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Searching for My Soul
Book Two Seeking the Knowledge Within

The Next Phase.

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I strolled into a shop that had various clairvoyants, psychics, and tarot readers who alternated each day. I had no idea who I would see, what their specialty would be or even if they would be available. I left the nature of the guidance which I would receive, or even if I would receive guidance, to fate.

I saw a 'spiritual reader' named Sue. I recognized Sue, but I did not recall in which lifetime or lifetimes I had known her.

Sue started to explain her role and then stopped. Sue said, "You know all of this, because you can do everything I can do." I confirmed that I could.

Sue described my golden aura, full of love and full of knowledge acquired over many lifetimes. Sue explained that the knowledge within me was vast, and that I had only drawn on such a small part of the knowledge within me.

Sue explained that I was extremely sensitive and kind. Sue told me I was full of love and that I wanted to help people. Sue told me about a spiritual centre which I would establish in the future, and where I would establish the spiritual centre. Sue explained that I would establish the spiritual centre with a woman who had honey coloured hair, and who was a healer. My soulmate had honey coloured hair, but I had no knowledge of her being a healer.

Sue explained that I felt that I should not make mistakes and that I expected myself to be perfect, but I needed to remember that I was human and if I was not human, I would be on the higher plane now.

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Sue talked about Marie. Sue explained that our relationship did not last through nobody's fault, because we were not meant to be. Sue explained that the reason why I had so much difficulty with my feelings for Marie, was because my feelings for Marie were not from one lifetime, my feelings for Marie were from many lifetimes, and I was being too hard on myself.

Sue told me about a crystal angel named Evelyn who was with me. Sue pointed out that I had seen the reflections from Evelyn's crystals many times from the corner of my eye. The moment that Sue mentioned the reflections from Evelyn's crystals, I realized that I had in fact seen the reflections from Evelyn's crystals many times. However, I had ignored the reflections from Evelyn's crystals, and I had assumed that what I saw, was either my eyes playing tricks on me, or my imagination. Sue explained that I had strong abilities to draw from the power of crystals.

Sue explained that I had learned most of the lessons of existence, but I still had more to learn including patience, especially patience. When I consulted with Sue more than a year later, she would again pass on the message that I needed to learn patience.

Sue explained that I was frustrated because I needed to remain within the business to earn a living, but I wanted to help people which was my vocation. Sue saw me as a teacher in the future.

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Sue explained that I was surrounded by spirit guides and angels, and that I was close to God. Sue mentioned three past lives, one where I had been an old woman, in England and that I had been a herbalist and natural healer. I could recall being a healer, but until now I had not been able to place the experience.

She confirmed that I had been a prophet who had walked with Moses. Sue also confirmed that I had walked with Jesus, and that I had been very close to Jesus. Sue explained that the role which I had been asked to adopt with Jesus had been the hardest role of all, and that there was a lot of love between the two of us. Sue explained that I had been forgiven, even as I committed the act.

Sue explained that I would join the masters, and that this was my last lifetime. I would fulfil my destiny in this lifetime. Sue told me that my writing would be far more successful than I could anticipate, and that much would come to me because I did not want it for myself.

Sue mentioned Sally. Sue said that Sally was a very wise soul, with healing hands and that Sally had been sent by the angels to help and guide me.

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Sue explained that my problem was that I was focusing on my human failings which was dragging me down. Sue explained that I needed to focus on my positive abilities, which included my golden aura, my spirituality and my psychic ability.

Sue further explained that all that I needed to do, was to follow the guidance from the spirits, angels and God. Sue told me that Jesus would soon visit me. Sue told me to relax, stop worrying about everything, and to put my faith in God. I had received a lot of education and learned much, not from a formal viewpoint but from the university of life.

Sue pointed out that I was receiving messages for many people, but that I was afraid to deliver the messages. Suddenly Sue was overwhelmed by the love radiating from my golden aura. She became very emotional and could not continue. I could sense that I had drawn all the energy from her.

