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God is Universal

Prayer Requests From Marcus Inoue
June 2003


  Please Pray for the 44,010,378 or more Unborn Children Aborted in the USA and the 55 Million Abortions Worldwide.

Please Pray for the Ohio College Student killed by a Gunman.

Please Pray for those Killed when the Rear Door of a Plane Flying over The Congo Opened.


Please Pray for those Killed by a Bomb in the South Philippines.

Please Pray for All Christian Missionaries and their Associates who have been Killed.

Please Pray for the 577 plus Killed Worldwide by SARS, AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Other Deadly Diseases.
  Please Pray for those Killed by Tornadoes, Especially the Forty or more People Who Died in Missouri, Kansas, and Tennessee.

Please Pray for Walter Sisulu.

Please Pray for Sam's Father.

Please Pray for the Soul of the Decomposed Body Found in Chula Vista.


Please Pray for those Killed in Turkey's Earthquake.



Please Pray for Barbara Elizabeth Dutton Grey.

Please Pray for Joyce Gimond.

  Please Pray for Kurt's Friend's Grandfather who was a Bee Keeper.

Please Pray for Ana and Diana Cardona.

Please Pray for James L. Lynch Jr.


Please Pray for those Killed in Iraq.

Please Pray for Chris DuBois.

Please Pray for Army Spc. Edward John Anguiano.

Please Pray for the Principal of Red Lion Area Junior High School and the Junior High Student who Shot him and Killed Himself.

Please Pray for Sergei Yushenkov.

Please Pray for David Walker.

Please Pray for John Paul Getty II.

Please Pray for Uncle Johnny.


Please Pray for Cheri and other Pregnant Mothers.

Please Pray for the Teen Shot In a Car On the Freeway.


Please Pray for the 28 Children who Died in a Fire at a JonBenet Ramsey.

Please Pray for Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees.



Please Pray for Laci Peterson and her Child.

Please Pray for Uncle Hayden.

Please Pray for Dr. Robert Atkins.

Please Pray for Rodrigo Rodriguez.


Please Pray for the Russian School for the Deaf.

Please Pray for David Bloom.

Please Pray for Pvt. Miguel Zavala.

Please Pray for the Two Female Health-Care Workers who Died of Heart Attacks soon After Being Vaccinated.

Please Pray for Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Please Pray for Maria Isabel Melquiades Mora.

Please Pray for Capt. Christopher Scott Seifert.

Please Pray for Manual.


Please Pray for Abby and Ann Landers.

Please Pray for Rosa Maria Marcos.

Please Pray for the Women Killed Helping U.S. Marines.


Please Pray for Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke.

Please Pray for Manny.

Please Pray for Adam Osborne.

Please Pray for Danny.


Please Pray for Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone.

Please Pray for Corp. Stephen John Allbutt, of Stoke-on-Trent.


Please Pray for Melvo who was Murdered.

Please Pray for Robert.

Please Pray for the Cyclist who Died.

Please Pray for Grandma Shuhart.


Please Pray for those Killed in War.

Please Pray for Hilda.

Please Pray for Mike Jimenez.

Please Pray for Grandpa Inoue.


Please Pray for those Killed in the Army Helicopter crash in Upstate New York.

Please Pray for Bonny Lee Bakley.

Please Pray for Johnny PayCheck.


Please Pray for Rachel Corey.

Please Pray for Brandon B. Mundinger.

Please Pray for the Two Toddlers Killed in a Septic Tank.


Please Pray for the Body Found in San Diego's river.

Please Pray for Baltimore Orioles Pitching Prospect Steve Bechler.


Please Pray for Father Larry's Mother.

Please Pray for Linda Maggio's Parents.

Please Pray for Astronauts.

Please Pray for John Ritchey.


Please Pray for those Killed in the Bar that Burned Down.

Please Pray for the Brother who was Strangled to Death.


Please Pray for Mr. Mallory of Nazarene University Preschool.

Please Pray for the Deaths of 11 Motorists.

Please Pray for Jesica Santillan.


Please Pray for Suzanne's and Mark's Unborn Child.

Please Pray for Isabel Arthur.

Please Pray for Steven.


Please Pray for Three Immigrants crossing the Brush of South Texas.

Please Pray for a Woman who Froze to Death.

Please Pray for Jane's Parents.


Please Pray for the Drunk 64-year-old Victim Killed in a Hit-and-Run Accident.

