when answering questions you sometimes use terminology which we have previously superseded, why is this?"

"To maintain a point of reference."

"Some say that our spirit is simply energy."

"Energy is another name for the spirit. Is not energy also described as the very fabric of existence? Does not energy exist within all things?"

"Why are some people able to be brought back to life after a heart attack for example, and others are not?"

"Some have chosen to end this incarnation, and others have not chosen to end this incarnation. All is experience."

"Okay, but two people could be involved in the same event and seemingly by chance, one will die and the other will survive."

"Some have chosen to end this incarnation, and others have not chosen to end this incarnation. All is experience."

"So we could simply choose to live forever?"

"All choose to live forever."

"That is not what I meant."

"I know. Physical bodies outlive their usefulness. Being reborn and growing and maturing is far more conducive to the experience process. Physical bodies are capable of surviving much longer than physical bodies do survive, but there is seldom any point. When all that has been chosen is experienced, the body is discarded, and the spirit moves on."

  "Why not continue to experience with the same body?"

"How many times can one experience dying in a single lifetime?"

"Maybe many are simply choosing to believe that they are God, so that they can be God."

"Firstly, to be able to choose to believe that one is God, confirms that one has the choice to believe that one is God, and therefore the choice to believe that one is God is real. Secondly, I can assure you that being God is the last thing that those in physical form would choose. In fact, being God is the last thing that those in physical form do choose."

"Are you suggesting that all should simply accept your assurances?"

"No. All may look within their conscious self, and determine if they consciously believe or not."

"I thought that belief was irrelevant."

"Belief is irrelevant. If I had answered your question by saying that 'belief is irrelevant' we would have again demonstrated the point that belief is irrelevant. However, you would then have pushed to have the question answered in respect of your meaning."

"You tell me that I must remain in phase, and you tell me that I must remain attached to the earth plane and be reminded that I am attached to the earth plane. You tell me that I have problems when I lose sight of my spirituality, and you tell me that I create problems to remind me of my humanity, when I lose sight of my humanity. I find this all confusing."

"Each statement is correct. Effectively what I am saying is that you must remain in phase with all three planes, while remaining attached to the earth plane, which is possible. To remain in phase with all three planes, while remaining attached to the earth plane, only requires balance. You must allow yourself to remain in phase with all three planes, while remaining attached to the earth plane. Why do you think you were led to the balancing crystal candle holder? Why do you think that you burn a candle to release this balancing energy when you are working? You must remain in phase with all three planes, while remaining attached to the earth plane not because I have said so, but because you have chosen your path. You must remain in phase with all three planes, while remaining attached to the earth plane to realise the choice which you have made. You have made your choice, and now I lead you to the experience."

  "Can we be a little more specific?"

"Of course we can. In fact we will. Your choice is to become one with yourself and therefore one with all that is, whilst attached to the earth plane. To experience becoming one with all that is, to realise your choice, you require balance. I lead you to the experiences which will create your needed balance, so that you may realise your choice to become one with all that is."

"It seems that you are providing much assistance for me to realise my choice to become one with all that is."

"You are correct. The choice to become one with all that is, is an important choice. The choice to become one with all that is, is the choice of a master."

"I still have a little difficulty with determining the difference between the God within, and the God-collective. The God that is within all that is."

"Go to the beach. Look upon the ocean and determine where each drop which forms the ocean starts and finishes."

"I cannot do that."

"It is possible to determine where each drop which forms the ocean starts and finishes, but you are nevertheless correct. The point is, what is the point?"

"Tell me about removing my conscious mind."

"You needed to make a conscious decision to remove your conscious mind. You needed to allow your instinct, and your subconscious to surface and your conscious mind was blocking your instinct, and your subconscious."

"What about the roots to my conscious mind?"

"Your conscious mind was deeply rooted by your experiences of this lifetime. The roots to your conscious mind needed to be removed."

  "So what is the point?"

"You needed to discontinue making your choices and your decisions based on what you had been taught in this lifetime, and what you were able to rationalise. As you subsequently learned, you can rationalise both sides of the argument."

"But I still think about past and negative experiences."

