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  Fractured Friendship Charm

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Earth Childe


No matter how close we are to a friend, there are times when we argue or simply drift apart. To heal the rift in a friendship and bring you back together try the following recipe...

  You Will Need

1 part Passion Flower (for friendship).

1 part Lemon Balm (makes you appear agreeable in nature).

1 part dried Lemon Peel (for lasting friendship).

2 parts Lavender (for happiness).

2 magnets (one for each of you).


Mix your ingredients into a clean container:-

As you combine the ingredients visualize your desire.

When you place the magnets into the mixture, see yourself and your friend meeting and talking, being drawn together by your common bond.

If there was an argument that caused you to drift apart, see the two of you talking to each other openly and without judgement, visualize forgiveness and acceptance.

Cut a circle from a piece of fabric that you find appealing, preferably in pink tones (maybe something with butterflies), and gather the mixture inside.

Tie it off with some pink ribbon and give it a nice decorative bow.

You can now give the gift of beautifully scented 'pomander' for your friend. Send it with a card that says you have been thinking of them, and would like to get together.

Morgan Faie 2002, 2003

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