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  Lesson Fifteen-Palmistry

A Second 12 part Spiritual development Class.

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Chirognomy, better known as Palmistry, has origins that are hard to date. Archaeology findings have found paintings, carvings and sculptures from all over the world. Many from the eastern half of the world: China, Egypt, and Greece. The oldest actual mention on the subject was among an Egyptian recipe, as part of a face ritual; the ladies supposedly had a reading done while their makeup was being placed. Palmistry has seemingly been in every aspect of all cultures.

There are some that say that even the Bible mentions a few passages on the subject:

Proverbs:3;16 'length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour.'

Job:37;7 'He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.'

The eastern half of the world has always taken this art seriously where as with the burning times in Europe closed the doors to open study. Thanks to some that privately keep the art alive and the publicity of a few palmists we have the information presented today. Palmistry not only is the use of divination but astrology as well, and each finger represents a zodiac sign.

Thumb Venus
Index Finger Jupiter
Middle Finger Saturn
Ring Finger Sun
Pinky Mercury

Palmistry also helps to tell you how your physical body is doing. There are lines on your hands that will indicate problems or strengths from time to time, and one may prevent health problems as they emerge.

There are many facets to the art of Palmistry, but anyone can learn Palmistry and with time become very good at it.

We will now consider the different facets of the hand, and what palmist looks for when they do a reading.


A palmist usually greets their clients and watches to see how they use their hands:

Do they shake, ring their hands, fidget or when they place them on the table do they lay flat or hold them close and tight fisted at first.

This can tell the palmist right away if their clients are shy, suspicious, or relaxed.

  Shape Of Hands

The shape of the hands helps to identify characteristics of a client. There are seven types of hands.

Square Orderly, Punctual, and Precise.
Elementary Nature loving, Hands-on, Physical, Planning.
Conic Imaginative, Creative, sometimes Impractical, sometimes Lazy.
Spatulate Confident, Competent, 'Can-do' person.
Philosophic Intellectual, Cultural, Extroverted, Extravagant.
Mixed The odd one, not constant with thought, always changing at a whim
No pic available sorry. Psychic Spiritual, Mystic, Contemplative, Idealistic, Seldom physically wrong.



  Shape Of Finger Tips
  The tips of the fingers show the secondary side of ourselves, because we have two separate sides of our personalities.

People who have square fingertips are the thinkers and the decision-makers.

People who have square fingertips take the logical view rather than fantasy.

People who have square fingertips have a problem with anything artistic.


People who have pointed fingertips are the artists of the group, the sensitive and fragile personality.

People who have pointed fingertips give love freely.


People who have conic fingertips seem to be the high officers; such as police, judges, and business persons.

The downfall is that most who have conic fingertips need constant emotional strength.


A combination of pointed fingertips and square fingertips.

See above.


Fingernails, not only show the beauty of the hand, but also tell the hidden truth of ourselves.

Below is a list of the different types of Fingernails.


Easy going nature, and an even temperament.


A strong character, with an explosive temper.

Fan Shaped

Nails become fan shaped when the person has been suffering from long term stress.


Gentle, kind, often a daydreamer.

Narrow Cold and selfish.
Vertical ridges May indicate rheumatic problems.
Horizon ridges Dietary deficiencies.
Dished Chemical imbalance.
Wraparound May indicate respiratory problems.
Overlarge Moons May indicate an overactive thyroid problem.
Red Nails Impatience.
Pale nails May indicate an iron deficiency.
  Texture And Composition Of Hands
  The following is how a palmist views ones temper.
Smooth hands

Very calm and not easily roused. Seldom looses temper.

Rough hands

Easy to rouse, quick tempered. Very earthly.

Lined hands

Fretful, worrisome and very easy to upset. You need to watch your words.

Soft hands

Go-getter, loves easily, and is sensual.

Firm hands Active, seeks outdoors activities, high energy drive.
Hard hands Selfish, carries a lot of baggage. Does not enjoy life.
Pale nails May indicate an iron deficiency.
  Colour Of Hands

This information is provided by:

The Complete Idiots Guide

  We have all got different coloured skin, and even within the broad racial categories there are endless variations of pigmentation. It is part of what makes each of us unique and special.