When I left the session, I felt humbled.

What I found startling about everything that Sue had said, was that Sue had said it, and I had said nothing.

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Cloning of adult animals has been permitted to take place because of an upcoming need for souls to be able to split. With an increasing push towards birth control, there will not be enough new bodies created. Cloning, which will be viewed as both evil and proof that the physical is the only reality, is in fact a spiritual tool.

The concept of Adam and Eve is essentially correct. One soul was split into two, creating the first soulmate. That the original soul was called Adam and the separated soul was called Eve, is only a reflection of historical views on gender roles.

The concept that Adam and Eve were the parents of humanity is correct in that souls were created from the original two.

Adam and Eve were not expelled from the Garden of Eden, which is another description of the higher plane, but Adam and Eve were sent out to experience all that is necessary to understand the concept of pure love. When Adam and Eve had achieved pure love, Adam and Eve would return to the Garden of Eden, or the higher plane.

God created 'Adam' and 'Eve' as a means of expanding God's existence which is the motive for all life. We expand the existence of God, as we become a part of God, like the raindrop expands the ocean.

The more that I thought about Evelyn the angel, who wore cloak which was studded with crystals, the more that I realized how often I had seen the reflections from Evelyn's crystals, and for how long I had been able to see the reflections from Evelyn's crystals.

There are restrictions on the earth plane because of the physical nature of existence on the earth plane. There is so much of the physical existence which we do not understand, but the limits on the earth plane do not mean very much, because our understanding is far from reaching the limits on the earth plane.

Adam and Eve are symbolic, an analogy to describe the beginning of our physical existence, which does not discount the theory of evolution.

When souls first started creating physical bodies, their physical bodies were crude, but souls learned how to refine and adjust their bodies to suit the environment. It is this fine tuning of the physical body that has been termed evolution. The process of evolution still occurs as souls learn that they need to adjust their bodies with each incarnation.

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Negative emotions must be experienced, because it is through experiencing the negative effect which negative emotions have on us that we learn to seek, appreciate and embrace positive emotions.

I knew that there was much that I did not know. There were so many questions that I did not know to ask.

I had been asked to perform my task, because completing my task would allow me to forgive myself for betraying Jesus, even though I had chosen to adopt the role of Judas to betray Jesus.

What I was doing now was a part of the role which I had chosen to adopt, but if I chose to adopt the role, why would I then need to repay my karmic debt? The completion of my chosen role, was very circular and I was far from understanding the circular nature of my chosen role.

Another thing which I had difficulty with, was that when I was heading down a certain path based on the knowledge which I had, I often received new knowledge which told me why I was wrong, and I changed the path. I wondered if I was conveniently changing the story to suit myself.

If I was going to find any answers, I needed to address the issues spiritually, and I was struggling with understanding so many things. I had believed that after I had found God, and opened up communication with God through the permanent bridge to my soul, that I would no longer need Tarot readers and clairvoyants, which are temporary bridges to my soul, but I did still need the temporary bridges to my soul. I had also thought that I no longer had any spirit guides around me, but I was now told that I was surrounded by spirit guides. The conflicting pieces of information were all very confusing.

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I was having difficulty with the concept that we created our own environment in which to learn, but we are also guided and sometimes pushed along our path. I was struggling with the fact that I was struggling.

When I acted based on negative emotions, I did not know if it was okay because I was attached to the earth plane, or not okay because I should know better. I certainly needed clarification and guidance. I sent my soul to find some answers.

I wondered why I was never satisfied. I should have been satisfied with the previous day's consultation with Sue, but what Sue had relayed to me had only raised more questions.

God said, "You will continue to question. Questioning is the only way that you will receive answers. You will continue to question, until you have rediscovered the whole truth.

"When what you know contradicts itself, or seems to contradict itself, it is because you do not have all of the pieces of the puzzle. You know this."

