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The Blue Page.

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Before you begin your meditation, sit comfortably in your usual meditative position. Take three deep breaths and ground and surround yourself with Light.

Then look at the beautiful Blue of the background on this page. Take a deep, deep breath and inhale this lovely Blue Color.

Make this Blue Color a Light. A Light that comes in through your Crown Chakra and radiates down your spine, down your arms and your legs, into your feet. Let it rest there for a few minutes as you bask in its regenerating Blue Color.

Blue is the Color of Healing.

Let this Blue Light bathe you in its color. Let it fill your Being. Let it be your Being. Imagine this Blue Light caressing every inch of your body, mind and spirit. Breathe in the Blue Light.

Rest in this Light as long as you like. When you are ready, take three deep breaths and come back into the room, rejuvenated and alive!

Reverend Barbara Taylor

Focus on the area below…..


We can select an alternate colour to use in our meditation by using our colour chart.

Color Chart
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