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One of the side effects of the corporatisation of the world, is that many experienced and productive people have found themselves unemployed, and unable to obtain employment.

Many who have worked all of their lives, and who do not know how not to work, have suddenly become too old for employment, and too young to retire. These people often experience an intense period of confusion and worthlessness, from which some do not recover.


Need Our Support.


Many have established small or home based businesses using a combination of their natural abilities and their experience, to create a niche and allow themselves to support their families, and regain their self respect and self worth.

These average everyday people need our support, because they often feel abandoned by the very communities for which they are the heart and soul.

They do seek, and most likely would not accept charity. However, we can support these honest people who are only looking to support themselves and their families, by whenever possible buying our goods and services from small or home based businesses, instead of large multi-national corporations.

The reality is that many large corporations have demonstrated by their actions that the business of one individual is of little importance to them, but the business of one individual can make the world of difference to a small or home based business.


ESM Global Support.


Allsorts and Oddbods have given Eagle Spirit Ministry their unneeded domain capacity, which Eagle Spirit Ministry will use to provide support to small or home based businesses.

Many of these small and home based businesses have established an internet presence, and through the ESM Global Links page, we will display links to the websites for small or home based businesses at no charge, and with no link exchange requirement.

If you would like ESM Global Links to display your link, please e-mail you url and your preferred banner to ESM Global Links using the e-mail button at the bottom of this page. If you do not have a banner, we will make one for you.

Even if we are not looking to make an immediate purchase, we can bowse these links to know what goods and services are available.


Free Web Page.


There are many who have established a small or home based business who do not have an internet presence. Often because acquiring a domain name and having is website built is beyond their means, and building their own website, even with the use of templates provided by the 'free' space providers is daunting.

Eagle Spirit Ministry will provide a free web page within the Allsorts and Oddbods domain to small or home based businesses on request. Eagle Spirit Ministry will design, build and host a basic web page at no cost.

All that any who have a small or home based business, and do not have a their own website, need to do is e-mail Eagle Spirit Ministry their details using the e-mail button at the bottom of the page. Eagle Spirit Ministry will request any additional information required and advise when your web page is ready. If you do not have a banner, we will make one for you.

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