As with other aspects of the hand, the more hands you look at, the more you will be able to understand how various pigmentations manifest on various colours of skin.

On Oriental hands, for example, there are very distinct pinks and greys, as well as a darker pigmentation that shows a certain focus. There are also warmer and cooler tones within each pigmentation, and with practice, you will notice that within every colour of hand, you will find a pink, white, green, grey, black, and blue.

A hand's relative colour is an indicator of health. Not only are the client's circulation shown, but every other part of the client's physiognomy as well.

Remember, that each colour is a variation on the skin's natural colour, so that 'pink' on an African-American hand can appear quite different from 'pink' on a Caucasian hand.


Possible Indications.

Pale or white

Poor circulation


Relative good health


Intensity and vitality, someone who does not do things in a half-baked way

Yellow Can indicate a variety of ailments, depending on where the yellow appears. Can relate to liver or bile problems
Green Envy, challenge of self-control, being in the wrong mind set
Blue Difficulty with circulation or the heart, depression
Black Lack of enthusiasm for struggle, dark thoughts, deeds, unsuccessful conclusions, failure, finality
Mottled Emotional ups-and-downs, Inconstancy, Unfixed mind

This information is provided by:


  The mount at the base of the index finger indicates a person's desire to lead others, his ambitions and his ego. Palmists call it the Mount of Jupiter. That is why the finger has the peculiarities of Jupiter.

The small area at the base of the middle finger is indicative of the placidity of character, the analytical power, the desire for worldly goods and the yen for solitude. It has been named after Saturn as the Mount of Saturn.

The Mount of Saturn is generally found in a depressed state, but because the finger associated with it, the Middle one, is longer than the rest, it offsets the deficiency The middle finger has all the peculiarities of Saturn.

The small area below the third or ring finger is indicative of a person's zeal, desire for ostentation and the love of fine arts. It is called the Mount of the Sun or Apollo and the third finger has all the peculiarities of Sun.

The area below the little finger is indicative of a person's pragmatic bent of mind and eloquence. It is named as the Mount of Mercury and this finger has all the peculiarities of Mercury.

A small area below the Mount of Mercury is indicative of a person's patience. Western palmistry calls it the Upper Mars (Defensive Mars). The area below the Mount of Jupiter is called the Lower Mars (Aggressive Mars) by Western palmists. It is indicative of the amount of courage a person has.

The area below the Defensive Mars, extending unto the edge of the palm in one direction and the wrist in the other represents the imagination and the desire for change in a person. This area is known as the Mount of the Moon.

The area under the Aggressive Mars which extends from the base of the thumb to the wrist shows the sex urge, the vitality and the amount of human sympathy in a person. It has been named as the Mount of Venus.

The area, which lies within these mounts, is known as the Plain of Mars. If it appears to be full, a person has excess of physical strength and he does not easily lose courage. If it is depressed, a person loses courage in the struggle for life.

If a mount in the palm is prominent, it is known as a developed mount. A person having a particular mount in a developed state is likely to have the qualities associated with that mount. Converse is the case if a mount is depressed or underdeveloped.


Here are some special lines to look for:

* A cross that lies in the centre of the Quadrangle between the head and heart lines: indicates strong psychic sense.

* The crescent of intuition is found on those with good ESP.

* A large amount of crosses on the hand indicates good psychic ability.

* A triangle on the mount of Saturn shows psychic ability.

* A psychic hand often has a palm with many fine spidery lines.

* The Mount of the moon that is strongly developed towards the wrist is a sign of good psychic ability.

  Below are the basic lines of the hand, there are many side and minor lines also:

The Line of Life.

The line of life, is the line which, rising under the Mount of Jupiter, goes down the hand and embraces the mount of Venus. On it is marked time, also illness and death, and events foreshadowed by the other important lines are verified.

