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A site dedicated to the promotion groups based on native values, and the sharing of native wisdom.

If you would like to promote your native group or tribe, or share some native wisdom, please contact us.

The Meaning of our Logo.

The Rising Sun represents new beginnings.

The Web represents the Fabric of Existence. The Fabric of Existence is a web, like a security thread, which binds all that is together. This thread is a combination of silver, gold, white and blue, producing a color which cannot be adequately described on the Earth Plane. The thread of the Fabric of Existence stretches across the universe, and binds All That Is together. The thread of the Fabric of Existence is like a cross between a huge ball of string and a spider web. The thread of the Fabric of Existence is around and within us and creates a perception of perfection, perfect color, perfect form, perfect structure.

The Eagle represents spiritual protection, and carries prayers. The Eagle carries strength, courage, wisdom and illumination of Spirit Healing, rising above the material to see the overall pattern with great power and balance. The Eagle gives us higher truths and spirit grace achieved through knowledge and hard work.

Silver fosters hope.

Moon attracts the influence of the Ancestors.

Rainbow is a special blessing. Rainbow is a balancing of the chakra colors. The Rainbow gives us hope, renewal, new beginnings and spiritual illumination.

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