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How to Make a Rainbow Viewer

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A Rainbow is a special blessing. A Rainbow is a balancing of the chakra colours. A Rainbow gives us hope, renewal, new beginnings and spiritual illumination.

A wonderful tool for seeing rainbows and helping with rainbow meditations, colour healing, and chakra toning work is an old CD.

We simply hold the CD in the light and focus on the rainbow spectrum. We can flex and move the CD around it to bring a specific colour that we want to work with into prominence.

How to Make a Rainbow Light Catcher

We need only…

A small supply of old CDs.

A piece of dowel (about a foot or less in length).

Paint (whatever colour we prefer).

Some varying lengths of fishing or nylon line.


We paint our dowel in the colour or pattern we wish.

We tie the nylon line through the center of a CD, tightly so that the CD remains vertical when hanging.

We select the length that we like our CD to hang from our dowel, cut our nylon to length and tie the end to our doweling. (We repeat for each CD, which we hang at random or patterned lengths depending on the effect we would like to create.)

We may choose to use a second piece of nylon to link two or more CD's to create a tiered effect.

We select a piece of nylon which we loop in the center, and tie to either end of the dowel, which we can then hang either in a doorway or from the ceiling.

This is very simple Rainbow Light Catcher. If we wish we can use a thin dowel to expand our Rainbow Light Catcher, or we may paint our old CDs with simple images of our choice.
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