I felt that I had abilities, such as an ability to draw pain out of people with my hands, or to move objects with my will.

"All that you feel you can do, you can do. You have the ability to do all that you feel you can do, but you are scared to use your abilities.

"Do not forget that it is not your role to convince people of anything. Convincing people of The Truth Of Reality is not possible. Each must make their own decision. Each must look within themselves. Your example will lead others to look within themselves. Be patient."

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I felt that I should be able to see the spirits and the angels around me. In fact, I had brief flashes when I could see the spirits and angels around me. During the previous few days I had seen flashes of Jesus.

I started to think that people would really believe that I was a lunatic.

God said, "What is happening is real, but suppose your experiences were not real. What are you trying to gain from people? Nothing. What are you suggesting people should do? Look within themselves for answers and feel pure love. What harm could looking within, and feeling pure love possibly do? None.

"You must write about your experiences, so that others will know and understand what is real, when they in turn experience for themselves. Remember that words must be chosen that all can easily understand, and that there are concepts, aspects of reality, which are difficult to explain in the terms of the earth plane.

"If you now became aware of all that you know at once, your knowledge would be too much for you to understand. Your knowledge must return to you gradually, building piece by piece so that others may follow, and see how the awareness of knowledge develops.

"The reason that the role which you accepted was so difficult in your time with the teacher Jesus, is that all that has occurred after was part of that role. All of the learning and preparation through the lifetimes after you were known as Judas Iscariot, until you became the Native American boy was preparation for what was to follow. All of the misery and sorrow that you have endured from when you were the Native American boy until now, was necessary to set up this moment. All that you have done since your creation many thousands of years ago, in your time, was known. Do you think that you walked with the two masters who you are now aware of by accident? I know all and I knew what would happen, but you had to accept your role by choice. You had to make your own choices, but you were always going to make the choices which you have made.

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"If you were aware of all that is from the start, you could have told people all that is, but all that is would have no meaning to any. You need to experience, as all have to experience. You need to find awareness, as all need to find awareness. You must follow the path to the truth of existence. All must be experienced. All must be learned for oneself. Knowledge in itself is not enough, nothing is truly known without experience, because only with experience comes understanding.

"You have been told over and over not to worry. You have been told over and over to have patience. You need to experience patience without worry, you have to learn patience without worry, and patience without worry needs to develop within you. How will others understand, when they have difficulties, if you do not also have difficulties? If I tell others to be patient, it will be easier if others have an example to learn from, if they so choose. You are that example.

"How will others know that confusion is natural, and that the path is difficult but they should continue, unless they see that you have also experienced confusion and a difficult path?

"Your soul, the part of you that is me, knew of all that would happen, but the part of you that is not me still has to learn and understand these things. There is so much to be learned, and you will learn all things in your lifetime.

"Some will grasp and remember all things in one lifetime, some with and some without your key. Others will need numerous lifetimes. Others will fail to grasp, and will fail to learn.

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"The timing of your destiny is not an accident. You are fulfilling your destiny now because now is when many are seeking the truth, the meaning. Remember, nothing can be forced on anyone. Have you not seen that nothing can be forced on anyone, in your 'old world', as you call it? Have you not seen that even if the truth is under someone's nose so that they cannot help but see the truth, they must still choose to accept the truth?

"Remember this, understand that what is happening in respect of your old world has meaning, and that what is happening in respect of your old world is really occurring to give you a better understanding of your real or new world. Understand this truth and view all with the perspective of your spiritual role.

"See how souls can refuse to accept the answers to their problems, even when the answers to their problems are presented to them, if souls do not wish to see the answers to their problems. See that many seek an answer, but will refuse to accept the answer, if that answer is not what they desire.

"Understand that all, like you, want to control their own destiny, their own path. All do control their own destiny, but not in the way in which they think that they do. Understand that you must put your trust in me, and therefore you must put your trust in yourself, and no harm will befall you.

