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The Prior Works of Tsúnyöta Köhe't.

My writings from my life prior to the commencement of my spiritual journey.

These works are personal in nature, and I had no intention of making my personal feelings and inspirations, from before my spiritual journey commenced, public.

However, I have been drawn to make my personal writings available, if only to allow myself to retain my peace.

Tsúnyöta Köhe't

Volume One is a reflection of my journey through life. It reflects the period between when I tore my walls down and when I began my spiritual journey.


Volume Two helped me find my spiritual path, despite the fact that I refused to walk my spiritual path. It also inspired me to continue living at moments of great despair.

Moments These words reflect my inner most feelings. Poems are not written, poems are felt. These poems are events that have touched my life in a specific 'Moment in Time'.

My epics, the reflections of my feelings from prior to my commencement of my spritual journey. A collection of living poetry which developed and grew to reflect my feelings as time passed, and my perspective altered.

My epics allowed me to deal with my hurts and let my pain out, in a positive way. I have found that when I have anger, sorrow, and regrets, I can release my emotions and deal with my emotions through my poetry, without hurting other people in the process.

A collection of quotes, lyrics, poems or anything which inspired me either for a moment, or for a lifetime prior to the commencement of my spiritual journey.
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