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  Bridging The Gap

The bridge stands before me
So strong and so grounded
I've manifested it's existence
With words I have sounded.

It calls me to cross
My destination unclear
The only thing holding me back
Is my self-denied fear.

I called on the bridge
To transport me home
To move me across
I am never alone.

The steps are my own
And I set the pace
Through the hustle and bustle
It's a one person race.

The first step's the hardest
Moving forward so slow
But the next step seems easy
As I go with the flow.

I stand in the middle
This bridge does not sway
Holds me ever so steady
As I go on my way.

I've learned a few things
On this bridge I call mine
Each step contains knowledge
And wisdom so fine.

I take it all with me
The load bitter-sweet
But well worth the hike
And the experiences I meet.

I'm just about there
I see others as well
All crossing their bridge
Their own story to tell.

I step off with pride
I've made it, it seems
But upon turning around
I notice the teams.

They cross in great numbers
On these bridges so strong
Some tired and weary
From a journey so long.

Upon looking closer
At this bridge I selected
I see it's not separate
For all are connected.

Bridge connects bridge
And I failed to see
It's not a straight line
But a journey of 'we'.

Some frozen in fear
On their bridge all alone
Turbulent waters below
Have them cast in hard stone.

But a connection is there
And another can see
The crossroads of bridges
All connecting to Thee.

So they move to the bridge
Where the stone stands in place
Bending down on one knee
Gently touching their face.

The stone breaks apart
And tears start to fall
"I was starting to think
None would answer the call."

"Thank you for stopping
On this journey of yours
You could have kept going
Choosing numerous doors."

But the stranger replied
"My journey is We
A path of great solitude
But never of Me."

The crossroads we face
Are part of the plan
Uniting all paths
On this journey of man.

A connection we find
Somewhere on the way
To carry us over
Still an act in the play.

I continue to watch
Slow assistance take place
While others run quickly
Thinking they're winning the race.

For those that cross slowly
Take time to see
All paths are connected
A part of the We.

It's not about me
Or us against them
Humanity's a flower
Petals sharing one stem.

All bridges connected
Are petals of the flower
The stem firmly grounded
In our darkest hour.

Once across this first bridge
Comes a journey of One
All coming together
To join in the fun.

Ahead on the journey
On a road not so long
Stands a bridge built for unity
One bridge standing strong.

Crossing this bridge
Doesn't require a map
It's all about We
And Bridging The Gap.

Copyright 2003 Angel Shadow

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