"View all from the perspective of your spiritual role, and from the example of the masters who have gone before, and you will achieve a greater understanding.

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"Do not forget that everything is as it is meant to be. You know that everything is as it is meant to be, I have told you that everything is as it is meant to be many times, and still you think that you are being slow, or that you should be aware of more. Understand that your difficulty in accepting that everything is as it is meant to be, is a part of your journey, because others must understand that all is as it is meant to be, for them as well.

"Look at the example from your old world, you know that it is unlikely that your message will be received, but you have not given up. You continue to try to help those, who can only help themselves.

"As you have seen, compassion is honourable and good, but compassion is lost on those who use compassion to the advantage of themselves. Can you not see this in your old world, and can you not see the cost? Take this lesson into your new world, understand the significance of this lesson in your role.

"You know that you cannot protect someone from themselves, and that you must allow all to follow their own path, it is all that you can do. When your paths cross, you will do what is required of you, but all else is their decision.

"Have you yourself not said that all that you can do is let someone know what is required, and then they must make their own decisions? Why should this principle not be even more applicable in your new world?

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"Do not worry about what you are doing, or what you should do, just allow yourself to do. After all I have just told you, do you not yet see that you must allow yourself to do?

"Remember as you have learned over and over, conflicts in your knowledge only occur until the pieces which link all knowledge are discovered. When you have conflicts in your knowledge, do not focus on the conflicts in your knowledge, or ignore the conflicts in your knowledge, seek the missing pieces in your knowledge. Finding the missing pieces in your knowledge, is the only way that you can remove the conflicts in your knowledge.

"You know what must be done, and you know that you must do what must be done. Do not worry about your human side, because without your human side you could not, would not be like all, and you know that you are no different from any or from all. You must have failings and difficulties like all who follow, and all who went before.

"If you are unsure, search your soul for the answers. If you do search your soul for the answers, accept what you learn. You know what is right, but release your need for detail. Do not worry about how, because you cannot understand how.

"You have maintained your trust in me despite adversity, but without your adversity how would others know to maintain their trust in me, despite adversity? Soon your adversity will be gone, and others will see that your adversity is gone.

"Others must understand that they will need to go forward, that they will need to trust, even in adversity and in time all adversity will disappear. This is why you have felt your adversity so intensely. When others feel adversity, they will carry on, as you have done.

"You are no different from others, it is your role which is different."

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I remembered Jesus.

Jesus was a tall man, slightly over 6 feet, maybe 6 feet 2 inches. Due to his height, Jesus had a slight stoop. Jesus had long brown hair, and wore a beard. Jesus had a slender face and a slim nose which was slightly hooked. Jesus had kind but troubled eyes, and Jesus was often withdrawn, such is the way of those who were becoming what has been termed a master.

Jesus was a kind man, sensitive and understanding but often distant and distracted by what was happening to him and around him. Jesus had been a prophet in another lifetime, and we had walked together before that lifetime. Jesus had been my friend.

Moses was also troubled and distant. Moses had a very hard road to follow, and a strong trust in God. I had met Moses after Moses was exiled and accompanied Moses on his return to Egypt. Moses had been unsure and confused by what was asked of him, but Moses followed his path anyway.

Moses had feared execution upon his return to Egypt, and I had advised Moses not to return to Egypt. Moses returned to Egypt despite my advice, and I accompanied him.

My problems with the bank, and their errors continued. My account was frozen once again. I was not surprised, the timing was impeccable. I needed to learn patience.

Later that night I held a crystal in each hand as I meditated. I could feel the energy flowing into my hands, and my hands started to feel like they were pulsating.

God said, "Be patient, my son."

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I reflected on all that I knew that I could do, but I was at that point unable to do. I wondered if I was supposed to remember how to do what I knew that I could do.

"Do not be concerned, everything is as everything is meant to be. You will recall all, when it is time."

For a moment I considered all that I had experienced. I thought; 'How can this be?'

