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    Never Too Old
    Sharing Sunlight
    Gifts from the Soul
    Little Golden Treasures
    What's Necess' 4 Happy life
    An Old Well
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    Angel Watching
    Creating Paradise
    The Dance of Life
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    To Touch Someone
    This Little Light Of Mine
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    One Day At A Time
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    Thousands Of Thoughts
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    Start Today
    Picking Apples
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    It's Own Reward
    Ageless Love
    A Tiny Candle
    A Full Glass
    Everyday Miracles
    Angels In Disguise
    We Are Angels
    Live Now
    Free Of Charge
    A Bit Of Effort
    Love Will Prevail
    Natural High
    A Rich Man
    Sing A Song
    Singing And Dancing
    Hug, Kiss, a Few Words
    A Lap Full
    A Part Of The Ocean
    A Shower A Day
    Giving From The Heart
    I Forgot Something Today
    Living with Heart Of Child
    Love Is Attractive
    One Step Plan
    Puppy Love
    Taking Out The Trash
    Smiles And Laughter
    The Spirit That Lasts
    Butterflies And Angels
    A Question Of Faith
    A Limitless Life
    I Saw An Angel
    Choose To Live
    The Way Of Joy
    Angel Slides
    The Gift of Joy
    Heaven on Earth
    Curl Up Into The Light
    Reminders Of His Love
    The Light In Your Eyes
    A Simple Smile
    Ugliest Christmas Tree
    A Treasure Box
    A Better Place
    A Baby's Smile
    Loving Reminders
    Choosing To Love
    What You Give
    A Home Cooked Meal
    Miracles Within Us
    Young Souls
    Wind Chimes
    First Day of Spring
    Joy Love And Life
    Just Love
    Our True Heritage
    Improving Our Insides
    Who We Really Are
    Fantastic Life Force
    A Thousand Fireflies
    Living Not Dying
    Thank You God
    A Heavenly Smell
    Be a Winner
    A Kind Life
    My Friend
    Magic Moments
    Not Afraid to Die
    My Children
    Tending Your Garden
    Singing in the Rain
    Riding My Bike
    Colours Of Our Lives
    Make Everyday Christmas
    The Great Covenant
    New Life Resolutions
    Expecting Nothing In Return
    An Unselfish Life
    Many Wonderful Choices
    What Buddy Knows
    Our Perfect Design
    God's Love 2
    Being Kind
    When The Sun Comes Out
    The Power Of Choice
    What You Can Do For Life
    My Old Watch
    Gifts From God
    You Are Loved
    Building Your Life
    New Life Resolutions
    Dream Catchers
    An Old Friend
    Not Perfect
    A Winter Sunrise
    Make Your Angels Smile
    A Mountain Spring
    Through A Wringer
    Children And Angels
    Fire In The Night
    Ever Increasing Joy
    Wonderful Wrinkles
    The Gift
    Happy Spring
    Watch The Children
    What are You Going to Write
    Don’t Miss A Moment
  The Abbotts Never Fear Death
    Question Of Rituals
    The Game Of Life
    Vibrations of Colour & Sound
    Becoming A Master
    Wisdom From Ancient Egypt
    Using Psychic Power Wisely
    Message Of Love and Light
    Unconditional Love
    Winds Of Change
    Masters Of Your Own Life
    Great School Of Earth
  Angel Shadow The Long Goodbye
    Accept Responsibility Actions
    Going With The Flow
    Healing The Past
    Becoming Aware
    Surviving Human Emotions
    In Touch With Your Senses
    Detoxing the Soul
    Remaining Spiritual
    Shadows Within The Light
    Rising Above
    Masks of Humanity
    Dealing With Uncertainty
    Bridging The Gap
    Live And Let Live
    Defining Who You Are
    Someone Needs You
    Emotional Healing -Dreams
    Holiday Message
