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A Walk In The Woods.

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This meditation may be practiced either laying down on your back with your arms at your sides, or seated in your usual meditative posture.

You may like to put this meditation on tape to serve as a guide on your 'Walk in the Woods'.

Before you begin, take three deep breaths, in through your nose and blow it out forcefully through your mouth, and center and surround yourself with Light.

Now close your eyes…..

Imagine you are going to take a walk in the woods.

Go now to your front door, open it, and step outside.

You will find yourself on a narrow path….

Sunlight filters through the trees as you begin your walk.

Not too far down the path you see a large tree to your right….

It is laden with bright red apples.

Walk over to the tree and pick one.

As you hold the apple in your hand, feel the vibration of the color red.

Make the red of your First Chakra become as red as the apple.

You may eat the apple if you like.

Hold the vision of the vibrant red apple until you have eaten it, or the vision fades away.

Return to the path…..

As you walk you notice the path is lined with beautiful orange flowers of all sizes and shapes…..

Pick a bouquet of orange flowers.

As you hold the bouquet of bright orange flowers, feel the vibration of the color orange.

Make your Second Chakra become as orange as the flowers you hold.

You may take the bouquet of orange flowers with you if you like.

As you continue your walk on the path, you hear the beautiful song of bright yellow birds…..

One lands on your shoulder.

As you listen to its song, feel the vibration of the color yellow.

Make your Third Chakra become as yellow as the feathers of the beautiful yellow bird on your shoulder.

Hold the vision until the bird flies away…..

Remember the sweet song of the yellow bird.

The path turns gently to the right and you come upon a lush meadow….

Sit down on the carpet of green grass and run your fingers through it.

Feel the vibration of the color green.

Make your Heart Chakra become as green as the grass you are touching.

You may linger here for a moment if you like.

You hear the sound of a waterfall….

Follow the path until you see the waterfall tumbling down in a silvery mist into the sparking, blue water below.

Dip your hands and feet in the cool, blue water.

Feel the vibration of the color blue.

Make your Fifth Chakra become as blue as the water.

You may drink of the water if you like.

Return to the path….

Indigo butterflies flutter in front of you.

One lands on your finger.

Feel the vibration of the color indigo.

Make your Third Eye Chakra become as indigo as the butterfly on your finger.

Hold the vision until the butterfly glides away.

As you come to the end of the path…..

You see a field of deep violet crystals.

Enter the field and pick up a violet crystal.

Feel the vibration of the color violet.

Make your Crown Chakra become as violet as the crystal you hold.

You may take the violet crystal with you if you like.

Turn around and walk slowly back down the path….

A rainbow dances in front of you.

Follow the rainbow.

You are that rainbow.

You are Light, Joy, Laughter, Love and Peace.

Feel the vibration of the colors in the rainbow:

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

Hold the vision of the rainbow until it fades away.

You are standing at your front door….

Open the door and step inside.

You may come back into the room and open your eyes whenever you are ready.

Reverend Barbara Taylor
Healing Hands of Light

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