I became frustrated, and I had difficulty concentrating. There were times when I was unsure what to do next. I was continually losing sight of what I had learned.

"Relax, my son."

To be fair to myself, for the most part I was relaxed and I waited patiently.

"At times I have answered specific questions. I could have expanded my answers, but I did not expand my answers, because I knew that if I did expand my answers it would lead you to stray from your path. Everything is as everything should be, and everything has been as everything should be. Do not forget that if you have a specific question you only have to ask. When I answer your questions you continue to doubt me, mostly when your doubt relates to yourself. Do not allow your human failings to get in the way, accept what you are told. Understand, however, that I can only give you as much of the answers as you are ready to receive. You have a lifetime in front of you, a lifetime more wondrous than you can imagine. Be patient, you will learn all.

"You continue to look for and attempt to understand the meaning of signs when you know that signs are not real. Learn not to look for signs now, or do not learn not to look for signs now, whether you learn is up to you.

"Trust only what comes from within, regardless of the means that you use to reach what is within. Sometimes you block your own knowledge, or you fail to see something clearly in your confusion, so you need an impartial, such as Sue, to relay what is in your own soul to you. This is not a failing, this is help. You know when you need help, and you must seek any help that you need.

"Even when you knew that you were looking at events from the wrong perspective, and you changed your perspective, you were still incorrect. Did you not know that you had missed the point? You continued to look for the ways, different ways that all that was happening related to your old world, but the point which you missed is that all that was happening, related to your new world. Can you not see this now?"

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If I had thought that I'd had my patience tested before my consultation with Sue, I had not really had my patience tested compared to what I had experienced since my consultation with Sue. Everywhere that I went, and everything that I did proved to be a test of patience. It would be nice to say that I passed the 'test' and that nothing caused me to lose patience, but I could not. I lost my patience frequently, and I became frustrated on occasions.

I suspected that I was a little more patient than I had been previously. I also suspected that the test of my patience was far from over. I hoped that I was wrong, but I suspected that the next few days would be difficult. In fact, it was the next year which was difficult.

I allowed my mind to wander. I began to think about crystals, when for the first time, Evelyn spoke to me. "All crystals contain power, but some crystals have a stronger essence than other crystals. It is hard to know which crystals are more powerful by looking at the crystals, but you know that you can feel different strength in the power of different crystals.

"Crystals should be handled long or often, in your case handling crystals often will be best. Think about where you have your crystals placed, consider your home and you will know where to best place your crystals. Follow your instinct. You have your crystals grouped, spread your crystals around, and feel the energy field which will surround you, if you spread your crystals around."

I thought about how I needed to stop worrying. I wondered how I would be able to stop worrying, because I had a lot to worry about. I did know that all the things which I had to worry about, were created to show me not to worry, but I still wondered how I would be able to stop worrying.

God said, "That is your challenge."

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I did not know at that point that my challenge would continue, or that I would have far more to worry about before my journey was over.

I thought about matters which related to my old world, and I wondered why I could not simply accept what I was told.

"You must experience all for yourself. Your need to experience all for yourself, is part of your character which you have selected for your role. Experience is the only true teacher, and you must learn. You have a strong desire for answers, so you question. Questioning is the only way to find answers. Be satisfied with what you have chosen as your character, you did not choose your character by accident. Your character is by design, your design and my design. Are we not part of each other?"

It was another day of frustration, or at least potential frustration. I encountered one difficulty after another. I was constantly being given the opportunity, to learn patience.

I spoke with Jane whom I had not spoken with for some time. Jane was concerned because a psychic had told her that a spell of evil had been cast over her. This was not the first time that Jane had been concerned that a spell of evil had been cast over her, but I could sense no evil around her. I explained to Jane that any psychic ability, or the like used for evil, or causing harm, or for personal gain would turn against the person using such an ability in a negative way, which was apparently what the psychic had told Jane. Jane explained that she did not believe that a spell of evil had been cast over her, and Jane gave me numerous reasons why, but I sensed that Jane did believe that a spell of evil had been cast over her.