"Yes, but you think about past and negative experiences other than with your conscious mind. You do not force yourself to think about something, or force yourself not to think about something. You simply allow your experiences of this lifetime to be applied to both your experiences from other lifetimes, and your knowledge, to enable you to become aware."

"It sounds very passive."

"It is not passive, it is active. The difference is that your higher self is allowed to direct your thoughts, not your lower self."

"On occasion we still use terminology such as 'thought', etc."

"Yes, but we use such terminology in a different context."

"Do the seeds of my conscious mind still exist?"

"Yes. The seeds of your conscious mind are a part of your physical existence. To remove your conscious mind, stop using your conscious mind to make your decisions. To prevent the seeds of your conscious mind from taking root again, do not use your conscious mind to make your decisions."

"What about the positive and negative charge in all that we experience."

"The positive and negative charge is an analogy. Every experience can be viewed positively or negatively. How each experience is viewed is choice."

  "We once said that when the earth plane as we know it comes to an end, those left behind will suffer."

"To be trapped within the earth plane for tens of thousands of years while the earth plane is reconstructed could be considered suffering from the perspective of the earth plane. Recall that when we made that observation, we were talking only from an earth plane perspective."

"Okay, but we have also talked about punishment, as in punishing a child."

"Yes. All is experience. It is a matter of breaking the circle of experience or repeating the circle of experience. The concept of punishment that we discussed was an analogy to demonstrate the principle of the need to break the circle of experience from the earth plane perspective, because we were talking only from an earth plane perspective."

"At that time, I did not know that we were discussing anything."

"That you were unaware of our communication, does not mean that our communication did not occur."

"I still have some difficulty with what we said about punishment, and that we indicated that there is judgement."

"Our explanation was a reflection of where you were on your journey at the time. As I have explained, we needed a point of reference and we needed to begin with concepts that those who will follow can associate with, and then take those who will follow through step by step, to the point that we have reached at this time. If we had said; 'you may do whatever you desire, everything that you do is only experience', we would have lost many. We needed to develop the concepts, the principles of reality, one step, one layer, one level of awareness at a time."

"Okay, but punishing and suffering seem very far away from reality."

"I remind you that 'punishing a child' was an analogy. Consider the basic message; 'all experience is to demonstrate who one is not, so that each can become who they are'. If, after an event has been experienced one is not aware that the experience is not who they are, the experience is repeated and each time the experience is repeated, the experience is more intense until one becomes aware that the experience is not who they are. Apply this explanation to our 'punishing a child' analogy."

  "Okay, I understand, but our analogy indicates that God is directing and interfering with experiences."

"No, each time an experience is chosen, the experience is more severe. Despite the increasing severity the experience is still chosen, because it is known that the experience is needed."

"I still do not particularly like very much about my environment."

"I do not recall saying that you should like your environment."

"I know, and I understand that my environment is for experience. I understand that experience is necessary, and I understand that my environment could be far more difficult. However, I do not like my environment."

"You are not meant to like your environment. You are meant to experience your environment."

"I have tried to be positive, but my environment does not fulfil me. It is not that I feel unfulfilled, but …"

"You are positive. Your environment cannot fulfil you, because your environment is not who you are and you are very much aware that what you are experiencing is not who you are."

"Yes, but I thought that whether I liked my environment or not, was irrelevant."

"Whether you like your environment or not is irrelevant, which does not mean that you must like your environment. Do you think that Jesus particularly liked his environment, before Jesus found his peace?"

"I know that Jesus did not like his environment."

"Do you think Jesus enjoyed being crucified?"

"No, Jesus did not like being crucified. Jesus probably liked being crucified less than I, because I felt that I deserved to be crucified."

"That is a fair assessment. Jesus did not enjoy the crucifixion or the events leading up to the crucifixion at all. Jesus was not meant to like the crucifixion, Jesus was meant to experience the crucifixion as many others before Jesus, and after Jesus have experienced death as a punishment."

"Jesus sort of knew that."

"Jesus accepted it. Jesus was aware that the crucifixion was experience, and therefore necessary. Jesus did not like the crucifixion, and Jesus was not meant to like the crucifixion."

  "I still wonder about the times when you told me that something was occurring or would occur, other than what did occur."

"As I have explained, your higher self has always led you to experience. What did Jesus believe, when Jesus was being crucified?"

