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Many people have asked how they can join Eagle Spirit Ministry. Eagle Spirit Ministry is not a traditional ministry. Eagle Spirit Ministry is not a religious organisation. We do not accept donations, we do not ask for a financial ‘blessing’ in return for allowing someone to join Eagle Spirit Ministry, and we do not judge our success or place artificial importance on or even know the number of members we have.


To join Eagle Spirit Ministry all one has to do, is accept the following principles (regardless of the labels each of us prefer):


God, the Universal Being is both a part of all that is, and the sum of all that is.

  ESM God is all that is, and as such cannot be limited to any belief system or by any definitions or principles, including these principles.

All living entities including but not limited to Bacteria, Animals, Insects, Marine Life, and Plant Life regardless of their form or planetary origin are souls gaining experience.

  ESM Each soul is an equal drop in the ocean which is God’s existence.

My soul is immortal.

  ESM Awareness equals Knowledge plus Experience.

The purpose of my physical existence is to experience, to feel.

  ESM God is within all that is, including myself and those whom I may consider my enemy.

I will treat all souls as I would be treated.

  ESM I will cause no harm either intentionally or recklessly.

I will not, either intentionally or recklessly, end the lifetime of any soul gaining experience.

  ESM My beliefs, including these principles may be incorrect.

By accepting these principles and making a commitment to live by these principles you are a member of Eagle Spirit Ministry.

So what now? Nothing. Just live by the principles you have committed to.



If you would like to print these principles to make a commitment in writing and or put a copy on your wall as a reminder or commitment, you can do so here.
Print Principles

You do not need to tell us about your commitment, but if you would like to record your commitment, you may do so here. The information is optional. Complete only what you feel is comfortable. Eagle Spirit Ministry will never use your details or email address for any reason.


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