    Overcoming Abuse
    Shadows & Light Magazine
  The Tobias Materials Departing Guides
    Return to Unity
    Awakening Your True Self
    Two Earths
    The Millenium Channel
    Lost Children of Christ
    New Spiritual Energy
    Do No-thing
    The New Camelot
    A Time for Releasing
  Herbal Charms Fertility Charm
    Aphrodisia Sachet
    Fractured Friendship Charm
    Lovers Scent Sachet
    Sensual Sleep Sachet
    Orange Love Charm
    Business Success Powder
    Calling All Customers Oil
    Six Month Prosperity Pouch
    Savings Spell Box
    Habit Breaking Bath
  Shaman's Cave Glossary
    Basic Shamanism
    Universal Magick
    Mind Over Magick
    Dancing Shadows
    Anatomy of Magickal Human
    The Magickal Persona
    Shamanism And The Shadow
    Archetypes, Divinity & Man
    Creating Reality
  El Collie Kundalini Signs & Symptoms
    Branded by the Spirit
    The Mystery Unravels
    Kriyas And Mudras
    Following The River
    Spiritual Oppression
    The Open Heart
    Spiritual Stereotypes
    Breakdown or Breakthrough
    The Chakras
  A Little Light Inspiration Awaken
    Integrating Higher Energies
    Moving Forward
    Shields Of Protection
    Unconditional Love
    At One Within
    What IF?
    Masters Within Oneness
    The Soul's Path
    Speaking Your Personal Truth
    What On Earth Is Going On?
    Journey To Self
    What Would Love Do Now
    The Courageous Journey
    Angels In My Heart
    Moving To The Next Level
    Find Place Midst of All
  Pure Silence What Is Pure Silence
    Avoiding The Void
    How To Enter The Silence
    New Jersey Turnpike
  Psychic Avalon The Day I Died
    Discover Natural Rhythm
    In Praise Of Stardust
    Is this Love?
    The Truth About Affirmations
    Connecting with Elements
  Sal Rachele Soul Fragmentation
    Mechanics of Channelling
    Unconditional Love
    Flow of Abundance
    Battle of Light & Dark
    The Fourth Dimension
  Essence Of Paradise Trusting In Spirit
    Personal Guru
    Gift of Love
    Natural Course of Things
    Devine Purpose
    Life is Wonder-full
    Give Love
  Kundalini Survivial Kundalini Complications
    Kundalini Survival Guide
  Limitlessness Spiritual Competitiveness
    The Universe Supports You
    Power To Choose Joy
    You Cause What Affects You
Personal Development Spiritual Development Course Introduction
    Lesson One
    Lesson Two
    Lesson Three
    Lesson Four
    Lesson Five
    Lesson Six
    Lesson Seven
    Lesson Eight
    Lesson Nine
    Lesson Ten
    Lesson Eleven
    Lesson Twelve
  Spiritual Develop Course #2 Lesson Thirteen
    Lesson Fourteen
    Lesson Fifteen
    Lesson Sixteen
    Lesson Seventeen
    Lesson Eighteen
    Lesson Nineteen
    Lesson Twenty
    Lesson Twenty-One
    Lesson Twenty-Two
    Lesson Twenty-Three
    Lesson Twenty-Four
  Spiritual Develop Course #3 Lesson Twenty-Five
    Lesson Twenty-Six
    Lesson Twenty-Seven
  How to ... Make a Rainbow Viewer
    Make a Crystal Wand
    Make a Dream Catcher
    Create a Webpage Banner
    Meet Our Angels
    Make a Merkaba
    How to Heal Yourself
    Perform Distance Healing
    How to Use a Crystal Ball
    Make a Gourd Drum
    Wrap Yourself in White Light
    Make Prayer Carriers
    Make A Druid's Wand
    Make A Herb Bundle
    Use Healing Power Of Light
  Soul Searching Questions Question One
    Question Two
    Question Three
    Question Four
    Question Five
    Question Six
    Question Seven
    Question Eight
    Question Nine
    Question Ten
Works of Tsúnyöta Köhe't Bookshop Searching for My Soul
    Seeking the Knowledge Within
    Understanding My Destiny
    Connecting with Higher Plane
    Understanding Who I Am
    Truth of Reality Part One
    Truth of Reality Part Two