"Jesus knew that he would die on the cross."

"Yes, Jesus knew that he would die on the cross, but Jesus did not die. I knew that Jesus would not die, but I allowed Jesus to believe that he would die on the cross."

"Why was that?"

"Jesus would have acted differently if Jesus had known that he would not die on the cross. Such knowledge would have changed Jesus' experience, which is exactly the point. Apply this principle in respect of your own experiences. If Jesus was a master who could do anything, the son of God, why did Jesus not create a 'miracle' and prevent his own crucifixion?"

"To free those who accepted Jesus' message from sin."

"Indeed, what is sin?"

"There is no sin, only experience."

"Indeed, so why was Jesus crucified?"

"To experience being executed, and conveniently make the point that sinners could go to heaven, or return to the higher plane."

"Indeed, but there is no sin."

"No, but at that time society believed that if they sinned, they would face the wrath of God."

"Correct, but God is within. God is pure love. God has no wrath."

"Notwithstanding the distortion, that was the basic message which was delivered by Jesus."


  "I am still not comfortable with all of the times when I was not, I am not, happy with the circumstances in my life."

"Firstly, I never said you were required to be happy with the circumstances in my life. Secondly, why would you be happy being who you are not? Thirdly, you have always had the choice to change your environment. You could have walked away from your responsibilities and changed your environment overnight, or you could have endured what you have endured and changed your environment gradually. You chose the latter. Neither choice would have made you happy instantly, and only the second choice would allow you to be who you are, and therefore happy and content. You chose the second option because, although harder to endure, you knew that the second option was the only viable option for you."

"So you are saying that the easy road would have been just to walk away."

"Walking away was what you wanted to do. Walking away would have appeared easier, but walking away would have in fact been harder. The road that you chose was to follow your instinct, which was a hard road at the time. Your choice to follow your instinct did not allow you to do many things that you desperately wanted to do. If you had of overridden your instinct, you would have achieved the immediate result that you wanted, but the result would have been far from the fulfilling climax to your earth plane existence."

"So we demonstrate the point that following our instinct appears harder, but following our instinct is in fact easier."

"Yes. Had you ignored your instinct you would have reduced your financial pressure considerably. You would have repaid some debt, and not incurred more debt. You would have embraced the business and all that went with that environment, finding a solution or an apparent solution to your problems. However, all of the solutions to your problems would have been temporary. Were you not warned about the events which would come to pass three years ago?"

  "Yes I do remember. I had discounted what that particular psychic had said because I did not understand or like what he said."

"Yes, but you understand now. You chose to heed that particular psychic's warning, even if you were not aware that you were heeding that particular psychic's warning."

"Okay. Are you saying that if I had not followed my instinct, I could have reached that pot of gold which I thought I had lost?"

"Yes, in every respect."

"Oh, well why didn't I?"

"You knew and you were aware, albeit not consciously aware, that the gold in that pot was fool's gold."

"Fool's gold?"

"Yes, what you found looked like gold, but what you found was worthless."

"So by walking away from everything that I thought I wanted, I was walking towards everything that I really wanted."

"Yes. You walked away from something that was not quite who you are, to something that is exactly who you are."

"You said that I could have walked away from my responsibilities and changed my environment instantly, or I could have remained within my environment and changed my environment gradually. You then indicated that I could have maintained my old environment."

"Yes. In effect you had three options. One option was what you thought you wanted, one option would have provided temporary peace. The third option which you chose to follow was to follow your instinct, which led you to who you are, and therefore what you did want and to permanent peace."

  "Sometimes I still feel that I am using Nancy."

"Firstly you know that using someone is not possible. You are simply sharing experience. Recall your lifetime 2,000 years ago. Nancy felt unimportant, Nancy felt left out when everything was not as Nancy would have liked, so Nancy walked away. Nancy turned her back on Jesus, which is why Nancy is willing to do whatever task is now given her. Nancy has experienced turning her back on one who was becoming a master, and now Nancy is experiencing not turning her back on one who is becoming a master. Having experienced one side of the coin, Nancy is now able to experience the other side of the same coin, which is all a part of the experience which Nancy needs. Whenever you interrelate with Nancy, it is for Nancy's experience. Nancy at times feels otherwise, but it is you who are incidental to Nancy's experience, as you know."

