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My Spirit Walks Upon This Land

My spirit walks upon this land
Clothed in flesh & blood, called man;

Born of light, tis true.. I am
Spirit experiencing life as....human

To experience life, to know; to see
Loving all as self........the key

Sharing thoughts, my own & others
With my sisters & my brothers

I live this life with simple truths
Love, compassion & hope my foods

Within my essence a flame burns low
Knowing day to day it grows

In this here and in this now
This is what I ponder & wow..

By sharing thoughts with each other
Experiences, become not just our brothers

With understanding & compassion
Do we become but; beings of passion

Or is it empathy, this loving sorrow
For all we know of our tomorrow

Bring peace & joy into this plan
Hold your brother by the hand

Live in hope for life immortal
Know the truth; we are not mortal

We are of one, light, love and source
I'm pondering,.....what next? of course.

Pinklotus 2003

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