The Mojave Paiute Eagle Clan, a nomadic People of the High Mojave Desert, lived for hundreds of years in peace and harmony with neighbouring tribes in what is now called Barstow, Baker, Death Valley and Mountain Pass, California.

In the 1800's when prospectors and the railroad made their way into the area, a fort was constructed by the United States Army and was called Fort Mojave.

A treaty was signed by the tribes and the United States government. Within a few years the treaty was broken by the United States government, and the tribes were moved off their land and placed on reservations on the California and Arizona side of the Colorado River. The Mojave Paiute Eagle Clan was disbanded in 1906.

Grandfather Yellow Dog, Medicine Man of the Mojave Paiute Eagle Clan, hoped that one day the Eagle Clan would be reformed. In January, 1997, the Mojave Paiute Eagle Clan was reformed, opening the circle to all people, thus rekindling the spirit as Grandfather Yellow Dog had wished.


Eagle Clan is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to advance the general welfare of the Native American Peoples by promoting quality educational programs about Native Americans to schools and libraries, and through other local events.

Eagle Clan is open to all people for membership. Tribal affiliation is not required.

  The Eagle represents the Eagle Clan of the Mojave Paiute.

The water represents the blood of our Earth Mother, which we and our animal and plant brothers need, and cannot live long without.

The sun is the Creator's gift of life to Mother Earth, and all of us on and part of Mother Earth. The sun makes all things live, grow and flourish.

Night is some of our animal brothers' time to hunt, and our plant brothers' (as well as our own) time to sleep, recuperate and heal.

The Big Dipper constellation is always there to point out the star Mother Earth turns around in the sky.

The North Star, is the star that the Creator put in the sky for Mother Earth to revolve around, so that the People would always have a means to travel by, and not get lost at night.

The mountains represent the arms of our Earth Mother, so She can reach up to Father Sun each day. Mountains also give us our most spiritual places on earth, because they are close to Creator.

When we are on mountain tops, we do not have to shout to be heard by the Great Spirit, and therefore we can pray and ask questions, be humble and otherwise feel close to the Spirit That Flows Through All Things.

The circle is the natural pattern for all things to follow. All things on Mother Earth are connected, as the circle is a line bent to turn back and connect to itself, representing how all things in nature work. Even Mother Earth is a circle. The seasons continue in a circular pattern, - spring, summer, fall, winter, then spring all over again.


Grandfather Yellow Dog had a dream of continuing the Mojave Paiute Eagle Clan that he was born into, and which was disbanded in 1906. Grandfather Yellow Dog's dream has now become a reality with his adopted grandson, White Eagle, founding the Eagle Clan, an inter-tribal organization in Bensalem.

Grandfather Yellow Dog was born in 1879 in California and crossed over in 1984 at the grand age of 105 years. Grandfather Yellow Dog received his name of Yellow Dog due to a puppy which he had when he was a child, that was yellow in color.

This was a very special dog which saved a drowning child and protected the food of the village from coyotes. Because of the dog's bravery, the name of Yellow Dog was given to Grandfather. This dog was Grandfather Yellow Dog's companion until it's death.

From the age of seven through his twenties, 'Great-grandfather Iron Hat' taught Grandfather Yellow Dog the ways of a medicine man. Grandfather Yellow Dog was made a tribal medicine man while in his twenties.

In 1906, the Mojave Paiute were moved off their lands after signing a treaty with the government. The Mojave Paiute lived with the Chimewene Indians on the California side of the Colorado River, before being moved again across the river, to live with the Navajo. While Grandfather Yellow Dog was there, he made friends with the Navajo Medicine Man who took him north to what is presently known as Kingman, Arizona.

At this time Grandfather Yellow Dog started searching the history of the West Coast Native Americans. Grandfather Yellow Dog was also told where the turquoise and silver was located. Grandfather Yellow Dog's research took him to Mexico and Central and South America, and led to Grandfather Yellow Dog finding the connection between the Starnacee and the Native Americans.

Grandfather Yellow Dog had no children of his own, so he took one of his brother's children, Quana and taught him the road of the Medicine Man. Grandfather Yellow Dog imparted to Quana that he would be the last Mojave Paiute Medicine Man.

In 1967, White Eagle met Quana. In 1968, Grandfather Yellow Dog gave White Eagle his name. White Eagle and Quana became blood brothers.

Grandfather Yellow Dog taught White Eagle many lessons and told White Eagle that his mission in this life, was to go out and teach the lessons of the Mojave Paiute people.

Although Grandfather Yellow Dog crossed over in 1984, his spirit remains with us, to guide and assist us with the many lessons yet to be learned.

  White Eagle met Grandfather Yellow Dog In 1967, and spent nearly twenty years studying with Grandfather Yellow Dog. White Eagle became blood brother to Quana, the last shaman of the Mojave Paiute. White Eagle spent a further two years on a Navajo reservation northeast of Kingman Arizona.

White Eagle then went to Spirit Mountain and staked out a claim. White Eagle spent about nine years on Spirit Mountain, and while on Spirit Mountain, White Eagle and his family found Spanish rock carvings and the entrance to an ancient Indian burial ground, which had been concealed by the Indians and dated back to the Starnacee.

White Eagle has long been a teacher, having taught on Spirit Mountain and in California., Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

In addition to being a Teacher, White Eagle is a Holy Man and Twisted Hair. White Eagle is considered a warrior in his culture, because White Eagle served his county in the Korean War.

White Eagle came to Bensalem and, in 1997, re-established the Eagle Clan with Grandfather Yellow Dog's blessings.


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