"Yes I do."

"Yes, and you also know that you have been incidental to the path of many others. You have been a tool for their experience. It is the way of the master."

"I suppose that I knew this too."

"Make no mistake, you touch people's lives, and people are more aware that you have touched their lives than you are, although mostly people do not understand precisely what they have experienced."

"I find myself wondering about the people who's lives I left when my journey, or my awareness process started."

"The people who's lives you left were not necessary for your experience, nor were you necessary for their experience, other than in respect of what either you or they experienced in leaving each other's lives at the time. The experience is also a convenient way to demonstrate that souls leave the lives of other souls when they no longer need to share experience."

"I can now ask my question…. What about the new environment I have allegedly created?"

"Every step you have taken, every choice you have made, every experience you have felt has added to your new environment. You have been and you continue to create your new environment. When it is time you will realise your new environment, and you will experience the environment which you are experiencing creating."

  "I continue to find events and memories appearing in my mind."

"Yes. Memories 'appear' in your mind when there are some principles from the experience, of which you are yet to become aware."

"Events are repeating themselves, at least in principle. Usually when an event repeats itself, I happen to start reviewing a similar experience within my notes."

"Yes. You repeat events or experiences when there is an aspect of the event or experience, of which you are not yet aware."

"So my current environment remains basically unchanged, because I still need my current environment."

"Yes. An environment will change when the environment is no longer needed. This principle applies for all souls, and in respect of each environment."

"Tell me about all of the times when I became apprehensive, or felt that something would occur and nothing happened."

"Do not overlook your empathic ability. That another did not choose to act on what they were feeling, did not prevent you from sensing their emotions."

"This seems like another convenient and unverifiable explanation."

"The only proof that is possible comes from within. Search your soul for the truth."

"All of the times when you told me that I had handled something correctly, you were really saying that I had handled something as I was meant to handle whatever it was, and as it was foreseen that I would handle the situation."


"So in effect, you were humouring me."

"I was stating a fact."

"So we cannot handle a situation incorrectly. However we approach or respond to a situation is correct, because of what we have chosen to experience at the time."

"Yes, you are either experiencing who you are not, or you are experiencing who you are. Either way the experience is necessary, and therefore your actions are correct."

  "You once said that my old environment had lasted long enough for my concentrated experience."

"Yes. You then created a new albeit similar environment, because of what you then needed to experience. Each moment is an environment. You have alternatively referred to your current environment as the same environment, an interim environment, and your new environment. All three are correct. Every moment is a new environment, and as the circle turns the environment is the same environment, but because the environment leads from one environment to the next environment, the environment is also an interim environment."

"I understand what you are saying, but it is not what I meant by my new environment."

"I know, we needed to break your question down. Firstly, your interpretation of what you are told is often incorrect, which is an experience that is necessary for the example. That you have alternatively viewed your environment in three different ways, has allowed us to demonstrate this point. What you refer to when you talk about your 'new environment' is the environment which will allow you to fulfil your destiny at a higher level. It is this environment that you have been creating piece by piece, but have not yet realised. Each day you see a little clearer what the environment which will allow you to fulfil your destiny at a higher level will lead you to experience, and how you will be asked to assist others in their experience. You have provided assistance to others throughout your existence, as have all. The difference is that you are now aware that you have provided assistance to others throughout your existence."

  "There are times when I will read something or I am told about something that contains much of the truth of existence, and then I discover that what I have read is a work of fiction."

"Where do you think that the concepts within any work of fiction come from?"

"From within the author."

"Yes, and is not truth within all? Am I not the truth? Am I not within all?"

"As I reflect, I see that there were many times when, regardless of their choice of terminology, it was apparent that many with psychic ability were far more aware of my level of awareness, than I was."

"Yes, you were not consciously aware of your awareness level. Have you not witnessed unconscious awareness within others? Have you not known that another is aware, but they themselves are not consciously aware?"

"I still view the occasional event as unbelievable."

"If an event occurs, you have no reason not to believe the event, because you have experienced the event. Whether you choose to believe the event or not, does not alter the fact that the event did occur."

