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You may like to put this meditation on tape to serve as a guide…

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Choose your favourite Clear Quartz Crystal for this meditation….

Clear your crystal by holding your crystal under clear, cold running water for a few minutes.

Dry your crystal gently with a soft cloth.

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Take your crystal to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed….

Sit in your usual meditative position and take three deep breaths, in through your nose and blow it out forcefully through your mouth…

Center and surround yourself with Light.

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With your eyes open, look at your crystal….

Examine your crystal's shape, looking deep inside your crystal.

Gaze at your crystal until you know every facet, every inclusion and any area of special interest to you.

See how your crystal rises to a point and the way your crystal was fixed in the ground as your crystal grew.

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Now, hold your crystal in both hands and close your eyes and relax…

Let yourself move with the flow of the crystal.

Put yourself into that flow.

Spend a few minutes relaxing as you hold your crystal, letting go of all worldly thoughts and feelings….

Then, slowly, direct your awareness into your crystal, deep into the center of your crystal.

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You are deep inside your crystal now….

Keeping your eyes closed, begin to experience your crystal.

What does it feel like to be deep inside of your crystal?

Touch the walls of your crystal.

Are they smooth or rough?

Do they feel warm or cool?

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Look around you, deep inside of your crystal….

Are there staircases leading up to the stars?

Do you see pyramids of Light, reflected as in a mirror?

Do you see rainbows dancing in the light…

The reds, the oranges, the yellows, greens, blues, indigos and violets that build a bridge to your higher senses.

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Step onto the bridge of rainbow colors….

Follow the bridge of rainbow colors as it curves to the right.

Feel the bridge sway gently under you….

You will not fall.

The swaying motion moves you to even higher awareness….

Follow the rainbow bridge until you reach its end, and know that you are attuned to the Universe.

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At the end of the rainbow bridge….

Step off onto the path that leads to the right and continue to experience your crystal.

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Let your senses become aware of the inner most parts of your crystal…

The secret places where only you will travel.

Experience every nook and cranny of your crystal….

Know that it is your pathway to awareness.

Follow your crystal's many paths as you explore the messages hidden there for you.

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As you continue to explore your crystal…

Listen to what your crystal is saying to you.

As your crystal sings to you…

Feel the vibration of your crystal's tone.

This is your tone, your vibration, your connection to the Universe.

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As you attune to the song of your crystal…

Know that this is the vibration of harmony, of peace and of love.

This is your inner being….

Know that you can bring this into your life.

Listen to the sound of your crystal, and follow the sound of your crystal….

Let the sound of your crystal bring to you new heights of awareness as the song soars into the Universe, taking you with it.

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Relax in peace, harmony and love deep within your crystal….

Remain in this state as long as you like.

When you are ready, slowly allow yourself to come back to physical reality, bringing with you the joy and awareness your crystal has given you.

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Open your eyes now and view the world in a new and sparkling way.

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Reverend Barbara Taylor
Healing Hands of Light

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