Please Pray for Michael Timmons.

Please Pray for the Soul known by Joyce.


Please Pray for 20 Killed in Snowstorms in Eastern US.

Please Pray for those in the Ambulance.

Please Pray for Monica.


Please Pray for the Twenty One People Killed in Mexico's Earthquake.

Please Pray for Babbet's Husband's Parent's Relatives.


Please Pray for those who have Died From Starvation.

Please Pray for Guillermina Hernandez Ramos.


Please Pray for Margaret's Siblings, Parents, Relatives, & Husband.

Please Pray for the Soul who Contacted me at Church.


Please Pray for Joe Strummer.

Please Pray for the Kursk Crew.

Please Pray for Cindy Murry.

Please Pray for Tom Steves.


Please Pray for Christopher J. Mattix.

Please Pray for Christine M. Ross.

Please Pray for George M. Rice.

Please Pray for Mathew J. Siesel.


Please Pray for Robert Bull Tromette.

Please Pray for John Covell.

Please Pray for John Atilano.

Please Pray for Malachi Mark Meyer.


Please Pray for Victoria Fogarty.

Please Pray for Father Leo Lanphier.

Please Pray for Joseph King.

Please Pray for Edmond Safra.


Please Pray for Katherine Rubano.

Please Pray for Brother John Cislo.

Please Pray for Pouliot.

Please Pray for those Killed in Kuwait.


Please Pray for Butch.

Please Pray for Robin.

Please Pray for Jeff Wade.

Please Pray for Rick Husband.


Please Pray for those in Cable Car, Plane, Bus, Earthquake and Train Accidents.

Please Pray for Michael Anderson.

Please Pray for David Brown.


Please Pray for Kalpana Chawla.

Please Pray for William McCool.

Please Pray for Laurel Clark.

Please Pray for Ramon.


Please Pray for The Soul Known by Suzanne.

Please Pray for Derek.

Please Pray for those Killed in North Carolina's Factory Blast.



Please Pray for the Guatemala Inmate.

Please Pray for Lost Fishermen.

Please Pray for the Thirty Six Killed in a Fire that Engulfed an Indian Bus.



Please Pray for those Killed in The Congo.

Please Pray for those Killed in Afghanistan.

Please Pray for the San Jose State University Student who was Stabbed.


Please Pray for the Pilot Becky knew.

Please Pray for the Victims of September 11.

Please Pray for those Killed in Drag Racing Accidents.


Please Pray for Gilliot Mann.

Please Pray for Richard Ricci.

Please Pray for the Driver of the Lamborghini.


Please Pray for Mary Jo Dervos' Grandmother.

Please Pray for Bill Mauldin.

Please Pray for the Two Year old Girl Stabbed at the Casino RV Park.


Please Pray for Alam Kim.

Please Pray for Danielle van Dam.

Please Pray for the Venezuelans Who were Killed.


Please Pray for the Soul who Visited me at SHA First Grade Orientation, who Recently got Married and then Slipped and Died at a Port in San Diego.

Please Pray for the Snowmobiler who Fell into the Great Void at North Long Lake and Died.


Please Pray for Diane.

Please Pray for Michael Timmons.

Please Pray for those Killed in the Israel and Palestinian Conflicts.


Please Pray for Matt, a USDHS student who Died Recently from a Brain Amorism.

Please Pray for the Man who Worked on MTWS and Died of Cancer.


Please Pray that all of the Deceased, will shortly Enter into the Kingdom of God.

Please Pray that those who Survive the Deceased are Saved in Our Lord Jesus Christ.



Please Pray For Susan's Deceased Mother, and her Children (Thanks for the Formula).


Please Pray For Tammy Cochran's Brothers Alan and Shawn, and Others who have Passed Away with Cystic Fibrosis.


Please Pray For the Shuharts, Inoues, Tontzs, Ingles, and Fujimoris.

Please Pray For Walt D.Jones Deceased Relatives, Friends, and Associates.


Please Pray For All of our Ancestors.

Please Pray For Pink Floyd.

Killed in the Chechnya Truck Bombing that Killed at Least 41.


Please Pray For McJones.

Please Pray For Joe Strummer.

Please Pray For Gregory Peck.

Please Pray For David Brinkley.


Please Pray For The 29 or more Killed in the Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack in Saudi Arabia.

Please Pray For Donald T. Regan.