"We have commented that my journey is to become a master on a number of occasions. Why is it be necessary to continually mention that my journey is to become a master?"

"Do you believe you will be the only soul who choses to become a master?"

"We seem to be repeating questions."

"Yes, and we are clarifying and repeating answers."

"Why do we do repeat and clarify answers?"

"So that those who choose will understand."

  "I have known for some time that I have been able to review my life experiences and see how everything fitted together. I am now able to review my life experiences and see how everything fits together closer to the event, and sometimes when the event is happening."

"Yes. The pattern will be familiar to you. It is a pattern which all may see in their own lives. As each reviews their own lives, each will start to become aware of how events fit together, and why certain events were necessary. As their awareness increases, their awareness will increase."

"I find that no matter what occurs in my life, I can handle the event easily by applying my awareness."

"Yes. All can handle the events of their lives easily by applying their awareness, regardless of their level of awareness."

"There seems to be a difference in the messages which I receive from external sources, which now appear to be confirmation only."

"The only difference is in your awareness. You are aware of what is required through applying your awareness. Therefore, when the messages are received, the messages are a confirmation of what you know, and what you are aware of."

"When spirits are around my home and making their presence known, I have attempted to take special note of something so that I can remove any doubt of their presence, but I have been unable to prove the presence of the spirits in my home."

"Firstly, you have no doubt about the presence of spirits in your home. You know that many spirits are around you, and you are certainly aware of their presence. What you seek is proof from the earth plane perspective, and as you are well aware, such proof is not possible and therefore not forthcoming."

  "Sometimes I wonder when Katerina and I will be together."

"You are viewing your togetherness only from the perspective of the earth plane. You are already a united soul."

"We once spoke about our souls having to fulfil an obligation, but I now understand that we have no obligations."

"You are correct. There are no obligations except to self, and to experience. In your case, you created an obligation to complete this task which enabled you to experience being worthy. You created this obligation to yourself, because you believed you were unworthy which is not who you are. By experiencing being worthy, you were able to become closer to being who you are."

"Is it correct that crystals are amplifiers?"

"Yes. Crystals, natural oils from plant life used in aromatherapy etc, and colours are all natural sources of energy. If used by one who has chosen to realise their healing abilities, crystals, oils from plant life, and colours amplify the healing abilities."

"How do crystals, oils from plant life, and colours amplify healing abilities?"

"By combining the natural source of energy and the ability, which creates a multiplication effect, rather than an addition effect."

"You imply that all have healing abilities."

"All do have healing abilities, because all are God. Some choose to realise their healing ability or other abilities, and in so doing experience their chosen ability or abilities."

  "So healing abilities are no different than say psychic or clairvoyant abilities?"

"You are correct. Some choose to realise a specific ability, and experience the full power of their chosen ability."

"You are aware of those who choose to experience the full power of their chosen ability, so you can lead them to where they can conveniently interact with those who have chosen to experience such abilities in a limited way. Such as one who consults a crystal healer, or a spiritualist."

"Yes. However, the principles are not limited to what may be termed as spiritual abilities. Exactly the same principles apply to those who have chosen to experience physical abilities."


"If one choses to become a doctor for example, and to heal physical ailments, they are experiencing a specific ability, that of a physician. The patient who consults with the physician is also experiencing the ability of a physician, but in a limited way."

"I know that the earth plane is an illusion and I recall being able to move through 'solid' objects when I was on the spirit plane. However, the earth plane seems real. I can touch the earth plane, my physical body cannot move through solid objects."

"No, your physical body is also a part of the illusion. The illusion must appear real, or the illusion cannot be experienced. You can however see through the illusion, and all can see through the illusion, if they choose to see through the illusion."

  "I have noticed that some of the physical pain which occurred at a particularly traumatic point in my existence, still resurfaces in this lifetime when I am experiencing certain things."

"As I have explained, there are experiences that are chosen to be felt extremely deeply. For example when frustration because of delays caused your death, it was an extremely deep experience. When you feel frustration at delays in this lifetime, the pain resurfaces to remind you of what you have experienced by allowing yourself to become frustrated with delays. The pain has resurfaced throughout this lifetime, and other lifetimes since the event, but it is only now that you are aware of why the pain occurs."