    Truth of Reality Part Three
Full Circle Searching for My Soul An Ordinary Man
    Changing Direction
    Trying to Adjust
    Battle for Survival
    Restoration of My Soul
    Rediscovering the Light
    Stumbling Into the Chasm
    Climbing Out of the Chasm
    Back in the Light
    Shining the Sword
    Discovering Bridge to My Soul
    Joe's Story
    Clearing the Entrance
    Looking Across the Bridge
    A Few Tentative Steps
    A Few More Steps
    Some Loose Ends and Gaps
    Exp't Nothing Exp't Anything
    With God's Help
  Seeking the Knowledge Within With Guidance from God
    A Little Review & Reflection
    Step by Step
    A Little Understanding
    The Degree of Difficulty
    Learning to Live the Truth
    Changing Perspective
    My Identity Revealed
    The Seer
    The Direct Route
    An Easier Path
    The Next Phase
    Reunited with the Masters
    Stepping up to the Plate
    Home Run
  Understanding My Destiny Beginning of the End
    Tuning In
    The God Within
    Allowing Everything to Be
    Q & A I
    Q & A II
    Wisdom From Within
    Q & A III
    A Little More Reflection
    Q & A IV
    Reaching for the Summit
    Q & A V
    Q & A VI
    Slipping Out of Phase
    Asking the Masters for Help
    Easing Back Into Phase
    Q & A VII
    Stepping Onto The Summit
    Q & A VIII
    Final Penance
    The View From the Summit
    Q & A IX
    Exploring the Summit
    Q & A X
    Putting the Pieces Together
    A Time Of Reflection
    Q & A XI
  Connecting with Higher Plane Stepping Into The Unknown
    Q & A XII
    Allowing Life To Be
    Return to Solitude
    The Dawning of a New Day
    Q & A XIII
    The Joy of Now
    Q & A XIV
    A New Level of Awareness
    Q & A XV
    Q & A XVI
    Q & A XVII
    Living in Circles
    Q & A XVIII
    Date With Destiny
    Q & A XIX
  Understanding Who I Am Journey's End?
    The Role Of A Master
    Q & A XX
    I Am
    Q & A XXI
    Q & A XXII
    Q & A XXIII
    Q & A XXIV
    A Short Reflection
    Q & A XXV
    Nothing Left
    Promise Of Salvation
    A Masters Acceptance
    Q & A XXVI
    Explanations And Memories
    Q & A XXVII
    Losing My Home
    Who I Am Not
    Q & A XXVIII
    Who I Am
    Q & A XXIX
    Having Faith
    The Missing Link
    Removing The Illusion
    Rebirth of a Master
  Putting The Pieces Together Exploring Who I Am
    A New Chapter
    Jane 2
    Setting the Scene
    Bridging the Gap
    Gateway To My New World
Truth of Reality Home The Truth of Reality Introduction
    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four
    Chapter Five
    Chapter Six
    Chapter Seven
    Chapter Eight
    Chapter Nine
    Chapter Ten
    Chapter Eleven
    Chapter Twelve
    Chapter Thirteen
    Chapter Fourteen
    Chapter Fifteen
    Chapter Sixteen
    Chapter Seventeen
    Chapter Eighteen
    The Key to All Knowledge
    A Bridge to Your Soul
Additional Works Analogies of Reality The Caterpillar
    Puzzle of Truth of Reality
    A Drop of Water
    The Grape
    Your Favorite Toy
    Contents of a Container
    The Island
    The Homeless Man
    Artificial Fulfillment
    Multi-dimentional Maze
    The Dark Veil
    Vibrational Rates
    Rebuilding Ourselves
    Why We Need Experience
    The Mountain of Awareness
    Many Roads
    Shooting Star
    A Scratched Record
    Home Run
    The Mirror
    Riding a Pushbike
    A Scratched Record
    A Living Entity
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Silver Eagle Gathering Earth Spirit Drum Memory Of Bill Leinhauser
  Eagle Clan  
  Sky Voices Birds of a Feather
    Indian Games
    The Mystery Dog
    The Oto People
    The Shapeshifters
    The Red Pipestone
    The Sweat Lodge
    Star Light, Star Bright
    What Are You Wearing?