Please Pray For Keith Moon.


Please Pray For Smuggled Immigrants that have Died, such as the Four Women and Seven Men who had been Trapped inside a Grain car for at Least Four Months, and had Died of Dehydration and Hyperthermia, or Over heating, the Two Dead Undocumented Immigrants Among at Least 28 Others who had Been Crammed into the Back of a Sweltering, Unventilated Tractor-Trailer During a 600-Mile Trip from El Paso to Dallas, the 18 Mexican Immigrants Dead and One Barely Alive in a Boxcar left on a Rail Siding in Sierra Blanca, Texas, and the 17 Found Dead Near 18-Wheeler in Texas.


Please Pray For LLoyd and Greg's Grandparents

Please Pray For Keeth Wallace.

Please Pray For Eric Forman.

Please Pray For Gina Smith.


Please Pray For all Murderers Including Mark Barton, Cary Stayner, Barry Wayne McNamara of California, and Randy Kraf.


Please Pray For All those Murdered Including Leigh Ann Barton, 27 Wife of Mark O. Barton, Matthew Barton, 11, Son of Mark O. Barton, Mychelle Barton, Daughter of Mark O. Barton, Russell Brown, 42, Day-Trader at Momentum, Dean Delawalla, 52, Day Trader at All-Tech, Joseph J. Dessert, 60, Day-Trader at All-Tech, Kevin Dial, 38, Office Manager, Momentum Securities, Jamshid Havash, 44, Day-Trader, All-Tech, Vadewattee Muralidhara, 44, Trainee at All-Tech, Edward Quinn, 58, Day-Trader at Momentum, Allen Charles Tenenbaum, 48, Day-Trader at All-Tech, Scott Webb, 30, Day-Trader at Momentum, Yosemite Naturalist Joie Armstrong, Carole Sund, 42, her daughter, Juli, 15, and their Argentine Friend, Silvina Pelosso, 16, Barry Wayne McNamara's Parents, Sister, and Niece.



Please Pray for the Twenty Children Drowned in Maricopa County Including a Pair of Brothers who had not Been seen for Nearly an Hour Before they were Pulled from an Unfenced pool, a Boy who Wandered Across the street, and into a Neighbour's Pool, and a 9Month Old Girl who was Left Unattended in the Bathtub while her Father made a Phone Call.


Please Pray For the Souls of San Diego, CA, Athens, GA, Kursk, Russia, and All of those in Our Own Cities and Geographic Location.


Please Pray For Seven Year Old Noah Yates, Five Year Old John Yates, Three Year Old Paul Yates, Two Year Old Luke Yates, and Mary Yates, Six Months Old.


Please Pray For the Peace of Aaliyah and the Eight Passengers who not only Worked with Her, but Loved Her Too.

Please Pray For Cherri's Parents, Friends, and Relatives.


Please Pray For Luis Morales.

Please Pray For Scott Gallin.

Please Pray For Doug Kratz.

Please Pray For Christopher Maldonado.

  Please Pray for The Children of Mary Beth Tinning of Schenectady, Her Three and Half Month old Daughter Tami Lynne, and the Eight Others All under Five Years Old. Candle

Please Pray For Anthony Dodd.

Please Pray For 17-Month Old James Hyland.

Please Pray For Diane O'Dell's Four or more Children.


Please Pray for The Kazumi Kasuga Children Two Year Old Ryota and One Year Old Shota

Please Pray for Weston Lette.

Please Pray for Raymond Dauberman.


Please Pray For Three Children Drowned in Tucson.

Please Pray For Marissa Barrios, 15 Months.

Please Pray For Serena Carlson, 21 Months.


Please Pray for Kerry Thompson's Mother.

Please Pray For William.

Please Pray for The Teenager stuck in a Major Water supply Pipe.


Please Pray For Hundreds Killed from Mad Cow Disease.

Please Pray For The Children of Waneta Hoyt of Newark Valley.



Please Pray For Ruth.

Please Pray For Anyone Who was Enslaved.

Please Pray for the Illegal Woman Immigrant Killed in San Diego County.


Please Pray For Abraham Brown's Child.

Please Pray For Slave Masters.

Please Pray For Robert Bryan Martin Killed by his Mentally Unstable Wife.


Please Pray For Those Remembered on Memorial Day.

Please Pray For Ruth whose Daughter works at McDonalds in Pt. Loma.