If the Line of Life is semicircular, thin and deep, without irregularities, breaks, or crosses of any kind, it is an auspicious sign and promises long life, good health, and vitality. A thick, shallow and straight line of life is not auspicious.

The Line of Head.

The line of Head relates principally to the mentality of the subject, to the intellectual strength or weakness, to the temperament in its relation to talent, and to the direction and quality of the talent itself. It is indicative of the mental level or the intelligence of a person.

Whether a person would have money or not is also divined from a study of this line. If one goes a little deeper into things one finds that intelligence or a person's mental level has something to do with whether he would have money or not. If a person loses the capacity to act intelligently, he is sure to lose whatever money he has and, conversely, using one's wits fully can lead to affluence.

This line generally originates from a point between the Aggressive Mars and the Mount of Jupiter and terminates at the Defensive Mars, but in most palms it is seen beginning from the Mount of Jupiter or the Aggressive Mars of the Line of Life and terminates at the Mount of Mercury or the Mount of Luna. The point of origin and the point of termination of the line enter into its effect on the life of the individual.

The Line of Heart.

The line of heart is naturally an important line in the study of the hand. It is believed to be line of emotions. Love or the attraction of the sexes from natural causes plays one of the most prominent parts in the drama of life, and as in the nature so in the hand.

The Heart Line is the horizontal line above the Headline. It begins beneath either the index finger or middle finger and extends across to the edge of the palm on the side of the little finger.

The Fate Line.

The Line of fate, also known as line of destiny, or the Saturnian's, is the centre upright line on the palm of the hand. In consideration of this line the type of hand plays an important part; for instance the line of fate, even in the most successful hand is less marked on the elementary, the square, and the Spatulate, than on the philosophic, the conic, or the psychic.

Consequently if one sees, as one often will, an apparently very strong line of fate on a conic hand, one must remember that it has not half the importance of a similar line on a square types as far as worldly success is concerned.

The Line of Health.

This line rises at the base of Mount of Mercury, and as it grows down the hand and into the line of life, so does it foreshadow the growth of the illness or germ of disease which at the time of its coming in contact with the line of life will reach its climax. It should lie straight down the hand, the straighter the better.

It is an excellent sign to be without this line. Such absence denotes an extremely robust, healthy constitution. Its presence on hand in any form indicates some delicate point to be guarded against.

The Marriage/Sex Line.

If the line is straight, it is generally indicative of a good marital relationship or an enduring love affair. If this line inclines towards the Heart Line it indicates an interruption with marital relations or ill health of the spouse.

If this line inclines towards the little finger, the spouse is likely to have a long life. This line may not be single one, but there might be two or even three such lines.

But it does not mean that a person would have as many marriages or love affairs. It would suffice here to point out that sexual or marital relations or love affairs are not to be inferred from this line alone.

One must study the line of Mars, the line of Saturn; the Line of the Sun, the Mount of Venus and the Mount of Jupiter before answering any questions about marriage or its break-up.

Children Lines.

Circular shape of the Line of Life .The number of islands at the base of the thumb the branches at the end of the Heart Line. Parallel lines near the base of the thumb.

Line of Mars.

Some palmists believe that it is a line of influence of the Mount of Venus. It is a parallel line within the Line of Life. If it is very near the line of life or if it is very deep it indicates the extent to which a person is subject to fits of anger.

If it is away from the Line of Life the person is likely to be of an equable temper. It also indicates the state of marital relations. It originates from the Aggressive Mars, runs parallel to the Line of Life towards the Mount of Venus and terminates at the wrist or the Mount of Venus.

  Reading Order
  In what order does a palmist read?

1. Thumb, then other fingers, including shape, direction (bend), nails.

2. The head, heart, and life lines, especially how they lie, colour, and texture.

3. Other lines of significance and what's strong.

4. The mounts; what predominates in strength and talents.

5. Both hands: what's strong in the secondary suit.

6. Timing: the subject's present age and how soon it is to the next birthday.

7. Color, texture, and size.

Start with the more dominate hand. If right handed start with the right hand, but if left handed start with the left hand. I prefer to work clock wise like the sun, and the turning of the scared wheel.

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