"I remember when we first spoke in this lifetime, and all that you told me. I really did not have a clue."

"You did have a clue, in fact you had more than a clue, you knew. However, you were unaware at a conscious level."

"I recall that I had believed the chapter entitled Home Run would end my journey."

"If we stay with your analogy, one Home Run does not end the game."

"You once spoke of removing the bridge to people's souls, when our time on the earth plane runs out."

"Yes. As you have since understood, when it is time to recreate the earth plane those who remain will be attached to the earth plane and able to reflect on the experience of their existence, until the earth plane is recreated and they are able to complete their experiences. During this time of reflection those who have chosen to remain attached to the earth plane, cannot return to the higher plane. Thus the bridge to their is removed, temporarily."

"So the removal of the bridge to the soul is only temporary."

"By the standards of the higher plane, yes. By the standards of the earth plane the removal of the bridge to the soul will seem to last for an eternity."

"You have suggested that those who remain attached to the earth plane, will have chosen to remain attached to the earth plane."

"All is choice."

  "So why do we explain what is going to happen?"

"So that all may become aware that a choice is possible, if they choose to become aware of the choice."

"You have used terms such as 'fulfilling one's destiny' and 'completing one's destiny'. Is there a difference?"

"Yes. When one fulfils their destiny, they become fulfilled. The destiny of all is to return to the oneness with all that is. It is this oneness with all that is which provides fulfilment. When one completes their destiny they have experienced, all that they need to experience."

"The distinction between 'fulfilling one's destiny' and 'completing one's destiny' seems subtle. I take it that the two events can be achieved separately."

"You do not 'take it' at all. You know from your own experience. Fulfilment of destiny is returning to one, completing destiny is experiencing all. Returning to one and experiencing all are related, returning to one and experiencing all occur close to each other, and returning to one and experiencing all may occur in either order."

"Is the concept of parallel time lines correct?"

"Not as it has been conceptualised on the earth plane. You refer to events that would occur if a decision had been made other than was made. You yourself have experienced that you do 'experience events' that would have occurred if an alternate choice had been made. Events that would have occurred if an alternate choice had been made are 'experienced' on the spirit plane. Often the souls involved will come together on the spirit plane, so the events that would have occurred if an alternate choice had been made can be 'played out' and 'experienced'. However, the events that would have occurred if an alternate choice had been made are not felt, and therefore not fully experienced."

  "This is a little confusing. I have experienced the events that would have occurred if an alternate choice had been made on the spirit plane, but not on the earth plane. Is not all experience?"

"Experience on the spirit plane is to allow you to see what could happen, or how you would respond if events that did not occur, or will not occur on the physical plane, did in fact occur. Experience on the spirit plane is real, but experience on the spirit plane is not fully felt. For experience to truly be experience, experience must be felt, and experience can be felt on the physical or lower planes.

"I have been told that some who I walked away from feel very bitter and angry towards me, and have even described me as evil."

"Does this surprise you?"


"Has hearing of the reaction of others to your absence from their lives hurt you?"

"Surprisingly, not at all."

"Why would not being hurt surprise you?"

"I do not know. I feel the love for those whose lives I have left, certainly not bitter and angry. Therefore, I would have believed that such strong emotions against me would have hurt me."

"And the strong emotions against you do not hurt you?"

"No, not at all."

"Welcome to pure love!"

  "Yes, I guess I …"

"Did Trish not forewarn you about this feeling of bitterness?"


"Did Sue not indicate that there was some more to experience in respect of bitterness towards you?"

"Yes. I was surprised by the apparent intensity of the feelings against me."

"Were you indeed? What is the purpose of feelings, or emotions, or whatever you choose to call them?"

"To allow experience to be felt."

"Yes, and if an experience is felt intensely?"

"The experience has been repeated many times, and the person who is experiencing with such intensity, has not become aware of who they are not."

"Yes. Has the experience of feeling anger and bitterness towards you been experienced many times?"

"Yes, the experience of feeling anger and bitterness towards me has been experienced many times."

"Did you know that the experience of feeling anger and bitterness towards you has been experienced many times?"

"Well, yes I did."