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Later, I asked God for guidance on the spell of evil which had apparently been cast over Jane. I asked for an angel to be sent to help me. Jesus appeared before me for the first time.

Jesus said, "Hello my friend."

Jesus reached out, touched my heart and said, "Be at peace. The evil around your friend is not real. The evil exists only because Jane believes the evil to exist. Put your hand on Jane's heart, and ask that the evil, real or imagined, be removed and the evil will be gone."

Later that evening I took a stroll. I was concerned because the depth of my knowledge was shallow, and because I could not utilize many of the abilities which I thought that I should be able to utilize, because I knew that my abilities existed.

God said, "If you are not ready to use your abilities, you are not ready to use your abilities. When it is time to use your abilities, you will be ready to use your abilities."

The next morning, I continued to struggle with my experiences. I wondered if perhaps all that had occurred, was in my imagination after all.

God said, "Have faith my son."

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I understood that there would be no point where I suddenly understood everything and ascended. I knew that what I was really searching for was peace. Total peace which was permanent. I knew I would have total and permanent peace, as soon as I allowed myself to have total and permanent peace. I asked God about the teachers.

God explained, "As I have explained previously, there are many teachers in this lifetime, and the number of teachers will increase with each lifetime. Understand that each teacher has a different role. Teachers will appear from within many cultures and perspectives, because the teacher for each must come from within their culture or belief, or that teachers will not be identified with. Some teachers will lose sight of the message which they are required to deliver, and thus will fail. These teachers will be given another opportunity in another lifetime. It is not for you, or for any to judge which of the teachers fail, because the message is to look within for the truth. If all look within for the truth, all will find the truth.

"Events known as miracles or signs are occurring to awaken people, to make people sit up and take notice. These miracles are occurring throughout the earth plane, and throughout all cultures and beliefs. Initially, it will be thought that these miracles signify the truth of the religion or the belief, but the miracles are so wide spread that it will become apparent that the truth is within all beliefs, and that the truth is beyond all beliefs.

"There are to be fifteen teachers in this lifetime and many, many others with a message to deliver. You are one of the fifteen teachers in this lifetime. Did you not foresee your meeting with the spiritualist Sue, many months ago?"

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I had foreseen my meeting with Sue whilst I was on the island, and again a few weeks later on a beach, but I had discarded what I had foreseen as my imagination.

"It is now time for you to accept your destiny, and you are accepting your destiny. Your destiny is becoming easier for you to accept each day, because it is now time for you to accept your destiny. Can you not see this yourself? Accept who you are, and retain your humility. It is important for you, and for others to remember that you are not special, but the task which you are to perform is.

"No teacher on their way to becoming a master has been special since the time when the earth plane was created. Those who have embraced their teachings have through mythology made the teacher special, and in so doing have missed the point of what was taught. None are special, none are chosen and yet all are special, but none more so than another.

"What is termed a master is one who has returned to the higher plane. Some souls are required to fulfil a teaching role on their way to becoming masters, some are not. It is the way of things.

"Be at peace now and do not be concerned.

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"The concept of learning, which is more accurately described as relearning, is confusing. I am within all souls from the moment of their creation. It is my presence within all souls, which allows all to know all things. Knowing is not enough, knowledge means little without experience. One can know much from reading a book, but one does not really know until one has experienced. It is through experience, that souls learn what they are ready to know. It is this process which is termed as learning, which is learning and yet not learning in the sense that it is already known.

"Understand also that which you have learned from your own experience. It is difficult for those souls who have had religion, in one form or another, thrust upon them lifetime after lifetime, to accept what is now being explained. They have so much misinformation to bypass, that it is difficult to see the truth. It is not the principles that religions are based on that is the problem, it is the rules which have been added, and the mystery which has been created within religions that is the problem. Some 'new' teachers will be drawn from within various religions, to enable those who choose, to open themselves to the truth. All of the teachers combined, will not teach the truth as such, but each teacher will show the way to the truth, which is within all souls.

