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  You Will Need

You will need the following ingredientsBag of Rice Grains

Bag of Rice Grains
Bag of Pomegranate Seeds
Bag of Sunflower Seeds
Bag of Horsetail
One Bag of Hawthorn Berries
Bag of Sesame Seeds
Bag of Wheat Grains
15ml Bottle of Empress Oil (3% blend that includes ylang ylang & geranium)
One circle of grape patterned cloth
One length natural raffia


Before creating this fertility pouch, track your monthly cycle so that you know which day you are due to ovulate on. Perform this ritual on that day.

Lay your piece of cloth face down between you and your partner. The cloth has a print of grapes on it, which is another ancient symbol of fertility and growth. Place a little of the Empress Oil on your finger and draw the symbol of the 'gebo' rune, which is quite simply the shape of an X.


The gebo rune stands for gifts within a relationship, strengthening of commitment, and is a good omen. There are other runic symbols that can be used for fertility, but I like this one as I feel it resonates with joy. Have your partner draw the rune right next to yours so that you have a symbol that looks like XX.

The female partner should take nine of the wheat grains and as she places each one individually into the circle of cloth, say out loud the names of the next nine months.

The male partner should take nine of the rice grains and as he places each grain in the cloth speak the same.

The female then takes the horsetail in her hands and imagines her life as a mother. As she adds nine pinches of horsetail, she states out loud ways in which she will support and care for the child.

The male then takes nine of the hawthorn berries in his hands and imagines his life as a father. As he places each hawthorn berry into the cloth, he states out loud ways in which he will support and care for the child.

The female then takes the patchouli in her hands, and as she adds nine pinches of patchouli, she asks that she knows the blessings of being a Mother.

The male can then take the sunflower seeds in his hands and as he adds nine seeds to the mix, he asks that he knows the blessings of being a Father.

The female then places one pomegranate seed into the pouch, saying out loud "This fruit of fertility symbolizes my egg".

The man then takes the sesame seeds and scatters them over the pomegranate seed stating "These symbolize my seed, may they find your egg and together create new life."

Between the two of you, gather up the pouch and bind it with the green cord. It is done. As you take the physical steps toward creating new life, you can use the remaining oil to anoint the womb area of the female with the 'gebo' rune symbol.

Morgan Faie 2002, 2003

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