"So you were not really surprised by the experience at all. You simply did not take the time to apply your awareness."

  "Yes, you are correct."

"The information was relayed to you, to enable you to understand the point that you need to take the time to apply your awareness."

"Despite these developments there is still strong spirit contact between myself and the one who feels anger and bitterness towards me."

"Yes there is. What the lower self has chosen to experience does not affect the spirit self, because the spirit self knows that the physical is only experience."

"Yes I know this, but …"

"Did the particular spirit whom you are concerned with, tell you not to worry about her lower self experiences, because her experience were needed?"


"Were not your own feelings, your own experiences in respect of that soul intense, albeit positive?"


"Does intensity increase with repeated experiences?"


"Good, we have made our point."

  "I find it fascinating that when we make a point, something seemingly unrelated occurs to demonstrate the point which we have made."

"You are creating an opportunity to apply your awareness."

"I also find it startling that I can have a clear discussion with someone on the spirit plane, and that they are unaware of our discussion at a conscious level."

"You have experienced spirit plane discussions often and you should not be surprised when the other soul has no conscious memory of a spirit plane discussion. What most are experiencing on the earth plane is more who they are not, than who they are. On the spirit plane all know what is being experienced, because all arrange their earth plane experiences on the spirit plane, 'directed' by the higher plane. If those who exist on the earth plane were aware of this reality, they would not experience what they are experiencing, and experiences must seem real, to be experienced."

"I am experiencing being aware of my spirit plane discussions."

"Yes you are experiencing who you are, it is experiencing who one is not, that is the illusion."

"You once said that it was you who created artificial fulfilment to provide an environment for us to learn within."

"Yes. I am the creator of all that is. All environments are created for experience, or to learn within. When I stated that I created artificial fulfilment, you understood what I had said from the perspective of your awareness level when I made the statement. You now have a different understanding of my statement. My statement has not changed, it is your awareness level, that has changed."

  "You once said that it was not correct that all are God."

"I said 'as you understood God'. It is your higher self which is your God self, and which you must return to. You will recall that I once explained that all are who they are, plus who they have not experienced that they are not. I described you as 10 + 2 to illustrate my point. It is the 10 which is God."

"Okay, what am I now."

"10 + 1."

"You have also said that there is only one God."

"Yes. God, the ocean of existence."

"Yes, but are we not all God?"

"All are drops within the ocean. One God that is all, and all exist within one God. All are part of one God, and one God is part of all."

"You once said that knowledge must be acquired, but I now understand that all knowledge is within."

"Yes, I can only answer your questions based your level of awareness. At that time you assumed that the knowledge was acquired externally, because I said that it had taken you thousands of years to acquire your knowledge. You did not listen to exactly what I said, and you did not understand. Knowledge is acquired from within, even though it may take thousands of years to acquire knowledge."

  "You have also said that the door will be closed, and that the keys to awareness will no longer be provided."

"From the perspective of the higher plane the door will be closed temporarily. From the perspective of the earth plane, it will seem that the door has been closed for eternity. The same principle which I have described in respect of the removal of the bridge to the soul applies."

"I now find it difficult to accept the time when you spoke with me as a father figure, which seems very far away from who you are."

"How we communicate, even when we could not communicate reflects your level of understanding and awareness. You once had difficulty accepting that we could communicate as friends."

"You once said that balancing all three planes was a burden which I had to carry, but balancing all three planes does not seem like a burden."

"No balancing all three planes does not seem like a burden now, but when I told you that balancing all three planes was a burden, balancing all three planes was a burden to you."

"You once mentioned that I would be as I had chosen to be. Am I correct that I had chosen to be who I am, despite not being aware of my choice?"

"You are correct. The choice which you made was to be who you are. To achieve what you have chosen, you needed to spend much of this lifetime experiencing who you are not."

  "You also said that I needed to discard my body, before I could return to the higher plane, but I have and I can become part of the fabric of existence."

"Yes, you can become part of the fabric of existence and you do become part of the fabric of existence. You will be part of the higher plane, and exist only within the higher plane only after this lifetime is complete. What you are experiencing is existing on three planes simultaneously, as I told you would occur."

"I had understood that my ability to exist on each plane simultaneously would not occur, until my lifetime was nearly over."