"The only way anyone may find the truth, is within themselves, and within is where each must look for the truth. There is no other way to rediscover the truth.

"There are many masters, those who have appeared as masters on the earth plane, in one form or another are few. Those whose destiny required them to be teachers are few, most become masters without the requirement to teach. Those who have been chosen to become teachers are not special, there is not a preferred group of souls. Those who were selected were selected, that is all."

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I had coffee with Joe and his daughter, whom I had met once before. As I sat across the table, I knew that I was connected with Joe's daughter, which explained why Joe and I had been drawn together, because I had felt no direct connection with Joe. The link between us was our mutual connection to Joe's daughter.

Through this experience, I understood a little more about soul links, and how two souls, both connected to another soul could arrange between them to assist that soul. I saw Joe's daughter as I had known her in another lifetime. It was the lifetime where I had also been a woman and I had been raped. I did not recall what our relationship had been in that lifetime.

Another friend, Christina, had recently and suddenly returned to my life, which was proving not to be coincidental. Firstly Christina had led me to a book which I needed to read, and now Christina was leading me to a powerful healer who worked with auras.

Having recalled, albeit with God's help, that I had foreseen my meeting with Sue, it was apparent that the experience was another event in the ongoing process of fine tuning my ability to foresee what was to come. I had known whilst I was on the island, that I would meet a lady who was a 'psychic', who would know exactly who I was, and what my role was to be. At the time I had discounted what I had foreseen as wishful thinking, because I was desperate for confirmation of what I had learned whilst I was on the island. Eight months had transpired between when I was on the island, and when I had met with Sue.

God said, "Do not be in such a rush with your insights. Your insights require fine tuning. Your insights will have their time, but that time has not yet come."

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Suddenly I recognized Christina. I was not linked to Christina, but Christina had been in my lifetime with Jesus. I knew exactly who Christina was, which I found fascinating. I now knew of three people who were around me now, and who had also been around me at the time of Jesus, although I was only directly connected with one of these three people. I also suspected that Nancy had been in the Jesus lifetime, but I had not placed Nancy in the Jesus lifetime at this point.

I knew that encountering souls from the Jesus lifetime, was not a coincidence, but I had no idea why these souls were coming together again now. I understood that time would reveal the reason why we were being drawn together. If there was an explanation, it could simply be to demonstrate to me that souls work together, or there could be something more.

I knew that Christina had turned her back on Jesus two thousand years earlier, and I knew that much of what had transpired in Christina's existence since, had been because of her failure to accept the truth. I felt that through me Christina may accept the truth in this lifetime, Christina was certainly looking for the truth.

I reflected that Christina had also been born in England, but had remained in Australia for a time as an illegal alien. Another person whom I had recognized from the Jesus lifetime, had been born in the Mediterranean. As with those souls from my three hundred years of sorrow, they had found their way to one city at one time after being born in various other parts of the world.

The path of each of these souls has been very different, and yet each soul has been led to this city at this time. Paul, the other person whom I recognized, had been one of Jesus' brothers, but I did not know which one. Paul particularly interested me. Paul had been in and out of my life on four or five occasions during the previous 20 years. Paul had been involved with two souls with whom I was connected. Paul was not in my life at the moment, and Paul had not been in my life for some time. Nor did I feel any need to contact Paul. I knew that if they were meant to meet again, our paths would cross. I suspected that I had simply encountered Paul so that I would recognize him at this time.