Please Pray For the Three Japanese Deaths Linked to Web Suicides.

Please Pray For Cindy Murry and her Husband, Whose Children are Parentless.


Please Pray For 911 Victims.

Please Pray For Lloyd's Conversion.

Please Pray For Cat Cariotaki and her Settlement.

Candle Please Pray for Those Who have Committed Suicide, such as Trevor Goddard a JAGG star, and Ted Turner's Father.

Please Pray For the Uni Deceased, Especially Christopher J. Mattix, Christine M. Ross, George M. Rice, Matthew J. Siesel, Robert Bull Trometter, John Covell, John Atilano, Malachi Mark Meyer, Raquel Figueroa, Victoria Fogarty, Katherine Rubano, Father Leo Lanphier, Brother John Cislo, Joseph King, Tim



Please Pray that All Souls Shortly Enter into the Kingdom of God and those who Survive them be saved in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Candle Please Pray for Pope John Paul II 's Holy Intentions, and Give him a Long and Healthy Life and Bless him.


Please Pray For Holy Mother Mary's Intentions.

Please Pray That We All Love God with All of Our Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Please Pray That we Love Our Neighbours as Ourselves.

Please Pray That We All Enjoy the Gift of Life that God has Given Us.


Please Pray. For Russell Tontz that his Prostate Cancer is Contained and that He is Completely Cured from the Disease.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, in Accordance to His Holy Will.




Please Pray For those Who Suffer From High Anxiety, Paranoia, and/or Depression such as Mark, My Wife, Children, and Sergeant Asan Akbar.

Please Pray that they Know the Real Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Find Peace.


Please Pray for Eternal Peace and Salvation for Our Wives, Selves, Children, and All of Our Families and Loved Ones.

Candle Please Pray that Raphael from Extreme Pizza has more Time, and for his Conversion and Salvation in Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  Please Pray for Our Next Child, may She and All of Our Children Be a Delight to God and Others and have an Incredible Obedience and Love to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Candle Please Pray that Perl's Fiancé Milton Maston is Cured from his Heart Condition, and that they Share a Blessed Relationship.

Please Pray for Jim's Health.

Please Pray for Suzanne & Derek's Marriage.

Please Pray for Peace of Mind for My Wife.

Please Pray that Duane is Cured of Leukaemia.

Candle Please Pray that a Miracle Occurs that Allows University of San Diego High School to Remain Open.

Please Pray that Joe Russo Is Successful with his Visual C++ Project and that his Boss is Compassionate towards him.

Please Pray that Joe Russo Knows and Accepts Jesus Christ as his Saviour.



Please Pray for a Complete Cure of Bob's Cancer and His and his Family's Conversion to Jesus Christ.

Candle Please Pray for Victory Over My Laziness and My Personal Judgement of Others; and that I have a Great Love for My Wife and Children.
  Please Pray For Michelle's Back and Knee, that her Physical Injuries are Healed Quickly and that She Knows God's Great Love for Her. Candle

Please Pray for Jason Dominiak's Recovery and his Salvation.

Please Pray for Grieving Parents.

Please Pray for Jahi Turner's safe Recovery.



Please Pray that Margaret Knows how Much She is Loved and that She Continues to Open Herself up to Others so She Allows Herself to return the Love she is Given.

Please Pray for God's Loving Hand with the Guy that Margaret wants to Love.


Please Pray that All Ills are Healed.

Please Pray For My Family Finances.

Please Pray for Friends Addicted to Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine.


Please Pray For Students that they May Work Hard and Pass their Classes.

Please Pray for Those with Cancers, Physical Injuries, and Endometriosis.

  Please Pray For Those Who Grieve, Especially those Suffering from the Consequences of Miscarriages, Abortions, Divorce, and Death of Loved Ones. Candle

Please Pray For Employment.

Please Pray For Father Bill Early.

Please Pray For a Position at SPAWAR, or Cubic.


Please Pray For All Priests, Especially the Priest at St. Agnes Who has Asked for Prayers.

Please Pray For Father Ron and his Friend, Msgr. Stephen.


Please Pray For Father Sassone.

Please Pray For All Priests Who have Asked for Prayers.



Please Pray for the Priests, Clergy, and Parishioners, at St. Jude Church, Immaculata, Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Peace, Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Anthony Church, Ascension Church, All Souls Church, St. Therese Church, St. Francis Church, Holy Spirit Church.



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