"You did not understand. It was important to allow you to misunderstand so that you would not search for your ability to exist on each plane simultaneously to occur. You needed to allow your ability to exist on each plane simultaneously to occur."

"I know that I am incidental to the example, but I have been taken through aspects of my lifetimes, and I have recorded aspects of my lifetimes."

"Yes, recalling past lifetimes is part of the example. What you have done, others must do, and they will need a point of reference."

"When I reflect on all of the times that you told me that I would wonder why I found something so difficult, I wonder why I found many things so difficult."


  "During my journey you withheld much knowledge from me, why was this?"

"I withheld knowledge from you because you were not ready to receive all knowledge. When we first spoke, I explained that I would withhold knowledge from you, because if I had released all knowledge at once, you would have been overwhelmed. You needed to rediscover your knowledge, step by step, as a part of the example."

"Okay, but we are one. How is it possible for you to block knowledge from me?"

"Easily, I do not allow you to become consciously aware of certain knowledge."

"Why do I still experience a few physical ailments?"

"You still need some physical ailments."


"For a number of reasons. Your physical ailments have their place in your example. You are aware of why your physical ailments exist from a spiritual viewpoint. Your physical ailments have not quite fulfilled their purpose. Conveniently, your physical ailments are also allowing the crystal healer to develop her powers."

"Are physical illusions really necessary?"

"You have experienced that physical illusions are not necessary, but physical illusions allow one to feel experience so physical illusions are necessary. It is the depth of the physical illusions that is unnecessary. Anything can be experienced without the need to experience deeply, but many choose to experience deeply."

  "Will those who remain on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, be able to incarnate as some form of life on the earth plane?"

"Yes, those who remain on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, will experience incarnating on a planet which is in the process of rebirth, some not for the first time. However, those who remain on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, will be unable to become aware. Mostly those who remain on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, will experience a time of reflection on the spirit plane."

"You said that remaining trapped on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, is the 'cost' of failing to find the truth within."

"Remaining trapped on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, is the cost of failing to find the truth within. However, we would more accurately describe remaining trapped on the earth plane whilst the earth plane is being reconstructed, as the effect. Choosing not to find the truth within is the cause. Remaining on the earth plane is the effect."

"How does a higher vibrational rate deflect negativity?"

"Consider a washing machine. Drop a coin onto the washing machine, if the washing machine is not in use, the coin will remain on the washing machine. However, if the washing machine is turned on, the coin will vibrate off the washing machine. The faster that the washing machine is vibrating, the faster the coin will be pushed off."

"Are you suggesting is that the coin is the negativity, the dirt which clings to us, such as guilt for example."

"Yes. As with the washing machine and the coin, the faster that the soul vibrates, the harder it is for the negativity to remain attached to the soul."

  "I am not comfortable with the times when I am required to tell a lie or a half truth."

"There is more than one answer to this question. Firstly, how can you tell The Truth Of Reality to those who would not understand? You know that you cannot you tell The Truth Of Reality to those who would not understand, and you have experienced that you cannot you tell The Truth Of Reality to those who would not understand. If we take your question to its ultimate conclusion, you may speak an illusion, but you do not live an illusion. It is because you do not live an illusion, that you are required to speak an illusion to those who do live an illusion. It is not time for you to move on, and therefore you need to remain within artificial reality. Secondly, you have not quite broken the habit of feeling that you need to justify your actions. You know that you do not need to justify your actions, but sometimes you attempt to justify your actions through habit. Thirdly, you are meant to do, everything that you do. How do you know that you are not required to lie to someone, so that in time they may choose to understand that it is easier to lie to them, than to tell them the truth? You could be assisting those to whom you lie to gain the experience which they have chosen, whatever that may be. Have I not told you that you are incidental to the learning process of many?"

  "Yes, that makes sense."

"Have you not considered that if someone gives you some information, regardless of the amount of 'truth' if any within the words, the information which you have been given is to lead you to experience something? You have experienced both receiving and giving information designed to lead to experience."

"Why is it easier for many to believe that which they find externally, than that which they find internally?"

"Most believe that they are unworthy, and therefore they cannot possibly be correct. The reverse is true. All are worthy, and all knowledge is within."

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