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I would see Jane that night. I thought about what I was required to do to remove the evil from around Jane. I was not sure that I would be able to remove the evil from around Jane. I understood that there was a very weak, evil shadow around Jane. I had not sensed the evil around Jane, because the evil was not within Jane, and the evil was not a spirit or an entity which is what I had looked for. The evil around Jane was nothing more than a weak shadow. Those who had cast the shadow had been seeking happiness for a sibling, but because of their actions, the sibling would not attain happiness in this lifetime. All such spells or psychic phenomena used with a fear based motivation backfire. I knew what I needed to do.

Evelyn was close to me that morning. The reflections which I saw from Evelyn's crystals were very bright and very close, more like large pinpoints, without the defused flash which I normally saw at a small distance.

I had a vision from fifteen years in the future, which confirmed an ability that I knew that I possessed, but I did not recall how to use. It was my ability to remove an emotional burden from a current, or previous lifetime of another soul. I had felt my ability for some time, and on reflection I realized that I had, in fact used my ability throughout my life without knowing what I was doing.

I had put my ability down to empathy, or having other's emotions transferred to me, because I had not understood what the experience was. I had not used my ability correctly, and I would often maintain and feel the negative emotions which I had drawn out of others, instead of releasing the negative emotions which I had drawn out of others. I did not know how, or when my ability would fully surface, but I knew that my ability would fully surface.

It was time for me to accept my destiny. As a result I was finding the acceptance of my abilities easier. I may not have fully understood how to use many of my abilities at this point, but I did accept that my abilities existed.

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Once again, I considered seeking formal training for my abilities, but as soon as I considered obtaining formal training for my abilities, I knew that obtaining formal training for my abilities was not my path.

God said, "Which of your abilities would you concentrate on? Which one of your abilities is more important than another? How could you determine which ability to focus upon, without straying from your true path? Why would you seek to learn something which you have already known and experienced? Allow your knowledge and your abilities to awaken within yourself at the speed with which you are comfortable. It is not training that you require but awakening, and your awakening is happening now. To allow your awakening to happen, is all that you need to do."

After five days, and exactly when I really needed access to my money, my bank account was unfrozen. I remained concerned because I had creditors chasing me, and insufficient funds to support my debts. Most of my financial problems were directly caused by following my spiritual path.

"Do not worry, my son."

It was apparent that my dual lesson continued to be patience and not worrying. I knew that I would need to ring my creditors and stall once again. Every time that I had funds which should have got me out of trouble, fate conspired so that the funds did not get me out of trouble and my finances were becoming a major concern.

"You know what you must do."

I was tired, and I was worried. I could not see how everything would work out. I considered other options for solving my problems.

"You will be wasting your time, you know that you will be wasting your time. Be patient. You have nothing to worry about. All will be well."

I developed a headache. I asked why.

"So that you will rest."

I considered all of the things that I thought that I should be doing.

"You will have ample time to do what you must do."

I asked why I needed to rest.

"You need to be rested, for what is to come."

I realized that much is possible for all of us, because God is within us all and we can utilize the power of God within. My circumstances were not that difficult, and it was my attitude which was causing my real difficulty.

"Why do you not live this way?"

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I collected Jane for dinner. I followed the instructions which I had been given, and I placed my hand on Jane's heart. I could feel the dark shadow move into my fingers and up my arm. I could feel the dark shadow strongest in my fingers, and I could feel my whole arm begin to tingle. During the following thirty minutes, I felt the shadow dissipate from my arm.

A little later, Jane began asking me questions about her life, and the life of one of her sisters. I allowed myself to open up, and the answers came from me with surprising clarity. I answered each question without thought, although there was one question which I was reluctant to answer. At this point, Jane suggested the very answer which I had been given, so from that point forward, I held nothing back.

I felt myself surrounded by spirits, and I was very surprised at the clarity and certainty of my knowledge now that I had opened myself up completely, if only for a short time.

Later that night, I received news of further potential delays. I realized that I had been warned about the delays earlier in the evening. It was a warning which I had received, but I had not understood. When I received the news of further potential delays I understood the warning, but I knew that the delays did not matter. I knew not to worry.

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