    Mind Over Matter
    Resolutions and the Totem
    Brother Wolf
    Children's Toys
    Mary Jemison - A Love Story
    Spirit World
    Love and Marriage
    Here Today - Gone Tomorrow
    The Warrior's Woman
    A Colorful Tale
    Bear With Me
    A Case In Point
    The Winter Count
    The Pine Tree's Secret
    A Self Portrait
    The Strange One
    The Tepee
    Turtle Talk
    Choosing the Wrong Friends
    Christmas Message
    Stand Proud
    Trusting In Tradition
    Tale For A Winter’s Night
    Savage Indeed
    Cat's Cradle
    Hunting Hints
  Laughing Water Two Wolves
    The Iriquois Prayer
  The Old Ones Apache Wedding Blessing
    23rd Psalm
    Legends of the Dream Catcher
    Who Will Sing My Name
    Gift from the Creator
    The Circle
    Creation of Animal People
    The First Yule
    Legend - Descent of Goddess
    Legend of the Maiden
    Legend of Snow Birds
    Princess Of The Mist
    Rain And Her Son
    Legend of the Flute
    Earth Prayer
    Great Spirit Prayer
    The Ancient One
    Teachings of Mother Earth
    Ananse's Gift
    The Gift
    The Wise Little Girl
    The Claddagh Legend
    All Two
    Cherokee Prayer Blessing
    Legend Of The Rainbow
    May Day and Beltaine
    The Way of the Circle
    The Green Man
    My Sister, My Brother
    Know Your Totems
    Devils Tower
  The Dreaming Place Jagamarra
    Emu and Bustard
    Lizard and Galah
    Bahloo and Daens
    Narran Lake Origin
    Magpie and Children
    Two Little Birds
    The Fire Makers
    The Mocking Bird
    The Redbreast
    The Seven Sisters
    The Mayamah
    The Bunbundoolooeys
    Narahdarn The Bat
    The Morning Star
    Goomblegubbon's Wives
    Mopoke and the Moon
    Ouyan The Curlew
    Emu and Crows
    Gidja the Moon
    The Topknot Pigeon
    Goonur - Woman Doctor
    Wagtail and Rainbow
    Mopoke and Mosquito Bird
    The Rain Bird
    The Borah of Byamee
    Flys and Bees
    The Soldier Bird
  Creation Myths Yauelmani Yokut
    Pythion Apollo
    Mother of All
    Demeter & Elevsian
    Gatha Of The Choice
    The 2nd Gatha
    Creation of Timor
    Yoruba Creation Myth
    The Tobias Creation Story
    Sky Woman
    The Third World
    Beginning of the World
    The Four Pillars Of Song
    Egyption High God
    Pure Silence
    Osiris And The High God
  The Mabinogion Prince of Dyved
    Math The Son Of Mathonwy
    Dream of Maxen Wledig
    Lludd and Llevelys
    The Dream Of Rhoabwy
    Culhwck and Olwen
    The Lady Of The Fountain
Collected Poems Angel Shadow's Poetry Destiny
    Colouring Outside The Lines
    Right Now
    Moving Forward
    Bridging The Gap
    Reversing The Effects
    How the Past has Shaped Me
    God’s Warm Embrace
    Awaiting Fate
    Angel Wings
  Windows and Doors Happiness is Born
    In the Beginning
    The Lost Heart
    Let Us Not Wave With Guilt
    A Piece of Peace
    Building Ourselves
    Beauty of Magic
    In A Moment Of Silence
    Coldness of Winter
    We Remember
    Windows and Doors
    Past, Present, Future
  Selected Poems Elbows on my Bed
    I Am
    My Spirit Walks on this Land
    I Wish
    A Soul Awakens
    The Wheel
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